Saturday, January 8, 2011

Introducing: SHERMAN BURNS

Boston's Sherman Burns are one badass rock band. They manage to mash metal, prog, post-punk, math rock, and grunge together into a steaming heap of awesomeness. These guys will appeal to fans of Mastodon just as easily as Fugazi, and everything in between. Seeing them live is an experience as the band roar with the volume cranked well past 11, crashing together with infectious riffs that may just rock your face off if you're not careful. Seriously though, just check them out HERE.

Not only do these guys rock real hard, but they have a song called "Salmon of Capistrano," and YES, it is in reference to Dumb and Dumber, containing the hook "Harry, your hands are freezing". The band are wrapping up the final mix of their debut record The End Is All, which arrive within the next few months. For everyone in the Boston area, Sherman Burns will be playing their next show at Mod Gun's album release party on January 20th at T.T. The Bear's with Margin Walker and more.

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