Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Quick Notes: Cage The Elephant, City of Ships, Dinosaur Pile-Up

*A message from Cage The Elephant... "A couple people have caught on to our sneaky Christmas surprise, so I’m just going to have to put it out there!! We have released “Around My Head” from the new album, Thank You Happy Birthday, for free on iTunes!!! It will be the single of the week starting today!!

You can also get "Aberdeen," "Shake Me Down," and "2024" instantly when you pre-order from cagetheelephant.com and get your hands on some other exclusive goodies!!! Thank You Happy Birthday hits stores on 1/11/11.

*[theprp.com] Rosetta and City Of Ships are plotting another European tour together. The trek is expected to kick off on June 22nd and run through to July 15th with dates and venues currently being booked.

*As a special Christmas gift from Dinosaur Pile-Up, here’s an old, old cover of an even older song. Here’s what Matt had to say about it:

“This is one of my favorite Beatles tracks, mainly because its fun. Sure the original version is sweets, its beautiful and fun, classic Beatles I guess - but it wasn’t heavy! Its not KICKING! I’d listen to it and be like “Aw I wish those drums were fucking slamming!” And originally its so ‘nice’ you know!? I wanted to show a little more of the other side of love in the cover that the original side didn’t have - the Heavy side! We played this live when were playing with the Pixies through Europe. Everyone thought it was ours and not the Beatles!! I was like “Holy Shit No!! John Lennon wrote this!!” I recorded this at my mums house.”

Dinosaur Pile-Up - Please Please Me (Beatles Cover) by FriendsVsRecords


Ivan! said...

I see Dinosaur Pile-Up in Frankfurt and play this song!

Chissy said...

umm "thank you, happy birthday," come out now! loving 2024