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Words can't describe the overwhelming joy it is to present the world with SONIC WAVES, the seventh installment of the acclaimed Exploding In Sound compilation series. This time around we are back with a collection of music so incredible, it's going to be hard to move forward. SONIC WAVES travels great distances to bring to you some of Exploding In Sound's all time favorite bands and some of the best newcomers this site has ever had the pleasure to work with. New songs and album gems from Oceansize, Karnivool, Alberta Cross, Dead Confederate, Tera Melos, This Town Needs Guns, Retribution Gospel Choir, Sebastien Grainger, Royal Bangs, Native, Shoes And Socks Off, and so much more will take you on a wild ride through rock music's diverse spectrum of ear pleasing magnificence. There's a good chance your next favorite band is included on SONIC WAVES, so to not waste any further time, DOWNLOAD THE ENTIRE COMPILATION FOR FREE via or Exploding In Sound's official BandCamp page. I don't want to say too much [and lord knows I could] seeing as the music contained within the compilation and a mere look at the tracklist will speak volumes, but it is honestly an honor and a dream come true to have worked with the bands/labels that contributed to SONIC WAVES. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I did making it.

As always, the compilation is a 100% FREE digital download, containing artwork from the amazing Brad Chancellor of Chancellor Design, band descriptions, links for further enjoyment, and more. I want to reach out and thank everyone who has helped put this collection together, especially the bands, their labels, and management. Without the help, interest, and cooperation of these incredible artists none of this would be possible, because after all this is about their music and artistic vision. I’d also like to thank the loyal Exploding In Sound fans for your continued support and belief! In Case Of Evacuation was a major success, reaching an enormous amount of downloads, and we can only hope you will continue to embrace the always improving compilation series. Honestly, we don't know how we will top this one... but we're always up for a challenge. Don’t forget to support the artists and great music will continue to be made.

Sharing of the download link is HIGHLY recommended and encouraged to anyone and everyone you think might be interested. As this is a FREE compilation, the goal is to gain the maximum audience achievable, and word of mouth is always appreciated. SONIC WAVES crashes inland with incredible force, beautiful intelligence, daring experimentation, and a timeless quality. PLEASE DOWNLOAD, SHARE, POST, and SPREAD the word to everyone you know. Great music is being made, and it’s up to us, the fans, to deliver it to as many willing listeners as possible. ENJOY!

Special thanks go out to all of the bands, Brad Chancellor for his amazing artwork, Cathy, Chase, Marc, and Brittanie at Sargent House, Marc Schapiro, Chad Molter, Alissa Gallivan at Sub Pop, Avi Ghosh, Sam Manville, Andrew Genger at Red Light Management, Jason Hobbs at Sony, Jody White, Sam Velde, Simon Oaks, Owen Packard, Toby Hayes, Jeff Tafolla at Saddle Creek, Jez Cook at Northern Music, Dawson Morris, Abe Kimball, Steve Five, Jeff Kilgour at Tijuana Gift Shop, Ty Griffin, Craig Cirinelli, Larry Suglio, my family, friends, and everyone who is supporting the cause.

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1. Karnivool – Set Fire to the Hive (from the album Sound Awake)

Hailing from Perth, Australia, Karnivool have been on a mission to take over the globe since the release of their sophomore album, Sound Awake. After receiving an exceptionally warm debut in their home country and conquering the main stages of Australia’s biggest music festivals, Karnivool has moved their progressive tour-de-force to audiences in the UK and the US. They may just be one of alternative metal’s best new bands since Tool, and have been touring nonstop for well over a year now proving it on a nightly basis. Powerful, beautiful, aggressive, and expansive, Sound Awake is a technically dazzling masterpiece.


2. Oceansize – SuperImposer (from the album Self Preserved While The Bodies Float Up)

Manchester’s Oceansize may seem relatively obscure to American audiences, but the quintet have been making unbelievably great records since 2003. The UK has embraced the band as one of the last decade’s finest rock collectives, and for good reason. Oceansize’s sound is vast and thoughtful; evoking influences from prog, post-rock, metal, grunge, and art rock into one monstrous sound that is truly unique. Reinventing themselves with each album, the band are gearing up to release the highly anticipated Self Preserved While the Bodies Float Up through Superball Music on September 6th (UK) and the 14th (US). We here at Exploding In Sound have heard the record in all its magnificence, ranging from crushingly heavy to intricately gorgeous, and once again, Oceansize have proven to be one of the most brilliant bands of our generation.


3. Tera Melos – The Skin Surf (from the album Patagonian Rats)

There is a lot that can be said about the frantic and jerky explosiveness of Tera Melos’ music, but all you need to do is simply listen to their latest effort Patagonian Rats, and your eyes will be opened. Math rock extraordinaires have grown into their sound over the past few years, Patagonian Rats is direct proof of that, a diabolical amalgamation of hyper post-punk, swirling psychedelics, and a new sharp attention to… hooks (gasps)! Still fully intent on blowing minds with their technical precision and warped melodies, the songs are strengthened with the addition of catchy vocals and memorable melodies that sit comfortably in the most chaotic passages. Tera Melos’ experimental avant-garde fury has been injected with a healthy dose of pop, and in turn provided a strong contender for our favorite record this year.


4. Medications – For WMF (from the album Completely Removed)

Following the demise of the criminally under-appreciated Faraquet, came forth Medications, the latest Washington, DC band from masterminds Devin Ocampo and Chad Molter. Perfecting their post-punk attack of angular guitars, jazzy rhythms, and vibrant syncopation, Medications relies on a secret weapon not commonly associated with their Dischord Records home, indie pop melodies. While the music circles around in dizzying virtuosity, both Ocampo and Molter provide vocals that will have you singing a long in no time. There is no reason for alarm, the pop melodies have not found Medications sound watered down in any way, the urgency is still sharp and the grooves are as infectiously tangled together as ever.


5. Alberta Cross – ATX (from the album Broken Side of Time)

Over the past two years there have been few records that have received more “air time” here at EIS than Alberta Cross’ full length debut Broken Side of Time. The music contained within the forty five minute album is timeless, and the wide spread appeal of Alberta Cross continues to grow one obsessive fan at a time. The New York by way of London quintet’s sound is a culmination of Americana, British psych/shoegaze, blues, and folk rock, wrapped into tightly wound songs that brood with dark organic simplicity. The band have taken to the road since the album’s release with a relentless schedule touring with diverse acts ranging from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club to Dave Matthews Band. Their live show is a must see, consistently engaging and honestly mesmerizing. Catch the band on one of our most anticipated tours this fall, a co-headlining run with Dead Confederate!


6. The Library is on Fire – Magic Bumrush Heartz (from the album Magic Windows, Magic Nights)

The Library is on Fire is the brainchild of Brooklyn, NY’s Steve Five, a multi instrumentalist with a deep seeded love for the early 90’s indie guitar rock pioneers. We too share that love, and The Library is on Fire are a solid choice to keep that sound thriving well into the next decade. Joined by Pete Sustarsic (drums) and Mark Shue (bass), the trio have released three scorching albums over the past two years, culminating with the astonishing Magic Windows, Magic Nights. Drawing inspiration from Guided By Voices, Built to Spill, and Dinosaur Jr., it’s no surprise that The Library is on Fire are one of the best new bands in the music rich Brooklyn scene. Their sound is raw, loud, and ferociously noisy, contrasted by engaging vocal melodies, lush hooks, bright harmonies, and warm lo-fi production from Guided By Voices’ producer Todd Tobias. The Library is on Fire may just be the East Coast’s “best kept secret,” but they shouldn’t be a secret for much longer.


7. Dead Confederate – Giving It All Away [single edit] (from the album Sugar)

Athens, GA has become a hotbed for rock music once again at the turn of the century, and Dead Confederate is helping to lead the way. After their full length debut Wrecking Ball was released, the band made a firm impression as leaders of the grunge revival, garnering tours with 90s legends Dinosaur Jr. and Meat Puppets. The time spent with those bands has inspired their new record, Sugar, a moody blend of strong songwriting, wailing guitars, thick fuzz, and a pinch of southern charm. The record is a logical progression from the debut, finding the gents embracing their strengths, sounding more confident than ever before. Dead Confederate are on a whirlwind tour of the country, crossing back and forth on dates with Deer Tick, Futurebirds, and the upcoming co-headlining trek with Alberta Cross that we simply couldn’t be more excited about.


8. Native – Backseat Crew (from the album Wrestling Moves)

The music of Indiana’s Native is insistent, wild, and abrasive and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Their full length debut Wrestling Moves comes on like a slap to face from the hand of a giant, with a persistent sting that continues ‘til the end. The post-hardcore quartet is raw, energetic, and loaded with math rock grit; cranking out dense heavy compositions akin to former Sargent House label mates These Arms Are Snakes. The vocals are shouted in rough scratchy melodies, while the instruments pound away in shape-shifting glory. Their debut shows incredible promise for these youngsters as they demolish the road, town by town. The band have spent much of the past year playing in support of the record in any and every city that will have them, whether it’s a sold out club tour with This Town Needs Guns or La Dispute, or an aggressive DIY show in local basements across the country.


9. Retribution Gospel Choir – Hide It Away (from the album 2)

Retribution Gospel Choir offer up a signature blend of blistering psychedelic pop songs, which is fairly unexpected territory from band frontman/guitarist/songwriter Alan Sparhawk of Low fame. While the slowcore pioneers Low may keep things quiet and billowing with tension, RGC is nearly the opposite, with guitars all cranked well past ten. Sparhawk is joined by Matt Livingston (bass) and Eric Pollard (drums), a more than capable rhythm section that groove tightly together. The song writing shifts between sludgy and upbeat with a glistening tone always present in Sparhawk’s guitar playing. His voice is the real treat however, as his melodic crooning projects and soars with delicate passion. Massive harmonies and multi-part melodies are strewn together to create a dark and ominous power pop/alt rock sound that is artistic, experimental, drenched in noise, yet somehow still highly accessible.


10. Vending Machetes – M.O. (from the album Vending Machetes)

Vending Machetes are the latest addition to Boston’s exceptional local music scene, with a style that blends the musicianship of Dischord-era post-punk together with larger than life vocals more akin to Incubus’ Brandon Boyd than anything math inspired. Vending Machetes is the brainchild of lead singer/guitarist Abe Kimball who is joined by local favorites Mike Thomas (Dirty Dishes/SuperVolcano) and Jesse Weiss (Grass Is Green/SuperVolcano) to forge a sound that connects the uncommon bond of grunge, alternative rock, and post-punk into something defiantly new and ultimately excellent. Finger tapped guitars ride side by side with power chords, continuously building polyrhythmic exploration, and Kimball’s triumphant vocals. Look for their Devin Ocampo (see: Medications) assisted debut EP to be released this fall.

11. Shoes And Socks Off – No Fighting in C101 (from the album Robin Hood Waiter Champion Have-Not)

Shoes and Socks Off is the acoustic project from former Meet Me In St. Louis frontman Tobias Hayes. Rising to the forefront of the post-punk/post-hardcore scene in the UK as a member of MMISL as well as Shield Your Eye’s former bassist, Hayes has taken a softer approach over the past several years, releasing a series of acoustic albums that are sparse but stunning in their own right. His voice is honest and sincere and the recordings are crisp and welcoming. You can’t take the noise out of the man however, as Hayes often opts to recreate Shoes and Socks Off songs in full orchestrated renditions, constantly creating and perfecting. On his latest offering, Robin Hood Waiter Champion Have-Not, Hayes gets progressively heavier and less acoustic with each passing track on an album filled with beautiful textures and gorgeous lyrics. If you’re in the UK, be sure to catch Shoes And Socks Off on their month long tour with Big Scary Monsters label mates Hold Your Horse Is.


12. Earthtone9 – Amnesia (from the album Inside, Embers Glow…A Collection of Earthtone9’s Aural Communiqués 1998 – 2002)

Earthtone9 aren’t a new band, hell they haven’t even released a new song since their demise in 2002. Why then are we including them on this compilation you ask… well, because they were amazing and went virtually unnoticed stateside during their existence. Which brings us to 2010, which saw the band spring back to life, if only momentarily, for select dates in the UK. To accompany this summer’s shows, the band released a compilation of their greatest material online, as the demand for their mostly out of print catalog continued to grow. Digital copies of the collection are available for free HERE, while physical copies can be purchased at the same location. Constructing a crushing blend of progressive metal and desert rock, ET9 roared out from the depths with Earth shaking force for much of their career. Their sound later began to shift towards a far more melodic approach, still dynamic, emotionally heavy progressive masterpieces. The track featured originally comes from the band’s swan song EP Omega released in 2001, an album ripe with transition before their untimely demise.


13. Mojo Fury – Deep Fish Tank [Factory Settings] (from their upcoming debut album)

I haven’t known of the UK’s Mojo Fury for a very long time, but in the months since my first listen I’ve been absolutely hooked. The band was brought to my attention thanks to their upcoming run supporting Oceansize, and upon first listen, it’s clearly a great match. Hailing from Belfast, Ireland, the quartet offer up a grimy slab of prog rock virtuosity coupled with raw punk angst, earnest vocals, and loose garage rock delivery. The gang vocal chant in “Deep Fish Tank” seals the deal for us here, we are sold… Mojo Fury is the future. We are eagerly awaiting the release of their debut album early next year, but in the meantime, look out for their new single, “The Mann” arriving October 3rd.


14. Vietwow! – Irritable Brain Syndrome (previously unreleased)

Beloved UK post-hardcore unit BlakFish broke up earlier this year, but guitarist/vocalist Sam Manville has resurfaced with the light hearted indie grunge of Vietwow! The band was originally billed as a secret project between Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo and the Pixies Frank Black, but seeing as those two are far too busy, they selected a collection of musicians to perform their songs. While this is not actually the case, it is certainly believable, as the music represents the members love for the best aspects of Weezer and the Pixies respective sounds. Manville is joined by the fantastic Toby Hayes (see: Shoes And Socks Off), Bob D’Mello (Super Tennis), and Alex Wiezak who together offer indie guitar pop with huge memorable choruses, a keen sense of humor, and jangly alternative rock. I think their Myspace description sarcastically sums things up fairly well… “4 really serious dudes playing heavy, cerebral, psychologically-deep tunes that 1 really serious dude writes in his spare time from being really serious. Seriously.”

15. Royal Bangs – War Bells (from the album Let It Beep)

Knoxville, TN’s Royal Bangs are truly a special band. Their sound is heavily electronic and dance floor ready, but at their core, the trio reside closer to the indie guitar rock of Built to Spill or Sonic Youth than anything LCD Soundsystem. Buzzing synths wrap around nimble guitar work and steady pounding rhythms on their sophomore release Let It Beep which arrived last year on Audio Eagle, the label owned and operated by The Black Keys’ Patrick Carney. To top it all off, the band reproduces their music live with incredible results, making all their shows an intense must see. Experimental rock with roots firmly planted in pop structure and melodies, singer Ryan Schaefer says it best on “Poison Control” as he sings, “I’m not a kid, I don’t f*ck around”. Indeed they don’t.


16. Sebastien Grainger – I’m All Rage [Live ‘05] (from the album Sebastien Grainger & The Mountains)

When the highly influential Death From Above 1979 split following just one studio album, it appeared as though the music world took a big loss. The duo moved on their separate paths, a division that made each member’s role in DFA79 obvious. Sebastien Grainger, the drummer/vocalist opted to go the solo route, signing to Saddle Creek Records to release his critically acclaimed debut. The songs contained on the album are genuinely simplistic, raw, aggressive alternative rock that showcases his talents as a songwriter. Sure they are noisy, often bizarre, and mildly abrasive, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. The album remains intelligent, fun, and brimming with energy from start to finish. Earnest and soulful, Grainger has set the bar high with this release, as we look forward to its follow-up.


17. Suns of the Tundra – Caught Telling The Truth (from the album Tunguska)

A little history… Peach were an amazing progressive metal band from the UK in the early 90s. Their bassist, a fella by the name of Justin Chancellor, went on to join Tool. Following his departure from the band, Peach reformed anew as Suns of the Tundra, who once again are amazing. Led by the powerful and distinctly British vocals of Simon Oaks (guitars/keys), SOTT have created an underground classic in the form of their 2006 sophomore album Tunguska. The band, also featuring Mint 400/Winters’ Andy Prestige (drums), Mark Moloney (guitar), Andy Marlow (bass), and Hanna Pettersson (saxophone) have been fairly quiet over the past four years, but we anxiously anticipate their next opus. Oaks’ voice stabs through furious blasts of polyrhythmic force and quiet hypnotic passages, a heavy sound steeped in musical creativity, virtuosity, and blunt force complexity. Dormant or not, Suns of the Tundra are one of the greatest progressive bands to emerge from the last decade, and we are truly honored to have them on Sonic Waves.


18. Art Versus Industry – Devour (from the album Movement I)

The dark brooding sound of Art Versus Industry is mesmerizing to say the least. Founded by Austin, TX’s Avi Ghosh, the band’s sound bares a heavy influence from Nine Inch Nails, particularly one of our all time favorite records, the oft under-appreciated The Fragile. While AVI aren’t simply looking to recreate their idols’ finest hour, they have learned a great deal from it. Electronic washes of noise sit peacefully with seething guitar feedback, gentle pianos, delicate vocals, and pulsating rhythms. One listen to Ghosh’s latest solo effort, All That’s Left Of Us, and it’s clear that the man pays massive attention to harmonic detail. Art Versus Industry creates music simultaneously explosive and artistically elegant. The band is currently wrapping up work on their debut, in the meantime however, be sure to check out the Avi Ghosh’s impressive solo catalog HERE.

19. Night Horse – Rollin’ On (from the album Perdition Hymns)

Los Angeles quintet Night Horse are the embodiment and living spirit of 70s rock n’ roll resurrected for 2010. On their Tee Pee Records debut full length Perdition Hymns the band tear through classic rock, stoner riffs, and gentle blues. The guitars are enormous just the way ZZ Top or Aerosmith would like them, infused by an LA stoner sensibility mixed with a majestic Southern rock sound similar to The Black Crowes. Night Horse jam through solid rock tunes with circular riffs, large outspoken vocals, and classic stomping drums for hard rock with a heavy emphasis on the good times. Slick grooving riffs are in no short order on Perdition Hymns, as ol’ fashioned blues melts together with amp rattling solos galore for one hell of a rowdy time.


20. The Fling – Out Of My Head (from the album When The Madhouses Appear)

The Fling’s self released debut album is an eclectic affair of shoegaze, Beatles influenced psych pop, and a gargantuan heap of folk/Americana. Hailing from the same Long Beach, CA scene that birthed Delta Spirit (whose Matt Vasquez actually contributed to the record), The Fling are taking their warm summer sounds to the masses, and will be quickly embraced by fans of woozy blurring folk rock. Oft doubled and tripled vocals create gorgeous harmonies amid rumbling rhythms, acoustic layering, wide open landscapes, and solid memorable songs with a broad and favorable range. Their appeal is widespread and infectious, and with a little luck, the world will be hearing lots more from The Fling in the near future.


21. This Town Needs Guns – Panda (from the album Animals).

The exuberant math rock style of Oxford’s This Town Needs Guns needs mere introduction aside from simply listening to their debut album Animals. Their sound is rich with texture and finger tapped complexity, similar to a young Minus The Bear only with a stronger focus on structure. The band creates chaotic and intricate songs with guitars that seem to spin and wind in never ending perpetual motion that is ultimately astonishingly relaxing music. The calming aspect of their otherwise frantic sound lies in Stuart Smith’s gentle vocal performance, somehow finding solid melodic ground regardless of the explosive time signature shifts’ constant fluctuation. This Town Needs Guns debut gets better with every listen and the future for the quartet looks most promising thanks to dedicated touring alongside Oceansize, Maps & Atlases, Meet Me In St. Louis, and Native, both overseas and stateside.


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