Monday, July 9, 2012

Apteka Change Their Name to Pink Frost

[] Heavy Chicago psych-rockers Apteka have changed their name to Pink Frost.

We’ve received some additional details about the name switch from member Adam Lukas:

- On the departure of member Dino Balocchi, “Dino is moving to Los Angeles in a few months, so he’ll no longer be playing with us, but we love him and wish him all the best out on the west coast. Ted Appert from the Bingers is now playing guitar…”

- On Pink Frost’s history and the tracks up on the Pink Frost Bandcamp page, “The tracks up on bandcamp were recorded a couple years back with our friend Mark Frost. Mark passed away a year ago, and we thought it a fitting tribute to carry on the Pink Frost name along with his songs…”

- On why a name change was necessary, “…There is a polish band with the same name, and things have just been getting way too confusing out on the net. We’d get crazed polish fans writing us nasty letters saying there is “one true apteka” and other nonsense. It just seemed to make sense to switch it up. Pink Frost was a side project that Dave and myself were a part of, and changing the name opens things up to playing those songs as well.”

- On if Pink Frost will continue playing Apteka material, “We’ll still be playing all the Apteka songs, and Notes and Bolts records. [We'll also] be re-releasing “Gargoyle Days” on cassette with the new name next month, but we’ll also be playing some of the older Pink Frost tunes as well. It’s an inclusive change.”

You can hear some old Pink Frost songs from 2010 right now at Pink Frost’s Bandcamp page. The songs seem to be in a similar vein of Apteka’s psychedelia stylings but not as riffy and wall-of-sound-y as their 2011 release Gargoyle Days.

Pink Frost’s Chicago debut will be Thursday, July 19, at the Burlington.

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