Thursday, January 12, 2012

Ovlov Going on Hiatus + Starting "New" Band

A message from Ovlov...

"Sorry to have to inform you this way, but we are going to have to kick the bucket for now. For many reasons you don't need to hear ... I'll try and sum it up for you as best as possible. Ovlov was originally started in 2008 by Quentin Ham, my brother Jon and myself (Steve), with no serious intentions whatsoever. Quentin and I wrote the songs hoping we could get our friend Dini to be the singer cause we really wanted to see what kinds of things he would do at shows and stuff. If you knew Dini you would understand. So with that, it was almost a joke to start off with. After a few months of songs with no words, we decided we actually liked the songs we wrote and to just write words and sing them ourselves and call it Ovlov in honor of Dini's car that just passed away. We made it a real band and started to play shows a bunch, but after a while Quentin and I were growing stale in our writing, and start playing together less and less til we weren't at all; Quentin then moved to Texas to take care of his Grandfather. Right there and then is where I should have officially stopped using the name Ovlov, cause in reality, right there and then is where we actually officially broke up. Anything after was nothing more than a solo project, and me acting like a McDonald's manager trying desperately to have a real band.

Fear not; this is certainly not the end. Everything we were just about to release is still going to come out at the same time, just under a different name. So essentially, it will be the same band as the "what's so great about city?" EP. I hope you all understand and aren't upset about this for any reason. If it helps, just think of it as a name change. Ovlov will return as soon as Quentin does, but for now, everything that was to be released as new ovlov, will now be used for something else. Keep an eye on this page for us to announce the new band and release!

Thank you to everyone that helped us out along the way. Sorry to everyone we pissed off along the way. We hope to see you all again one day.

COME SEE US ONE LAST TIME AT BERFEST DAY 2 AT O'BRIENS IN ALLSTON, MA with Pile, Grass Is Green, Fat History Month, and Scouter!!! Pre-order a ticket cause that shows gonna sell out fast." - Steve

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