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30 Fathom Grave Offering Free Album (Today ONLY!)

In honor of Halloween, FOR TODAY ONLY, you can download 30 Fathom Grave's entire new album for FREE! Consiousness & Its Implications, the band's sophomore album was released this past week (10/27) and if you act quickly can be your for absolutely nothing. Go here to download!!

<a href="">Sympathetic Vibrations by 30 Fathom Grave</a>

Alice in Chains on Conan [Video]

[] Alice In Chains were the musical guests on last nights episode of "The Tonight Show With Conan O'Brien", you can watch them perform "Check My Brain" on the show below...

Deftones Extend Benefit Show

[] The Deftones have added a second benefit show for ailing bassist Chi Cheng. The group will now be performing at the Avalon in Hollywood, CA on November 19th and November 20th. All proceeds from the event will go to the Chi Ling Cheng Special Needs Trust, which has been setup to help cover the medical costs incurred by Cheng's accident this past November and his ongoing recovery. A new album from the band is tentatively expected to see a release in February.

Them Crooked Vultures' "Gunman" Teaser

[] Them Crooked Vultures have posted a teaser video for their track "Gunman" online below. The group will release their new self-titled album on November 17th through DGC/Interscope.

Mastodon "Oblivion" EP

[] Mastodon will be releasing a new digital EP for their song "Oblivion" through iTunes on November 03rd. The effort will feature the following track listing:

01 - "Oblivion"
02 - "Divinations" (Live at XFM)
03 - "The Bit" (Live at XFM)
04 - "Colony Of Birchmen" (Live at XFM)
05 - "Oblivion" (video)
06 - "Divinations" (video)

(Damn) This Desert Air Interviewed by NinjaTeamGo

Joshua of Ninja Team Go recently posted an interview with the one and only Craig from (DAMN) THIS DESERT AIR (not to mention HOUSEWITHOUTWALLS, his terrific graphic design company Exploding In Sound can't live without)... Don't forget that (D)TDA's debut EP is available for FREE download HERE.

NINJA TEAM GO!: Let me know who I'm talkin' to so I can mention it…

CC: This is Craig of (Damn) This Desert Air here to fill-in the blanks.

NINJA TEAM GO!: Your band is made up of random members from some other bands, whats the current line up and who plays what?

CC: Well,We’ve had a few good friends come and go and the one’s that have signed off are still close to us. We value this band’s kinship as a reason we’re still moving forward. To answer your question directly, none of us are currently in any other active bands. Right now, the band consist of Shawn Reams on Guitar, Ti Kreck on Drums, Alf Bartone on Bass, Mike Wolff on Guitar and myself, Craig on the microphone.
Here is some of the other bands we’ve played with prior to (D)TDA, and they include Instruction, Merciana, The Fire Still Burns, Elemae, Ex Number Five, No Reward, Errortype: 11 and the list goes on…

NINJA TEAM GO!! Where did you all meet and how long have you guys been playing together?

CC: I’m pretty sure we’re nearing our 3rd year of developing the band. We started slower—a more casual “music first” beginning, to stepping the momentum up a few notches along the way. We’re now looking forward to where we’re headed next—definitely will be our most active time yet.

About our formation—we were all in crowds at shows of bands we mutually admired back in the late 90’s, as well as shared stages in our previous bands. To be honest, each of us have so many branches connected to one another, it’s definitely a family tree of sorts. All of our members, current and past, have been a part of the NJ/NY music scene for a very long time. Built from post-hardcore and reaching far beyond.

NINJA TEAM GO!: Where did you guys come up with that name?

CC: It was a mistake actually. Our drummer Ti thought it was a line in one of our first songs, “Calling Orion.” It was not, yet it stuck.

NINJA TEAM GO!: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you?

CC: Oh, that’s easy. Post-ProgressiveAlternativeSpaceHardcoreMetalShoegazeGrungeAmbientNewWave-Rock.

NINJA TEAM GO!: What’s your writing process like?

CC: Democratically. No one gets away with sole ownership here. Usually the frame of a song is constructed on guitar, and the rest of the instruments hang on that frame—then twist it, bend it, stretch it, make love to it, give it a name and warn it about the evil world outside the house.

NINJA TEAM GO!: Where do you see (DAMN) THIS DESERT AIR in the future?

CC: iPods across the globe.

NINJA TEAM GO!: You guys are featured on the FAILURE tribute album how’d that come about?

CC: Specifically, we saw a post about it on and contacted the label (Pop Up Records) about it, not realizing the comp was already underway and just about full of approved bands already. Fate was on our side though, as if I’m remembering correctly, a band just dropped or was let go a day or two prior to us getting in touch. Larry Suglio over there at Pop Up heard our material and had very high compliments, leading to our immediate acceptance. We couldn’t have been more stoked. Failure was a big influence for most of us.

NINJA TEAM GO!: You guys have been playing around the East Coast any plans to come to the West Coast yet?

CC: Would love to. Nothing in the works. Make us an offer and we’re there.

NINJA TEAM GO!: Is there anything worth mentioning or you would like to get across?

CC: Look out for a single off our new EP, Distance Waits, streaming from our website very soon (probably by the time this is posted). We’re working on details of the EP’s release currently. We’re also in the process of finishing up a few new songs and booking more shows on the East Coast... and hopefully beyond—please get in touch if interested...

<a href="">(Damn) This Desert Air - Halo Around the Moon by Exploding In Sound presents...</a>

Sebastien Grainger Forms Bad Tits

Sebastien Grainger (Death From Above 1979) has formed a new project dubbed Bad Tits, together with Josh Reichmann. Check them out on Myspace at Here's what the band had to say...

be friends.
be fans.
be happy.
don't worry.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Wolfmother's Cosmic Egg Hatches With Familiarity

Wolfmother have certainly experienced a tumultuous few years since they first burst on to the scene. The Australian trio’s blend of Black Sabbath-meets-Led Zeppelin worship blasted the band into the mainstream with a level success that surprised many. They say imitation is the highest form of flattery, and Wolfmother have taken that to heart, as fans of modern rock radio responded with overwhelming approval. Granted the band may not be terribly original, but their “new” old sound was refreshing to current state of commercial radio, bringing enormous stoney riffs into your homes like the hazy bong-toking days of the early 70s never left. Apparently the success wasn’t enough for everyone in the band, as 2/3 of the band exited due to irreconcilable differences at their height of popularity. Frontman Andrew Stockdale continues onward with a new line-up, now a quartet comprised of himself (vocals/guitar), Ian Peres (bass/keys), Aidan Nemeth (guitar), and Dave Atkins (Drums). While a massive overhaul of the founding members may lead some to expect a significant change to the band’s sound, Cosmic Egg is very much what you would expect from Wolfmother, for better or worse. The riffs still bleed with the same blatant influences, the hooks are still catchy, and the psychedelic lyrical nonsense still vivid.

With lyrics about “homemade hydroponics” and a slow sludgy mid song crawl, Wolfmother start things off with a stoner rock cloud of smoke on “California Queen”. The riffs surge against a deep hypnotic bass line, and Nemeth wastes no time showing the new line-ups improvement, with wild energy and eager soloing. The first single “New Moon Rising,” is example of the Aussies’ at their catchiest. A stuttering drum beat and wavering vocals ascend to anthemic levels for the songs punchy and simple hook. The 70s are alive in Stockdale’s mind, and the infectious riffs that come with it are regaining popularity in today’s “Guitar Hero” culture. The Led Zeppelin adoration reaches new levels bordering on tasteless repetition on “White Leather”. The other major contributing factor of Wolfmother’s sound, Black Sabbath, gets its just dues with an enormous derivative riff on “Sundial”. The rhythm section pounds simplistic stomps around the circling fret work, and the Sabbath lads should feel honored by the clear-cut imitation. As for those looking for something new and inventive, Cosmic Egg won’t be breaking down any barriers.

“In the Morning” delivers the albums first ballad, and is driven by layered guitars that wail with bends, as the bass thumps into overdrive. The lyrics are fairly ridiculous, including lines like “everywhere you look when you look into the book,” but are saved by the woozy guitar solos that swirl with grace John Frusciante could be proud of. The evil chug of “10,000 Feet” sets a great tone for anyone who enjoys fuzz so thick you could choke. Even the cymbals’ crash sounds muted through the fog, and the unrelenting attack strives with the apocalyptic moan of Stockdale’s vocals for one of the better songs on the album. The title track is an ode to rock n’ roll, with a riding vibe that conjures up images of “I did a bad bad thing…”. The riff has been used, slightly shifted, and re-imagined countless times, but allows first time listeners to sense a great deal of familiarity. Vacuum processed solo licks bounce through in stereo, as Atkins gets to shine with doubled bass and heavy tribal drums. “Far Away,” is another slow paced ballad with keys and acoustic guitars providing the easy going atmosphere for Stockdale’s dreamy croon, “I believe that love is gonna last forever, and it’s all within my mind”. With a big solo riff plowing over everything and a steady piano stroke, the epic rising ballad certainly has some redeeming Guns N’ Roses qualities to it.

“Pilgrim” focuses an upbeat groove on “gypsy wisdom” and desert atmosphere, for an entire psychedelic nuance helped by the warped “wahs” of the guitar riff. The break down is deeply entrancing with the song slowing to half the time and an explosion of one singular fuzz riff. When the speed picks back up, the fury of Stockdale’s solo rises right along like with it, soaring like a majestic stoned eagle. A scratchy guitar lick runs rampant in circles with the bass line on “In The Castle,” a track sounding as though lifted directly from their self titled debut album. The band has certainly “still got it,” but haven’t shown much growth with what it is they possess. “Phoenix” showcases a semi-restrained vocal approach from Stockdale, until a warm wash or 70’s prog influenced organs signify the chorus and his reemerging howl. The song whips and feeds into a dazzling garage rock wrath as the band expands their horizons ever so slightly. “Violence of the Sun” wraps up Cosmic Egg with a slow tempo courtesy of twinkling pianos, sparse sludge eruptions, and a wailing call to the heavens from Stockdale’s vocals.

If you enjoyed the band’s debut album then rest assured, very little has changed with the second go ‘round. Chances are if you were already a fan, you still will be. For those hoping Wolfmother would develop into their own, further expanding their sonic template, well… better luck with album three. If the big memorable guitar riffs, mythological lyricism, and expansive hooks of the hard rock 70s provided the soundtrack for many years of weed scented entertainment, Wolfmother are eager to supply the new noise so another generation may hazily bang their heads. Many have claimed their music “passionless,” but it’s clear where their passion lies, in continuing the legacy of the great bands before them by re-crafting and praising their influences further cementing their sounds into the future of rock music.

At The Drive-In Retrospective Footage

[] Filmmakers unartig have put together a huge At the Drive-In retrospective. The feature includes six (mostly) full length shows from the years 1999 to 2001, including the band’s second to last show ever. The retrospective was approved by the band members and this previously unreleased footage is presented in its closest to original formats transferred directly from the filmmaker's master tapes.

Check it out HERE. Below is one of the many videos...

Foo Fighters / Them Crooked Vultures News

[] Foo Fighters have filmed an episode of VH1 Storytellers that will air on November 27. At the taping, the band shared lengthy anecdotes between renditions of 13 songs. The final song was "Everlong," which appears on the group's new Greatest Hits album in both electric and acoustic forms. "I honestly think that if it weren't for this song we probably wouldn't still be here because it opened up so many doors for us, melodically, dynamically," Dave Grohl told the audience, according to Reuters. Meanwhile, look out for FMQB Productions' new radio special, Foo Fighters: An Inside Look at 15 Years, in which the entire group sits down with host Jack Black to discuss their career and their hits. It will air on radio stations nationwide from November 1 to 8.

In other Dave Grohl-related news, his other band, Them Crooked Vultures, will release a free song via iTunes on Tuesday. It's called "Mind Eraser, No Chaser." The song comes from the band's debut album, due on November 17.

Ozzy Osbourne Billboard Feature

[] Unlike most tall tales in rock history, the legends of Ozzy Osbourne are more truth than myth. But beyond the crazy train running off the rails, the diary of this madman is the story of one of rock's most unique and enduring front men, with fan appeal that transcends generations and popular trends.

For nearly 40 years and hundreds of shows, Ozzy has won his fans over onstage -- often with a fire hose in hand, wielded with love. "I love my fans more than they'll ever love me," Ozzy says. "I'm not one of those guys that would ever say that they're privileged to see me. To be honest, and I'm not trying to be slurpy, it's a privilege for me to see them. My job is to give them the best fucking night out they could possibly have, that's what we're there for. There's no sex, drugs or rock and roll that could compete with a great gig; it's fucking awesome."

Billboard will fete Ozzy with the Legend of Live award at the 2009 Billboard Touring Awards, set for November 5 at New York's Roosevelt Hotel. The Legend of Live award recognizes an individual who has made significant and lasting contributions to live music and the touring business, and acknowledges the recipient's commitment to the art of performing live and reaching fans through the concert experience.

Osbourne has reached -- and mooned, and doused -- hundreds of thousands of fans, and rocked them all.


Jesu Reviewed by has reviewed the new Jesu EP "Opiate Sun," giving it a 7 out of 10...

"The EP might be the ideal format for Justin Broadrick's music, regardless of his alias. Whether he's trying to erase your head via concrete-slab guitars in Napalm Death, reduce techno to a series of clockwork hammerblows with Final, or massage your pleasure centers with neo-shoegaze in Godflesh, Broadrick's music has a laudable singularity. The three-or-four-song dose mainlines his all-consuming mood of the moment without the potential dilution of trying to fill up a CD.

Broadrick claims to be channeling his long-unused (or presumed non-existent) pop instincts via Jesu, and the band's DNA always has too much of hard rock's cathartic oomph and pop's peaks and valleys to pass for ambient. But Jesu's extended-players like Silver, Lifeline, and now Opiate Sun do seem to bring out Broadrick's more memorable riffs and choruses. If nothing else, they foreground those riffs and ringing climaxes in a way that the hour-plus ebb-and-flow of Jesu or Conqueror isn't designed to do.

Opiate Sun isn't as good as the all-over bodiless sparkle of Lifeline, which may be the best non-collaborative release in Broadrick's unwieldy discography. It's more of a Jesu sampler, a four-song distillation of the band's major modes, with some of Broadrick's most accessible, ingratiating songwriting-- radio-ready if not for the tempos and the fuzz.

"Losing Streak" and the title track are more or less arena alt-rock at a snail's pace, almost cuddly and triumphant enough to be a Foo Fighters single, or maybe Probot if Dave Grohl had drafted Kevin Shields instead of Lemmy. (Plus, I swear, a hint of slow-motion southern rock grandeur in "Losing Streak"'s mid-song solo.) "Deflated" is one of those oxymorons Jesu do so well-- the angelic dirge-- with bass skirting doom metal while the guitar auditions for some early-1990s Creation Records A&R dude. "Morning Light" really is doom, the only out-and-out metal tune here, skewed only by Broadrick's multi-tracked sad-dude vox. Add it all up and (more or less) you've got Jesu.

So Opiate Sun is both the most recent fix for Jesu addicts anxiously awaiting album número tres, and an easy-access jump-on point for not-quite-yet-fans. Opiate Sun's heavy enough to act as gateway drug for those who still know Broadrick only as the guy behind Godflesh's decade-long bad day (if such creatures even exist). It will please the post-'gaze guitar-texture freaks who cream on contact with sonorous feedback. And it's memorable enough to hook those one-and-done consumers of the album-abjuring age. Not bad for four songs."

Priestess Discuss Album Delay with ChartAttack,com

[] Montreal's Priestess built a loyal cult following through their high energy and rocking live shows after the release of their acclaimed Hello Master debut, and supported a diverse list of bands from Dinosaur Jr. to Motorhead to Mastodon.

While Priestess were riding a wave of momentum, the logical thing would've been to go into the studio and put out another record and quickly get back on the road. But Hello Master was originally released in 2005, and the band are only now putting out their next album, Prior To The Fire, which came out Oct. 20. Four years is an awfully long time to wait for a young band to release a sophomore record.

Guitarist and vocalist Mikey Heppner explains the band had committed to a lot of tours when Hello Master was released, which kept them on the road pretty much two and a half years straight with little time to write new material. But he added that some of the songs that appear on Prior To The Fire were ready to go two years ago when the band had been submitting pieces of music to their label, RCA Records.

So what was the hold up, then?

"What happened was the bits that we were sending into the label were not blowing them away," Heppner said. "(RCA), being a major label, thought it was a little too 'un-mainstream' and they kind of wanted to keep us writing until they heard a song that they would see in their minds as something that could be marketable, like i.e. a radio song, you know?

"So we kept on writing and writing and they kept on keeping it out of the studio and holding us back, and holding us back to the point where it was getting so late they were like, 'No matter what, we need to record their record now, so let's get a producer happening, let's book some studio time.'

"At that time, we had 20 songs written and we as band were extremely stoked about our new material and thought we were moving in a really cool direction. So we were more than happy to finally have them give in and let us go into the studio."

But time kept passing and still there was no new record. Scheduling conflicts kept the band out of the studio even longer, as did being unable to secure a producer. The band were finally able to get Dave Schiffman (Nine Inch Nails, The Mars Volta) behind the boards and they began pre-production in Montreal before moving to Los Angeles to record Prior To The Fire. The record was completed in the fall of 2008.

"By the end of that whole thing the record was finished and we were extremely proud, everyone involved, of what we've done and checked it in the label and it was the same story again. 'Well look guys, we can see that you love this and it's a great new direction and you guys have matured, but we still don't hear a song that we want that we can use as a single. Can you guys continue to write more songs?'

"And we were basically like, 'Uhh... No. This is it. We've got a good record here and we don't want to do anything forced.'

"You can't force write a single, it's impossible to do that. At least it's impossible for us. We're not Tin Pan Ally songwriters; we're a rock band."

Priestess and RCA Records decided to go their separate ways. But unlike the long and nasty splits between band and label you always here about, the break between Priestess and RCA was actually peaceful and the normally controlling corporate label actually had a nice parting gift for the band.

"To their credit, and this is something that I will forever hold RCA in the highest esteem for doing this," Heppner says, "they let us keep the record that they paid for, so whoever else would end up putting it out won't have to flip the bill. They kind of ate the money they spent on it.

"We lost a lot of time, but in that time we lost we did do some cool tours, we also had extended time to write more songs that wouldn't have been on the record had it been done two years ago.

"But who knows, this might've been the third record of material that ended up on the second half of this disc. But when it's all said and done, the record as it is now is something that we're really, really proud of.

Here are Priestess' upcoming tour dates:

Nov. 4 Charlottetown, PEI @ Hunter's Ale House
Nov. 5 Fredericton, NB @ Nicky Zees
Nov. 6 Moncton, NB @ The Manhattan Club
Nov. 7 Halifax, NS @ The Paragon Theatre Nightclub
Nov. 11 Waterloo, ON @ Starlight Social Club w/ Early Man
Nov. 12 London, ON @ Call The Office w/ Early Man
Nov. 13 Kingston, ON @ Bar None w/ Early Man
Nov. 14 Peterborough, ON @ The Montreal House w/ Early Man
Nov. 18 Quebec City, QC @ Chez Dagobert w/ Early Man
Nov. 19 Montreal, QC @ Le National w/ Early Man
Nov. 20 Ottawa, ON @ Mavericks w/ Early Man
Nov. 21 Toronto, ON @ Lee's Palace w/ Early Man
Nov. 22 Hamilton, ON @ Rokbar w/ Early Man
Nov. 24 Thunder Bay, ON @ Black Pirates Pub w/ Early Man
Nov. 25 Winnipeg, MB @ Pyramid Cabaret w/ Early Man
Nov. 26 Regina, SK @ The Distrkt w/ Early Man
Nov. 27 Calgary, AB @ The Distillery w/ Early Man
Nov. 28 Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room w/ Early Man
Nov. 30 Whistler, BC @ GLC w/ Early Man
Dec. 1 Victoria, BC @ Sugar w/ Early Man
Dec. 2 Nanaimo, BC @ Queens w/ Early Man
Dec. 3 Vancouver, BC @ Commodore Ballroom
Dec. 4 Portland, OR @ Dante's w/ Early Man
Dec. 5 Seattle, WA @ The Comet w/ Early Man
Dec. 8 Minneapolis, MN @ 7th Street Entry w/ Early Man
Dec. 9 Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle w/ Early Man
Dec. 10 Windsor, ON @ Blind Dog w/ Early Man
Dec. 11 Buffalo, NY @ Mohawk w/ Early Man

The Boxing Lesson Post New Demos

The Boxing Lesson have posted some new demos, here's what they had to say about it...

"Happy Halloween! Well, almost! We just put up some of the new demos from our 2009 recording sessions. There is talk of an EP and an LP for 2010. Not sure where each of these songs are going to land but we just feel like sharing our new stuff right now. Enjoy!!"

Filter Post New Single

Filter return to the airwaves with their brand new single “Fades Like A Photograph” which will hit Rock Radio on October 30th. The track will also be featured in the upcoming action sci-fi thriller movie and accompanying soundtrack, 2012, starring John Cusack; both to be released November 10th. “Fades Like A Photograph” marks the first new music from the band since their 2008 release of Anthems for the Damned.

FILTER is no stranger to movie soundtracks. Their music has been featured on soundtracks such as Tales from the Crypt: Demon Knight, Cable Guy, Crow: City of Angels, Songs in the Key of X: Music Inspired by ‘the X-Files’, Spawn: The Album; X-Files Original Soundtrack; Crow: Salvation and Little Nicky.

Currently, the band is in the studio recording material for their next album to be released in 2010. In the meantime, fans are getting a sneak peek into the process and upcoming music with “View From The Studio” videos posted by front man Richard Patrick on the band’s YouTube page.

The single “Fades Like A Photograph” will be available for download on November 10th.

Mastodon on Jimmy Fallon Video

Mastodon performed their track "Divinations" on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon", you can watch that below.

RX Bandits/Glassjaw Tour California

RX Bandits will be joining Glassjaw for their only California shows of the year. It will be only the two bands, so RX Bandits set will be a nice hour long one, but please note they will go on first. Here is the info on the shows...


Nov 11 - The Mayan Theater - Los Angeles, CA
Nov 12 - The Glasshouse - Pomona, CA
Nov 13 - The Regency Theater - San Francisco, CA

Woolgather Live on the Radio (Online)

Woolgather will be making an appearance at KBIG Internet Radio in Dallas, TX this Sunday (November 1st) from 3pm to 4pm. There will be a 4-song premier of the new album "Programmes: Vol. I - The Pleasure Principle" and a LIVE in-house interview with the band, where we they discuss the new album and what's to come of the second disc which is due out sometime in 2010.

This is an internet radio station, so to listen just go HERE and click LISTEN LIVE!

The best part about this being internet radio is that literally ANYONE can listen, from any country or state you might be in. They will start at 3pm CENTRAL time!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Preview Nirvana's "Live at Reading" CD/DVD

This Tuesday, November 3, Nirvana's Live At Reading will be released as a CD, DVD and CD/DVD set. A trailer for the legendary 1992 performance hit the web today and can be seen below:

Quest for Fire Tour Dates / Free Download

Quest For Fire has announced a set of eastern Canada and US tour dates that will begin in Waterloo, Ontario on November 11th. The band will jump on the Canadian leg of the Priestess/Early Man tour before doing a string of headlining dates that will take them into the US. Tour dates below

DOWNLOAD the FREE PROMOTIONAL MP3: Quest for Fire - The Hawk That Hunts The Walking (right click, save as)

Nov 11 2009 Starlight w/ Priestess & Early Man Waterloo, Ontario
Nov 12 2009 Call The Office w/ Priestess & Early Man London, Ontario
Nov 13 2009 Time To Laugh w/ Priestess & Early Man Kingston, Ontario
Nov 14 2009 Montreal House w/ Priestess & Early Man Peterborough, Ontario
Nov 19 2009 Sneaky Dee’s w/ Sports Toronto, Ontario
Nov 20 2009 Green Room w/ Sports Montreal, Quebec
Nov 21 2009 Zaphod’s w/ Sports Ottawa, Ontario
Dec 4 2009 Piano’s w/ Chylde, Naam, Weird Owl New York, New York
Dec 5 2009 Mohawk Place w/ Chylde Buffalo, New York
Dec 6 2009 Bug Jar w/ Chylde Rochester, New York

...Trail of Dead "Bells of Creation" Live on Fuel TV

Check out ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead live on Fuel TV playing "Bells of Creation" by clicking here!

Kirkwood Dellinger East Coast Tour

<a href="">Kirkwood Dellinger - New Juice by Exploding In Sound presents...</a>

The Whigs Post New Download

The Whigs are pumped to deliver you another FREE download from their upcoming album, In The Dark. Please enjoy and share "Hundred / Million." The 2 song download also includes the title track from the upcoming early 2010 release.

RX Bandits Live in Brazil

RX Bandits stormed South America - They can't wait to go back! Here is a clip live from Hangar 110 in Sao Paolo Brazil...

Biffy Clyro - Live in London EP & More

Biffy Clyro have released a brand new EP Live From London and prepare for next week's release of Only Revolutions...


You can now download 6 songs recorded at the exclusive iTunes Live From London Session that we gave away tickets for at the beginning of last week.

The EP, features 4 tracks off Biffy Clyro’s new album ‘Only Revolutions’ including live versions of new songs "God & Satan" and "Born on a Horse," as well as Biffy classics 'Who’s Got A Match?’ and ‘Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies’.

To download the EP for the special price of £3.49 or listen to previews of the tracks simply click HERE. (Not available in America)


With 4 shows down of the current UK & Ireland tour, the band are building up momentum and are set to storm Dublin tonight at the Olympia Theatre. There is a very limited number of tickets still available for the show from

To say thank you to all of you who have supported and continue to support the band, we are giving away free tickets, guestlist places and organizing meet and greets at various shows of the tour via Twitter, Bebo, Myspace and Facebook. We’ve already given away guestlist places in Southampton and details of how to get your hands on tickets for tonight’s show in Dublin will be going up in the next few hours.

To make sure you know about these very spontaneous competitions, become a fan of the band on Bebo, Facebook or Myspace or follow us on Twitter.


The band have decided to include one of the original flags that feature on the front cover of Only Revolutions in the Limited Edition Box Sets. Each box will now not only include the deluxe foldout digipack CD, heavywright 12” Vinyl, DVD, play along CD, tab poster, full orchestra score and 12” art print signed by the legendary Storm Thorgerson, but also a Biffy logo’d guitar pick and a piece of the blue flag from the album cover.

You can see the band start the ceremonial cutting of the flags by clicking HERE and order the box set exclusively from Alternatively you can pre-order the album from iTunes, and

FMQB News & Notes: STP, John Paul Jones, & More

[] Now that John Paul Jones is happily touring with Them Crooked Vultures, he spoke to BBC News about why the rumored Led Zeppelin reunion never quite materialized. Robert Plant had said publicly that he didn't want to do a reunion, and then rumors floated that Jones and Jimmy Page considered touring with another vocalist. "Jimmy and I rehearsed a bit with Jason Bonham and we couldn't really agree on singers and that fell by the wayside," Jones told the BBC. "Then this came along and to be honest, I'm really happy." The debut album from Them Crooked Vultures, featuring the single "New Fang," is due on November 17. In other news, the band posted a snippet of their track "Mind Eraser No Chaser"

Give Less. Get More. November 3rd. by crookedvultures


While Stone Temple Pilots has tour dates booked through the beginning of 2010, Scott Weiland says fans can expect a new album once the tour is complete. "When we get back, we're going to finish the album," Weiland told "And then when we finish the album, there will be a big tour around its release and that will probably be a long tour." After that, Weiland says, he'll begin working on his third solo album.


Fuse will cover the 2009 Voodoo Experience festival, taking place in New Orleans this weekend, with a special titled Fuse Fest: Voodoo 2009. The show, debuting November 6 at 10 p.m., will take viewers backstage with The Flaming Lips, Jane's Addiction, Meat Puppets, Wolfmother and more.

The Black Heart Procession Interviewed by Filter Mag.

[] The Black Heart Procession, made up of Pall Jenkins and Tobias Nathaniel, have emerged from the ashes (or sands) of their hometown San Diego to release their new album, Six (appropriately released on Oct. 6). Here, singer/guitarist Jenkins talks with FILTER—semi-seriously—about his fascination with the number of the beast, his hopeful celebration with demons in Europe on the band’s world tour, and of course, the New York gay scene.

Why did you decide to simply call your new album Six, other than for obvious reasons? Were there other names floating around?

Pall Jenkins: It was too evil of a number to pass up so we went with it; the other choice was My Pink Little Monster. It didn’t really fit with Black Heart.

You seem to have channeled your inner Leonard Cohen throughout the record, especially in your first single, “Rats.” Was LC a major influence and were there other influences?

We love LC – [but] our main influence is the New York gay scene.

The new record is very sinister and maybe a bit slower than your previous works. How else do you think it stands out from previous albums?

It’s a dark record so if the lights are out you may not see it but you will feel your soul whither away…

This is your first world tour in three years and most of your gigs across the pond are in Western Europe. Do you plan on adding shows in bat country (Eastern Europe)?

We will go to Eastern Europe next year—we will bring bread and wine, and feast with demons in the caves of your countries.

Where in Europe are you looking forward to visiting and performing in the most?

I really enjoy playing in Italy and Spain.

The first show of the tour will be at The Casbah in your hometown of San Diego. Is it symbolic that you start where the band began 12 years ago?

We always play The Casbah, our friends work there and it just feels like home—but sometimes the further from home, the better the shows.

The video for “Drugs” is a wonderful montage of death and self-destruction that seems to fit perfectly with the song. Is this how you envisioned “Drugs” when it was being written and composed?

Drugs is about remembering a time when you were out of your mind and some how free and it feeling sad when you think how things are not the same—it’s also about the world and the pressure to conform from youth to adult.

Our Lady Peace "The End is Where We Begin" Video

Our Lady Peace have posted their video for "The End is Where We Begin"...

The End Is Where We Begin from Our Lady Peace on Vimeo.

The Dirty Dishes MP3 Giveaway!

The Dirty Dishes are offering an MP3 of their tracks “Stolen Apples” via the folks over at

[] My favorite shoegaze band, The Dirty Dishes, have officially struck with their eagerly awaited debut EP, In The Clouds. And the best part? You can name your own price to download it.

Based out of Boston, Jenny Tuite and her bandmates Kevin, Alex, and Jay impressed me earlier with their track “Deer in Headlights”. Needless to say, I was happy to see that their debut EP had finally been released. Download In The Clouds at The Dirty Dishes’ Bandcamp site and check out their track “Stolen Apples” below.

DOWNLOAD: Stolen Apples MP3 (right click, save as)

The Willowz Post New Tracks!!

The Willowz have posted three new tracks from their upcoming album Everyone. The album will be released through Dim Mak / Downtown Records on November 17th. The band will be launching a full fledged tour beginning in December. Stay tuned for more details.

Meat Puppets on ABC News

The terrific Gift Horse was wrapped up their short tour with Meat Puppets and Dead Confederate. Here's what they had to say...

"Just want to personally thank the one and only Meat Puppets and Dead Confederate for having us along to play some really great shows last week. It was probably the single best week of my musical life for a variety of reasons, including the fact that the Meat Pups are an amazing band to see and hear live every night and because they are so damn cool. They were really gracious and nice to us and I came away from it feeling a lot smarter just from having talked with them. Plus, the Nashville show was Cris' 49th birthday so it was cool to be around for that.

This piece from ABCnews can sum up why it was such a great experience to talk to these dudes:

The Black Crowes "Cabin Fever" DVD Details

THE BLACK CROWES will release their new DVD, Cabin Fever on November 24, 2009 on the bands own label, Silver Arrow. The DVD includes footage from the recording sessions that ultimately became their critically acclaimed new CD, Before the Frost…Until the Freeze.

The innovative technique of inviting fans into the studio to become part of the process during recording is a rare experience and prudently, the band filmed the sessions. Before the Frost…Until the Freeze was recorded over a series of five nights in front of an intimate studio audience at Levon Helm Studios in Woodstock, NY.

The DVD of those sessions, Cabin Fever takes that experience one step further by allowing viewers to see behind the scenes footage of both the recording and songwriting sessions along with interaction between the band and the audience. The DVD gives fans that didn’t have the opportunity to attend the ability to feel the experience firsthand.

EXCLUSIVELY on the DVD will be THE ORIGINAL Little Lizzie Mae as well as COVERS of Velvet Underground’s Oh Sweet Nuthin & Fred Neil’s Dolphins. The DVD will also include the tracks Aimless Peacock, Good Morning Captain, Appaloosa, and Been a Long Time (Waiting on Love) among others from Before the Frost…Until the Freeze.

Chris Robinson conceived the concept of both Before the Frost…Until the Freeze, and the DVD, Cabin Fever: “I think we fulfilled a musical commitment to continue on the golden road of artistic independence. Approaching 20 years into our careers, we still are ambitious enough to push ourselves to create something unique that we have never done before.”


These Arms Are Snakes on Dirty Laundry TV

These Arms Are Snakes took time out to air some Dirty Laundry with Dirty Laundry. If you don't already know about Dirty Laundry then get hip to it, hosted by the lovely Malia and shot and directed by Michael Grodner.

Dirty Laundry Presents: These Arms Are Snakes from Dirty Laundry on Vimeo.

Cracker "Friends" Video

[] Here's a new video from Cracker's latest album, Sunrise in the Land of Milk and Honey (429 Records), featuring Patterson Hood. "Friends" is an earnest and amusing ode on the airtight bonds of a pair of drinking buddies. Originally penned by Cracker's own Johnny Hickman for his solo album Palmhenge back in '05, it was revived for a Sunrise duet between Hood and David Lowery this time around.

Cracker will be touring Iraq to perform for U.S. troops. When they return in December, they'll follow that with a string of U.S. dates with Camper Van Beethoven. Dates for that tour are below. In the meantime, enjoy the video!

Find more Americana and roots music videos on Americana and roots music - No Depression

Dec. 27 - Petaluma, CA
Dec. 28 - San Francisco, CA
Dec. 29 - Solana Beach, CA
Dec. 31 - Denver, CO
Jan. 8 - St. Louis, MO
Jan. 9 - Chicago, IL
Jan. 13 - Philadelphia, PA
Jan. 14 - Washington, DC
Jan. 15 - New York, NY
Mar. 20 - Austin, TX - SXSW

Freedom Hawk's New Album Available!!

Freedom Hawk's brand new self-titled album is available now from their label's website Here's what they had to say about the release...

"This group is solid. Driven by powerful drum beats and excellently crafted guitar work, Freedom Hawk have composed seven exceptional hard rock tracks that dabble in metal and psychedelic and have a certain timeless quality to them. Attributing to this timelessness is the lead singer’s vocal performance. His melodic high-pitched vocals are reminiscent of Ozzy Osbourne with traces of Robert Plant. The songs are a lot of fun, meant to be played loud, and will immediately have you either bobbing your head or using your lap as a drum kit. Freedom Hawk takes us back to a time where making hard rock wasn’t about making a lot of noise but rather about making very good music. Freedom Hawk have crafted a gem, and fans of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, and classic hard rock are going to want to pick this one up."


1. On the Other Side
2. Universal
3. My Road
4. Ten Years
5. Bad Man
6. Jay Walker
7. Hollow Caverns

MP3 DOWNLOAD: Universal (right click, save as)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The New Regime "Coup" Deluxe Edition

The New Regime's debut album Coup will be re-released in a deluxe package (limited edition) out November 10th! The deluxe package will include...

- 180 gram vinyl
- CD
- DVD featuring live performances, interviews, & more
- 16 page color booklet
- Download instrumental mixes
- Custom gatefold
- Limited to 1,000
- Hand numbered and signed
and more!!

Pre-order now and get a pair of Ilan Rubin Vater sticks and a chance to win 1 of 5 signed Zildjian Cymbals used on tour.


Only available via the New Regime official site. Orders will ship all over the world. Not available in stores.

The New Regime - Order Restored Live [HD] from The New Regime on Vimeo.

Junius Reviewed by

Adam over at has posted a review of Junius' new album "The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist"...

"Junius and I have a long standing relationship that traces back to mid-2004. The New England quartet sent me their debut EP, Forcing Out The Silence, and almost immediately I was smitten. At first I had pegged them for some Cave In/dredg amalgam, and I had no real qualms with that. However, that assessment was not really accurate at all. Sure, they effectively executed the spacey, wall of sound with lots of echo, but the similarities ended there. This band truly shape-shifted genres like few I'd heard before.

Their 2006 EP, Blood Is Bright, saw their maturation morph them into a genre all their own, post-rock-wave. It was chilling to see a group of artists merge the post rock aesthetic of Mogwai or Irepress with the nu-wave bravado and baritone of Joy Division or The Cure. It was darkly refreshing and invigorating.

The next three years saw the band claw and scratch to write and record a masterpiece on a shoe-string budget, all the while touring to expand their fan base. They needed to find a label to help support their vision and the time, money, and locations to record the opus. The magnificent Mylene Sheath was the label and they wrote the album in such unconventional locales as a bank vault in California, a warehouse in Texas, a farmhouse in Vermont, and a shack in the swamps of Louisiana. It was worth it all though, because the fruit of their labor is pure brilliance.

The Martyrdom of a Catastrophist, is the amazing offspring of that endless struggle and toil. It's very much a concept album where the narrative revolves around a man (Immanuel Velikovsky,) whose progressive theories on ancient history and the cosmos were widely challenged by mainstream academia during his lifetime. Junius pepper the album with actual quotes from Velikovsky's interviews and lectures to provide depth to the story.

The album itself still finds the band adjusting to perfect what they desire to be. They added much more feeling of shoe-gaze to their vast arsenal of post-rock and nu-wave genius. Tracks like the opener, “Birth Rites By Torchlight,” are completely thunderous musically, drawing to mind such heavy hitters like ISIS or Cult of Luna, but vocally it's so melodiously beautiful, somewhat akin to Robert Smith of The Cure or Interpol. Other tracks like “Stargazers and Gravediggers,” find them treading on My Bloody Valentine or M83 territory. The standout track is “Elisheva, I Love You,” where the luscious string arrangements and haunting vocals utterly complete this gorgeous album.

Starving artists like Junius continue to fight for their creative lives, so please support them anyway you can. I would truly hate for aural masterpieces like this to cease existing."

DOWNLOAD MP3: "A Dramatist Plays Catastrophist" (right click, save as)


<a href="">Junius - Letters From Saint Angelica (edit) by Exploding In Sound presents...</a>

No Jawbox Reunion Tour in the Works

[] Jawbox frontman J. Robbins recently addressed rumors that the band would be reuniting for more shows beyond their appearance on Jimmy Fallon. The performance is set to coincide with the re-issue of the band's album For Your Own Special Sweetheart [Reissue] on November 24, 2009. Robbins said this:

"It seems like if we were ever going to do it — now would be the time. We all put our heads together, and it just seemed like — with all of us in different cities and leading complicated and over-committed lives as we do — that it would be very, very difficult for us to dedicate the time it would take for us to live up to the standards that we want to live up to.

If we were going to do shows, we would not want it to be half-assed. There were good and bad things about Jawbox, but we always held ourselves to a pretty high standard as far as playing shows. We would want to make sure we did it right, and we felt like we couldn’t take the time to do that. So that was pretty much the beginning and the end of the reunion discussion."

Check out the rest of the interview HERE.

Led Zeppelin Reunion Rumors Begin Again

[] Led Zeppelin fans still hoping for one more reunion of the famed megagroup may have a glimmer of hope by the confirmation that singer Robert Plant is considering a slot at next year's Glastonbury festival.

Since the band last reunited at London's O2 Arena in December 2007, talk of a full-fledged reunion tour has dogged Plant, Page and John Paul Jones (John Bonham's son Jason manned the kit at that show).

And for a while, the band members, minus Plant, seemed gung-ho, rehearsing and even going so far as to audition replacement singers when it became apparent that Plant, enjoying considerable success with his collaboration with Alison Krauss, wasn't down for the endeavor.

Alter Bridge's Myles Kennedy seemed to have the inside track for the gig, but after that fell through, Page's manager, Peter Mensch, in an exclusive interview with MusicRadar, proclaimed "Led Zeppelin are over!"

Now Plant says he's been talking to Glastonbury festival boss Michael Eavis, and in an interview with the BBC, when asked who he'd be playing with, the singer remarked, "There's a place for me, but I have no idea who with."

Of course, timing could again be a problem, as John Paul Jones looks to be quite busy for the foreseeable future with his brand-new supergroup, Them Crooked Vultures.

Chris Cornell Trying Again...

[] Chris Cornell's latest solo album, Scream, received mostly a confused reaction from fans of the Soundgarden/Audioslave singer. Cornell recorded Scream with R&B/Hip-Hop hitmaker Timbaland with electronic beats and production, and aside from a club tour behind the album, Scream quietly came and went early in 2009. However, Explore Music's Alan Cross has revealed that some Canadian music types have been re-working the tracks from Scream into Rock songs.

Michael Friedman, who works in Los Angeles in music licensing and placement, told Cross, "I heard some ‘Black Hole Sun’ greatness deep within some of the songs. I also got to know Chris as a friend. I ended up calling Jordan Zadorozny [of the Canadian indie band Blinker The Star, who co-wrote for Hole's Celebrity Skin album [ed. note: not to mention worked on Ken Andrews' solo debut and produced for Don Vail...] and more]. I flew him down to L.A. and had him listen to some of the tracks in hopes that he could remix them somehow."

Friedman received permission from Cornell to pass Zadorozny's re-done version of the song "Never Far Away" along to Cross, which you can hear HERE. Friedman says the track is "a total re-recording, not a remix."

Cymbals Eat Guitars Get New Bassist

[] If fresh-faced Staten Island indie formalist bashers Cymbals Eat Guitars looked a little different in this CMJ photo, your eyes weren't playing tricks on you. The band's MySpace page lists a new bassist, a fellow named Matthew Whipple. He replaces Neil Berenholz, who, according to CEG's publicist, left the band amicably because he didn't like touring.

In other CEG news, they'll tour Europe this fall, playing dates with the likes of the Flaming Lips and the Dodos. Dates below.

10-29 Brooklyn, NY - Sound Fix
10-31 Brooklyn, NY - 14 Steuben Street
11-07 Lubeck, Germany - Rolling Stone Weekender
11-08 Oostend, Belgium - Manuscript
11-10 London, England - The Troxy %
11-11 London, England - The Troxy %
11-12 London, England - The Lexington (RockFeedback)
11-14 Dublin, Ireland - Crawdaddy
11-15 Belfast, Northern Ireland - Aunt Annie’s
11-16 Edinburgh, Scotland - Sneaky Pete’s
11-17 Manchester, England - Night & Day Café (Now Wave)
11-18 Birmingham, England - Academy 3
11-20 Den Haag, Netherlands - Crossing Border Festival
11-21 Antwerp, Belgium - Trix ^
11-23 Cologne, Germany - MTC
11-24 Paris, France - Nouveau Casino *
12-10 Madrid, Spain - Nasti (Primavera Club Festival)
12-11 Madrid, Spain - Caracol (Primavera Club Festival)
12-12 Barcelona, Spain - Sidecar (Primavera Club Festival)

% with the Flaming Lips
^ with the Dodos
* with the Antlers

Fight With Wire Announce Potential Album Title

Fighting With Wire have announced a potential album title for their sophomore release, as well as some song titles too match...

"So, we've started tracking the first few songs for the album which we're currently calling 'Bones of the Twilight' this of course could all change.

erase you
i won't let you down
didn't wanna come back home
waiting on a way to believe
dead memory
the great escape
a call to arms
i had a plan
when good guys turn bad

Its sounding pretty good so far we're very excited, I'm gonna try and keep you all in the loop as much as i can so stay tuned for more news."

Minus The Bear Single Released / Tour Dates

Minus The Bear's new 2-song single, "INTO THE MIRROR" is available on iTunes and Amazon as of today! They'll have a 7" version with digital download available on tour as well. See you on the road!

Oct 31 -- Orangevale, CA -- The Boardwalk
Nov 1 -- San Luis Obispbo -- Downtown Brew
Nov 2 -- Solana Beach -- Belly Up Tavern
Nov 3 -- Pomona, CA -- Glass House
Nov 4 -- Flagstaff, AZ -- Orpheum Theater
Nov 6 -- Fort Worth, TX -- The Door
Nov 7 -- McAllen, TX -- Las Palmas Event Center
Nov 8 -- San Antonio, TX -- White Rabbit
Nov 10 -- Birmingham, AL -- Workplay Theatre
Nov 11 -- Orlando, FL -- Firestone
Nov 12 -- Athens, GA -- 40 Watt Club
Nov 14 -- West Chester, PA -- The Note
Nov 15 -- Farmingdale, NY -- The Crazy Donkey
Nov 17 -- Syracuse, NY -- Westcott Theatre
Nov 18 -- Portland, ME -- Port City Music Hall
Nov 19 -- Northampton, MA -- Pearl Street
Nov 20 -- Pittsburgh, PA -- Mr. Small's Theatre
Nov 21 -- DeKalb, IL -- Otto's Nightclub
Nov 22 -- Des Moines, IA -- People's Court
Nov 23 -- Lawrence, KS -- Granada Theatre
Nov 25 -- Colorado Springs, CO -- Black Sheep
Nov 27 -- Salt Lake City, UT -- In the Venue
Nov 28 -- Boise, ID -- Knitting Factory

Stream Ultra Violent Light's "Here in Filth"

Ultra Violent Lights debut album Here in Filth was released digitally today! You can stream the entire album courtesy of HERE!

Also don't forget to check out my review of the album HERE.

The Compant Band Release Single / Fan-Filmed Video

THE COMPANY BAND's new digital single "It's A Confusing World" is now available for purchase through all major digital music outlets. The single comes with an exclusive cover of Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Not Fragile." The group will release their new self-titled album through Restricted Release on November 10th. The self-titled album was recorded in Los Angeles earlier this year and teamed the band with renowned producer/engineer Andrew Alekel (Queens Of The Stone Age, Foo Fighters).

THE COMPANY BAND features vocalist Neil Fallon (Clutch), drummer Jess Margera (CKY), guitarists Jim Rota (Fireball Ministry) and Dave Bone and bassist Brad Davis (Fu Manchu). The band originally got together to jam among friends. Their initial recordings were laid down for the band’s 2008’s mini-album Sign Here, Here, And Here. It quickly sold through its limited pressing and has continued to be a popular digital seller via and others since release. Restricted Release has now pressed it on a special 10-inch available now exclusively through the label’s Amazon store. The vinyl pressing features exclusive artwork and is hand-numbered; limited to 1000 copies.

Check out the student-filmed music video we found for the song "Company Man" from Sign Here, Here, And Here below...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wolfmother Perform on Conan

Wolfmother performed their single "New Moon Rising" last night on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. Check it out...

Midnight Masses Shows / Download

Midnight Masses are set to perform live with Art Brut on 11/13 @ Brooklyn Bowl! The show will serve as the unofficial Rapture Ready, I Gazed At the Body release party!

For an epically-minded project with lots of people involved (production and assistance from TVOTR's Gerard Smith and Jaleel Bunton, contributions from members of Trail Of Dead and Here We Go Magic), Midnight Masses are thankfully not very dense. "Walk On Water" is super lean, like being led through an empty cathedral with only Bunton's voice, some piano, and a sad slide guitar as torch fuel. The band's debut album, Rapture Ready, I Gazed At The Body, is out November 10 via Collect Records.

DOWNLOAD: Walk on Water MP3 for free HERE!!

Midnight Masses will be playing Brooklyn again before year's end! This time as direct support for Art Brut @ Brooklyn Bowl Friday 11/13. And in January of 2010 you can catch them opening for Here We Go Magic @ Music Hall of Williamsburg on Friday 1/8.

Midnight Masses is a Brooklyn-based group, led and formed by Autry Fulbright in the wake of his father’s untimely death in 2008. On any given night the band could be a lean ensemble of its core members or an imposing 14-piece collection of string players, organists, and guests pulled from any number of Brooklyn’s finest bands - including Trail of Dead’s Jason Reece and Conrad Keely, TV on the Radio’s Gerard Smith and Jaleel Bunton, the bewitching Katie Eastburn, Peter Hale of Here We Go Magic, and more. Midnight Masses is preparing to gather once again for Rapture Ready, I Gazed At The Body, their debut EP, set for release on November 10th via Collect Records.

Toadies Year End Tour Dates

Happy Halloween from The Toadies! They only have a few shows left this year, so get em' while you can.

Friday Oct 30 - The Black Bayou Music Bash @ La Auberge Casino in Lake Charles, LA
Saturday Oct 31 - Tulsa, OK @ Spirit Bank Center w/ Lions & Descender.
Fri Dec 4 - Josabi's in Helotes, TX (San Antonio)w/ Girl In a Coma & HydraMelody.
Thur 12/31 - New Year's Eve Party @ Trees in Dallas w/ Dove Hunter & The Boom Boom Box.

Mastodon Perform on "Late Night"

[] Mastodon will be the musical guest on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" this Thursday, October 29th. Check out their previous performance from Letterman...

The Shaky Hands Reviewed on has reviewed The Shaky Hands' most recent album "Let It Die," giving it a rating of 6.4 out of 10...

"The Shaky Hands are one of a million rock bands who cite the Beatles as an inspiration, but the influence runs deeper than just the swirly guitar solos, bouncy piano lines, and buoyant harmonies woven into their songs-- frontman Nicholas Delffs is probably one of the few Fab Four acolytes who can claim a soul-cleansing India retreat of his own. The effect of the trip was not so much musical-- rather than experiment with sitars, tablas, and eastern modalities, the Portland band's third album, Let It Die, is actually their most straightforward set to date. But amid Let It Die's ragged bar-band workouts, you hear a singer who's had time to peacefully ponder his place in the world, and question the predominant Western values of rat-race competitiveness and material acquisition.

Let It Die isn't dramatic enough to count as a midlife-crisis record, but the album is consumed with midlife stasis: references abound to aging, setting suns, and flames dying out. And yet, that the Shaky Hands opt to wrap these anxieties in unfussy, steady-as-she-goes rockers that suggest a certain shrugged-shoulder resignation, forsaking the jittery energy and textural nuance of 2008's Lunglight for more surface-level classic rock comforts. But while the laissez-faire quality of Delffs' raspy voice makes him an eminently likable mouthpiece, the Shaky Hands aren't an especially incendiary rock'n'roll band: Delff's title-track rant is backed by a standard-issue Rolling Stones strut that doesn't waver for four verse-chorus cycles; the cruise-controlled workout "Caught in the Storm" splits the difference between Haight-Ashbury 1967 and the Bowery 1977, but stops cold just as it seems to be accruing some force. Only on the piano-pounded stomper "Slip Away" does the band exude an intensity that matches the frustration heard in Delffs' lyrics.

After kicking out the jams (however casually) on the album's first half, the Shaky Hands simmer down even more on Let It Die's second side, downshifting into cowpoke laments like "Don't Fail Me Now" and, with "Gonna Hold You Tonight", a rather blatant attempt at a couples-cuddling, lighter-waving acoustic ballad. But the band's playful spirit is still evident in the winsome, piano-rolled lullaby "Already Gone", while the album's theme of dead-end ennui is best manifested on the bittersweet "Allison and the Ancient Eyes", whose deceptively cheery jangle-pop dressing only makes the unfulfillment described within seem all the more tragic. So, in search of spiritual salvation, Delff looks once again to the Beatles-- namely, John Lennon and George Harrison-- as he transforms the imagine-no-possessions rhetoric of closing piano ballad "Leave It All" into a full-on Hare Krishna hymn. Let It Die may speak of the sour times, but, in the end, at least Delffs has found his sweet lord." - Stuart Berman