Wednesday, February 24, 2010

STEREO IS A LIE Premiere New Track

[] Exactly a year ago today, 'NITES gave you the first listen of STEREO IS A LIE's first recorded song ("Get It Right"). Now, as the band is finishing up the mixing of its debut album, they've been kind enough to give me a second track to preview for the general public. This catchy Brit-rock tune is called "What We Do" and has been a staple of STEREO's excellent live show. It encompasses a lot of what this band is about: biting lyrics delivered by Glynn Wedgewood's snarling whine, with loud and distorted guitars, thumping bass and up-tempo, precise drum beats. This anthemic and memorable Brit-rock with a hint of Texas twang is what modern alternative-rock radio stations should be playing. Their debut album, expected out this year, is being mixed by Chris Cline, who mixed Trail of Dead's debut album. Without further ado.... CLICK HERE TO LISTEN!

Be sure to check back here often as STEREO IS A LIE will be featured on the upcoming Exploding In Sound compilation GLORIOUS NOISE, due out on March 1st.

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