Monday, June 27, 2011

RIBS Featured on Sleepover Shows

[] It’s fitting that we have Boston rock outfit RIBS for Sleepover Show’s 50th installment, considering the human body has fifty ribs. On an unrelated note, I failed high school biology. Actually, we’ve been fond of RIBS ever since one of us split some brisket with bassist Blake Fusilier at a Christmas party last year. Blake sadly was not present as we entered drummer Chris Oquist’s Cambridgeport apartment. Luckily singer/guitarist Keith Freund, guitarist Justin Tolan and the aforementioned Oquist were there with their instruments and ready to melt our faces.

RIBS has quickly become a powerhouse in the Boston rock scene since Freund and Fusillier moved up to Boston from Atlanta. Since joining up with Tolan and Oquist, they’ve drawn comparisons to everyone from Muse and Nine Inch Nails to Queens of the Stone Age and Brand New.

As we piled into Oquist’s bedroom we saw the RIBS command center: a white board at Oquist’s desk with band goals written on it. We’d divulge what business was written on the board, but we’ve been sworn to secrecy.

First up was an as yet unreleased song, Brighter Things: A shoegazey, ethereal number featuring a catchy little te-da-de-doo hook.

Next was a pair of songs from their record, British Brains: Even and Brains Out. Both of these performances are starkly different from the driving Rock and Roll of their EP. (It’s great driving music.) These versions, however, are more thoughtful and ominous than their studio counterparts. The lyrics and brooding tone connect with angst and emotion no matter you age.

We were glad to get RIBS captured on our little site and we hope that you find them as juicy and succulent as we did. You can check out their other tunes at their Bandcamp page.

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