Thursday, October 28, 2010

Irepress Featured on The Heaviest Matter of the Universe

[] Only a very limited amount of times in my life have I heard a band, seen them play, talked with them and thought “Wow, this band just gets it.” Irepress is certainly one of these bands. An incredibly streamlined and cohesive mix of more musical styles than I care to list, Irepress have the innate ability to appeal to nearly every sort of music lover under the sun. In some instances, you can clearly hear a Deftones influence, and at others you can hear Isis. Before you know it, they’ve switched gears and moved onto a Parliament Funkadelic section, then transitioned that into something more like Converge.

The easiest way to describe the sonic variability of Irepress would be to say that they certainly fit amongst their Translation Loss brethren such as Mouth of the Architect, Rosetta and East of the Wall with their eclectic mix of styles tied into one neat little progressive and experimental package. The only real difference is that a majority of Irepress’ music is without vocals; with the amount fantastic lead guitar parts, synth overlays, and texture changes the lack of vocals are never an issue.


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