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Porcupine Tree Continue Press Storm

[] Following on from his declaration of interest in Porcupine Tree back in 2007 , Rolling Stone’s David Fricke assesses the new album thus: “a mounting drama of memoir and real-news trauma, animated with slicing guitars, ghost-song electronics, mile-high harmonies and smart pop bait.” Read Fricke’s brief but effusive review HERE.

Speaking of The Incident, Weekender’s Kevin Krieger takes the view that “This is the one PT CD that covers all the ground that it’s visited over the years — progressive rock, metal, psychedelia, vocal harmonies, ambient… you name it.”

Away from PT, Alt.Sounds also carries news of a video competition based around Steven Wilson's solo track "Harmony Korine" to tie in with the forthcoming NSRGNTS RMXS album. Check out the details of both competition and album HERE.

Finally, in a blast from the recent past, a pre-tour SW talks about the changing nature of likes and dislikes, sources of inspiration, perception and preconceived notions about geography, passion and music, PT as a Venn diagram, and the origins of The Incident. Take a peek at the five part video at FaceCulture.

Priestess Reveal Cover Art for "Prior to the Fire"

[] Montréal, Québec-based metallers PRIESTESS are releasing their highly anticipated sophomore record in Canada on October 20th via Indica Records/Red Ink. The punishing eleven-song effort, entitled Prior To The Fire, was recorded in LA in the fall of 2008 and produced by Dave Schiffman (SYSTEM OF A DOWN, NINE INCH NAILS, MARS VOLTA).

Priestess are about to hit the road in support of the album and this will be their first headlining coast-to-coast Canadian tour. The tour kicks off November 4th in Charlottetown and ends at the beginning of December. The Los Angeles based band EARLY MAN will be supporting Priestess on all the dates after November the 11th.

According to Priestess's frontman Mikey Heppner, the band couldn't be more stoked to finally be going back out on the road "When we were writing the songs that would make up Prior to the Fire we really meant for them to be heard live. We just can't wait to finally get on tour again and really do them justice – which is playing them live."

Prior To The Fire will also be released in the US in early 2010.

Black Keys and Mos Def "Blakroc" Videos

[] To promote the upcoming Black Keys hip-hop LP, Blakroc-- featuring Mos Def, RZA, Raekwon, Q-Tip, Ludacris, Pharoahe Monch, and more-- there's a making-of video series currently underway on the Blakroc website leading up to its release November 27. (Via Done Waiting.)

In the first episode, we see rap impresario Damon Dash scrunching his face to a Black Keys beat and outlining an amusingly ambitious marketing plan for the project before calling Mos Def to lay down some vocals. Then there's a priceless shot of Mos listening to a beat bellowing out of a car in the middle of Williamsburg. (Sunac, holler!) The second episode shows Mos vibing out in the studio.

The overall "when worlds collide" vibe is potent, and kinda fascinating. Check out the Blakroc Sessions videos below:

Never Before Heard Nirvana Live Track - FREE Download!

[] On November 3, Sub Pop will reissue Nirvana's classic 1989 debut Bleach. The 20th anniversary deluxe edition, which will be available on CD and 180 gram white vinyl, will include a complete live recording of a 1990 gig at Portland's Pine Street Theatre. Bleach producer Jack Endino mixed the previously unreleased show from the original tapes. Now, we've got one track from it.

Endino really did a hell of a job on "Scoff", which sounds about a million percent crispier than your average live recording. Kurt Cobain's voice here is even more ragged than on the Bleach version, if that's even possible, and the song just bangs. You owe it to yourself to check this one out. Click HERE to stream, and for the download (right click, save as)...

MP3:> Nirvana: "Scoff (Live at Pine Street Theatre)"

After My Own Ready "The Central Void"

After My Own have posted an update on their upcoming album "The Central Void"...

"Good news, today we finished all the vocal tracks. We're very happy with the sound of everything, all we have to do is mix, then send it out for mastering. The album is now titled "The Central Void." Much more information about the album to come soon.
Thank you for reading."

The Freeks Release New Limited Edition Album

The Freeks newest release Studio/Live is now available. A limited 500 pressing on 10" colored Vinyl can be picked up at their European tour dates now in progress or at flotation records. check their profile page located on the Freeks top friends list (or HERE).

Note: unfortunately a credit typo has occurred and brother Freek Glenn Slater and photographer LaMaquinadehuesos were not properly credited, our apologies to them but that makes this pressing that much more it will be corrected on future pressings.

Far "Man Overboard" Live Video

Far have posted a video of the band performing their classic "Man Overboard" recently in London...

Mr. Gnome Featured in New Haven Advocate

Mr. Gnome were featured on the website for the New Haven Advocate...

[] The Ambitions of Instinct - Mr. Gnome pushes its sharp, shape-shifting art-punk to moody peaks

By Reyan Ali

"Nicole Barille and Sam Meister know the value of surprise. When the Clevelanders work together underneath the moniker of Mr. Gnome, the concept of contrast gives their dusky indie/punk/art rock mesh a striking sensibility.

Leading most Gnome compositions is Barille’s voice, a feminine thing that can leap from a breathy, wounded wisp to a smoldering shout to a commanding bark. The fluctuations are jarring and often unexpectedly lively. Similarly, when songs move from echoing, stark vocals to impenetrable blasts of distortion (produced by Barille’s guitar) and fits of percussion (made by Meister at the drums) and back again to vocals, the changes feel weighty. Through much of their 2008 disc Deliver This Creature (El Marko Records), zigzagging gives Mr. Gnome’s sound unfamiliar thrills.

Appropriately, Mr. Gnome was founded on a tenet of contrast. “We always started with that soft/loud dynamic,” recalls Barille in a recent phone conversation. Inspired by surrealism, abstract art, psychedelic rock and experimental inclinations of the likes of Portishead and Tool, the tandem immediately decided they would venture into any corner they found interesting.

“We always liked heavy stuff and pretty, ethereal stuff, too,” she notes. “We never tried to limit ourselves.”

For example, when putting together November’s Heave Yer Skeleton, the act shelved 10 compositions. “We started messing around with more of a psychedelic sound and there were songs that just weren’t stopping,” says Barille with a laugh. “They were 10-minute-long songs. They are cool when you are creating. Then, you step back and you’re like, ‘I don’t know. This is ridiculously long and has 10 different movements!’”

When Mr. Gnome laid down its new album at L.A.’s Pink Duck Studios (the recording headquarters of Queens of the Stone Age singer Josh Homme), the duo dealt with more creative over-stimulation.


Waxhouse Recording Debut EP

London's Waxhouse are preparing to record a four song debut EP. Here's what the band had to say...

"Waxhouse are going in to record a 4 track long E.P. at Stakeout Studios in Hampton in November with Chris Coulter. It will contain three new songs and one golden oldy. It's going to be available on Itunes and at gigs (limited copies).

We are also going to be filming our 8 days in the studio so watch out for a cliche 'Waxhouse in the studio part 1, part 2 etc.' because I'm sure you all want to know what we get up to, right. At the moment, we're just trying to earn enough money to fund this and everything else.

For now, Keep checking back on our Myspace for new gig dates, recordings and videos soon and we'll hopefully see you down at one of these gigs (including a date with Arcane Roots)."

Sweethead Join Puscifer Tour

[] Puscifer have announced that Sweethead, Uncle Scratches Gospel Revival and Neil Hamburger will be supporting them on select stops of their upcoming fall run. An exact schedule of who will be opening where was not made available.

Sunny Day Real Estate - Jimmy Fallon Performance

Sunny Day Real Estate recently performed on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon", footage of their performance can be seen below.

Alice in Chains' Kimmel Performance

Alice In Chains performed two tracks on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" yesterday, you can view their performance of "Check My Brain" and "Would?" below. The groups new album "Black Gives Way To Blue" is available in stores now.

Midnight Masses "Rapture Ready": An Exploding in Sound Interview

Last Monday I had the pleasure of seeing the magnificent Midnight Masses at Boston's Paradise Rock Club. The band first caught my attention at the beginning of the year, when they embarked on a tour with fellow collaborators ...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead. Highly praised by music critics and the press (including an exceptional Daytrotter session), Midnight Masses are poised to burst out to an ever growing audience. While the band prepares to release their debut EP Rapture Ready, I Gazed at the Body on November 10th through Collect Records, lead song writer/vocalist Autry Fulbright was kind enough to answer a few questions about the direction of the band, the upcoming EP, working with popular musicians, the band's explosively poetic live show, and more.

EIS: With a line-up that looks to be constantly revolving who are the [current] permanent members?

AF: Eric Rodgers plays guitar, Destiny Montague plays guitar and drums, Miyuki Furtado plays drums and everything else, Danny Wood plays bass. Everyone sings. Jason Reece plays guitar and drums when he's around. Matt Relkin does all the visual artwork. Adrianna Molello arranges and leads the string section when we have it. Ghosthouse produces/records us. A myriad of part time members, friends and guests do assorted things on records.

EIS: How would you describe your sound to someone that’s never heard the band?

AF: That's a dreaded question for most musicians. Usually people who hear the band have a much better way of describing Midnight Masses than I do. Then again, sometimes the descriptions seem a bit left-field. To be fair and respect the opinions of the beholder, I would encourage those who really are interested in what we sound like to investigate for themselves.

EIS: Your upcoming EP is being very highly anticipated by the press/fans, do you feel any sort of pressure about its release?

AF: At this point I've heard the record enough times to have a certain detachment to it's "official" birth or release. It's kind of like it's my kid - I was there during it's conception and development and now with "Rapture" being the debut it's like we're sending our kid off to its first day of school (albeit with a Sonic Youth T-shirt on) and seeing how things go. I'm not concerned if the other kids like him or not. I hope it does a good job and gets the chance it deserves, but even if it doesn't there's a bigger, better bun in the oven that will kick everyone's ass once it's ready.

EIS: Having members of …Trail of Dead, Dragons of Zynth, and TV on the Radio in the line-up as artists/producers certainly creates a lot of the much deserved attention. How did Midnight Masses first to come to be?

AF: I can't say if any attention is deserved, especially if it's based on the pass merits of some of those involved and maybe the biggest folly of the group is an inability to divorce itself from the sum of its parts. Jason Reece (who is a founding member of ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead and Midnight Masses) and I recorded a song one day at his house in Austin and Midnight Masses was the name we put it under. I had the name swimming around for about six months prior, back when I played bass in Dragons Of Zynth. I was already done with Dragons for a few months by then, and my small role in that band lasted for less than in a year. I think the main way DOZ has had an influence on Midnight Masses was that when I was in that band I preferred being a spectator rather then a member and I wanted to pursue something else. They are great to see and I recommend them. Shortly after my departure from that band, my father passed away. Growing up in a family full of musicians and evangelists was a strong influence, especially with the reflective nature of a loss. Members of TVoTR happened to be close by during this period, as friends and neighbors. Gerry "Ghosthouse" Smith expressed interest in recording songs, Jaleel Bunton eventually sang lead on one of them, other members lent encouragement and a listening ear. The idea of Midnight Masses as a band came up much later when Peter Hale (of Here We Go Magic) and I decided to play music together. Destiny Montague and Miyuki Furtado had already played music with me for a couple of years by then so they were natural additions. Conrad Keely (also of ...Trail of Dead) had been playing in a band with me as well, so it all came together pretty easily.

EIS: The most recent tour with Secret Machines and …Trail of Dead found you guys playing more of a heavy and energetic set than the first time I had the pleasure of seeing you live. Was it a conscious decision to make the live show a bit heavier?

AF: It seems that when Jason plays with us it's a bit more aggressive of an attack, as his guitar work is very powerful. Maybe it came with a certain confidence after playing so many shows together - the last time we played Boston we had performed with Jason maybe 6 or 7 times. Now we've played over two dozen shows with him and everyone is pretty comfortable. We tend to be a bit quieter at times too, which is what I prefer. Secret Machines and Trail Of Dead are incredibly loud, and we were trying to compliment the sound of the other two bands while displaying a contrast because we can't get as loud as they do - they are the best at doing that and there's no way to match it. Perhaps we'll be quieter next time around.

EIS: There’s great balance between the stunning instrumental heaviness and the hauntingly poetic vocals. What’s the writing process like for the band?

AF: That's a great thing to hear and I think you answered the opening question nicely as to what we sound like! Songs usually come together with lyrical or thematic ideas first. Of course there's no real rule. Songs tend to develop and evolve over time. Some I bring to the table essentially written before anyone has heard them, while others are more organic and a product of collaboration - which is when they are probably most dynamic. It's hard to have a singular theme in mind and get away from it, so any time we get together on a song it has cooler parts.

Midnight Masses - "Burial Song / Debtor's Song" (Live on Radio K's SXSW Broadcast) from Radio K on Vimeo.

EIS: What can we expect from Rapture Ready, I Gazed At The Body? Any surprises?

AF: I personally like the way the record flows and I'm thankful that all of our guests on the record made it sound the way I wanted. I think the biggest surprise anyone will have is that we sound quite different live than we do on recordings. In fact, the last show we played didn't have anything from Rapture in the set. Half of the songs on the E.P. have other lead vocalists, and it's sonically different from our recent live shows, but it's closer to what we are working towards as a band.

EIS: In past articles, you said the majority of songs were written directly in response to your father’s passing. Has the writing process helped to heal some of the grief? How do you feel about performing such intense personal songs night after night?

AF: In some ways confronting those memories and emotions regularly is a form of cathartic therapy, other times it does bring difficult times back to my mind. There is a certain detachment after performing songs for so long. At this point the subject matter of newer material will still veer into that certain direction, but I don't feel it as much as a driving force as it once was. It's always there, I mean - he's still dead. His death will always be a primary influence, just not the only one. I think the best performances and lyrics come from when I go to a more difficult realm and confront the loss or pain. There's plenty of loss and pain to go around, so at least I'll never run out of material.

EIS: How has the tour been for the band? Have …Trail of Dead fans been greeting MM with open arms? Any interesting/wild stories from the road?

AF: Fortunately anyone who showed up early enough to catch us play has been really receptive. I've been very pleased with our response in several areas, especially in Canada and Texas. Nothing that eventful happened this leg but during our late winter/spring tour with TOD there were a few fights, a bus accident, some cracked-out hockey fans, and lots of fun. The most boring it got was during Mardi Gras, oddly enough.

EIS: Danny Wood has joined the band on bass, can we expect any dates with Borrowed Eyes & The Blood Red Road? (A personal Exploding In Sound favorite!)

AF: We've played a few times with Borrowed Eyes in NYC, and they've gotten on stage to sing with us a bit. That's Danny's first priority as a band so more shows would make sense. It would be cool to do a show in Boston with them. Hopefully more will come in the near future. I really don't know how much we're going to play out during the winter but hopefully we'll do at least a couple shows together.

EIS: The six part harmonies are incredible, with each member contributing equally impressive vocals. Was that a requirement when looking for musicians or a lucky coincidence?

AF: The group singing was a later addition to the idea of the performance. Everyone sings more than at first, and the songs benefit from it. At first it was just Jason and I singing, now it's everyone. I think that that will be par for the course on the majority of our songs. It did fall in line with the idea of having a large band. We're actually trying to sound like three people singing instead of six. The harmonies of three has a great rich blend to it.

EIS: With near every member doubling up work in Midnight Masses as well as another band, does it become difficult to focus on MM? Do you have to constantly fight the “side project” tag?

AF: Not really because for the core membership of myself, Eric, Destiny and Miyuki it is our main project. We've played as a four-piece, even a three-piece. The other members are essential when they are there. It does take dedication among everyone involved to continue when everyone is creatively and sometimes even geographically spread out. Eric and I are actually starting a new band soon with some of the other guest members called Holy Land, Holy See so there are no fears of this being a side project. It exists on it's own terms. That's why it's able to be amorphous in a way - in the past few shows we've gone from being a 5-piece to a 14-piece to a six or seven piece, and it's still distinctly Midnight Masses.

EIS: Your live show expertly blends layers upon layers of music without any studio tricks, and is one that truly shouldn’t be missed. Do you have plans to tour past what’s been announced for October?

AF: Definitely. We plan to tour as much as possible. I hope to bring some of the elements we utilize on record to our stage show. I think the best shows are yet to come, but it will take lots of trial and error and lots of shows to get it down.

EIS:If you could tour with any band currently active, who would it be and why?

AF: I'd like to tour with our friends, first and foremost - I would love to play more with Here We Go Magic. I'd like to do more shows with Callers. Non-friends I'd like to play with include Spiritualized, Black Mountain, Morrissey, etc. I could go on and on - essentially anyone who I'd like to see every night after night.

EIS: With the EP coming out November 10th, when can fans expect the full length Good Sons Die Young to be released?

AF: Good question. We have just touched the very tip of the iceberg with preparing to undertake the record with Ghosthouse. At this point I don't know how it's gonna get done, but I'm hoping it will be released before summer. I do feel the vast majority of the songwriting process is over for the record,though. Like, I feel we could go in right now with Gerard, David and Conrad and just get going and have the record done in two weeks. That isn't going to happen, but we're ready for it. I think I've moved beyond it to a point where I'm done with writing and am going to start on the next set of Masses songs or the Holy Land, Holy See record.

EIS: While still a very young group, you’ve already worked with several highly respected and beloved bands/musicians. Who would you still like to bring into the Midnight Masses fold (even if just for a song/album/etc.)?

AF: I'm pretty happy with everyone we've worked with. I think with the upcoming remixes done by members of Mars Volta and School Of Seven Bells that wraps up most of the people I'd like to collaborate with. The same group of people on stage and record will all be there on the full-length ; the strings and extra vocalists and everyone. If I could work with anyone I'd have to say maybe Nick Cave. Maybe.

EIS: Autry, thanks so much for your time. I look forward to the EP [and an official review from Exploding In Sound] and can't wait to hear what Midnight Masses will do next.

Floor Featured on / Free Singles & Live Albums

[] It's hard to believe that 2002 was seven freakin' years ago, but I clearly remember an entire summer of driving around the South just BLASTING the self titled album by Floor. As a fan of their singles up to that point, I knew what to expect from their first full length, but man, I didn't know how much they improved.

In a nutshell, I've always said that Floor album was a perfectly psychedelic My Bloody Valentine/Black Sabbath hybrid with 10 times the hooks. Listen to "Kallisti" and "Lolita" if you don't believe me. And I'm listening to the album now as I'm typing this up, and I still think I'm pretty right.

Floor crumbled away in 2004, but I was fortunate enough to see them a number of times (often in a room of 10 or 20 people) and was always blown away. Always. Towards the end of the band, they'd play songs that'd become the early material for Steve Brooks's next band, Torche.

Below you'll find downloads of two songs from the box. Yes, you're welcome. And you have Robotic Empire to thank.

Also, just because I'd love more people to hear them, I'm including a link to download two entire shows by the band. One in Philly and one at the Caledonia in Athens back in '03. Their overly dense sound is truly majestic live, but can be hard to replicate in a live recording, but these do the job pretty well.

Enjoy. And seriously, go pre-order the box set. It's worth it. Trust me.

DOWNLOAD (right click, save as):
*Floor - Xtian MP3
*Floor - The Pulse MP3


Lions Stream "Gimmie Riot"

LIONS have posted a brand new song "Gimmie Riot" off of their new EP, available for fans and friends at their site. Go to and sign up. The song comes from the bands upcoming EP "Let No One Fall".

The Shaky Hands "Already Gone" Video

In celebration of The Shaky Hand's new album "Let It Die" released in stores today, the band has posted their video for "Already Gone"...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Alberta Cross Featured in Paste Magazine

Alberta Cross is featured as Paste Magazine's Band of the Week...

[] Hometown: Brooklyn, N.Y.
Band Members: Petter Ericson Stakee (vocals, guitar), Terry Wolfers (bass), Sam Kearney (guitar), Austin Beede (drums), Alec Higgins (keyboards)
Album: Broken Side of Time
For Fans Of: Kings of Leon, Neil Young, The Band, [Black Rebel Motorcycle Club]

Alberta Cross frontman Petter Ericson Stakee is the leavened product of a trans-national upbringing: He was born in Sweden, raised in England and now leads a New York-based band that mirrors his eclecticism. Alberta Cross' first release, 2008's self-produced The Thief and the Heartbreaker, found inspirations in the cornerstones of '70s rock, the hand-in-hand accord of blues and country. "I think this first mini album we did was more folk because it was like the baby, the starter," Stakee says. "I love folk and blues because it's honest music." But the band travels a darker path of chomping guitars and electric landscapes with their latest release, Broken Side of Time (out Sept. 22). Here, the band trades its nostalgic Americana inflections for a dusky, voltaic revamp, with a sound that ranks them solidly in the realm of rock 'n roll.

Stakee and bassist Terry Wolfers both attribute this evolution to their uprooting from London, where they met during one of many nightly outings to a pub owned by a friend. Amidst a barrage of free drinks, the two discovered a mutual affection for folk and blues and soon began playing and writing music together. But with a change of scenery—a move across the pond after signing with ATO Records—came a change in sound. "Living in New York has sort of inspired us with sounds a bit heavier," Stakee says. "We've got new members that joined us about a year and a half ago, and I think this album now is a bit heavier, you know? It's a bit more like a darker rock album, really."

But Stakee's soaring vocals—which belie the European roots thick in his speaking voice—are one element that remain unchanged. "All the reviews we've gotten so far in England have said that I sounded something in between Neil Young and Liam Gallagher, which I thought was pretty hilarious,” Stakee says. “A lot of English people think I sound English. Maybe in America they think I sound American. I really don't plan to sound any way. I just sing and follow my heart.”

Listen to "Song 3Three Blues" from Alberta Cross' Broken Side of Time:

Foo Fighters Release New Single

The new Foo Fighters single "Wheels" is now available for purchase from iTunes HERE. The song comes from the bands upcoming Greatest Hits due out on November 3rd.

Download Entire Barracks (Willowz) Album for FREE!

Barracks, a new band comprised of Richie James Follin and Loren Shane Humphrey, one half of the garage rock/alternative band The Willowz. Barracks music embraces the style of the Willowz music, only with a heavier and dirty punk sound. You can download their entire self-titled debut album HERE for FREE!!

Richie James Follin (singer/ guitar player) and Loren Shane Humphrey (drummer) met in a foster home when they were pre teens. They were adopted by two very different southern California families who didn't approve of each others way of life. They kept in contact through the years, and played music together secretly when they could. At age 18 they both joined the army and were sent off to boot camp where after 8 days they were dishonorably discharged after accidentally burning down the company's sleeping barracks. Soon after they began making music together in different bands ,and in 2008 decided to form Barracks. It was decided that the music would be a mix of psychedelic, punk, and heavy rock in the vein of some of their favorite groups such as Black Flag, James Gang, and Blue Cheer. The album was recorded in 3 days in Los Angeles and tells the story of a young African boy they met one night while playing a benefit for Invisible Children. The boy they met is a victim of warfare and lost his mother to aids. During the recording, Follin lost the use of two of his fingers on his left hand and had to relearn to play guitar.This may have had a hand in the resulting raucous symphony of black and blue noise and texture captured on this debut. The record was recorded in the memory of the late great Lux Interior.

The Company Band Release Single

[] The Company Band's (Clutch, CKY, Fireball Ministry, Fu Manchu) new digital single "It's A Confusing World" has now been made available for purchase through all major digital music outlets. The single comes with an exclusive cover of Bachman-Turner Overdrive's "Not Fragile" as a b-side. The group will release their new self-titled album through Restricted Release on November 10th.

Cave In Tour / News

[] Cave In, Trap Them and Narrows have mapped out the following mini-tour for November:

November 19th Brooklyn, NY - The Knitting Factory
November 20th Philadelphia, PA - First Unitarian Church
November 21st Providence, RI - Club Hell
November 22nd Cambridge, MA - The Middle East (Downstairs)

Meanwhile, in addition to the upcoming CD version of their "Planets Of Old" EP, Cave In are also planning to release a live DVD of their 'reunion' show which took place at Great Scott in Allston, MA this past July. No word yet if the DVD will be packaged with the already revealed rarities outing or not, though a January 2010 release date is being planned for it.

Toadies Tour Dates

Its been a little over a year since the release of the Toadies album "No Deliverance". During that time the band has sold out shows from LA to NYC, put on their own Dia De Los Toadies Festivals, played Lollapalooza '08 and even made their first trip to the UK. It all culminates this weekend in Toadies biggest show to date. Catch them this Sunday on the main stage at the Austin City Limits Festival. Toadies play Sunday at 4pm, followed by Dead Weather and Pearl Jam. Check out an exclusive interview with the band here at Exploding In Sound later this evening.


09/29 - New Orleans, LA - Republic
09/30 - Baton Rouge, LA - Varsity Theatre
10/01 - Little Rock, AR - Revolution Room
10/02 - Shreveport, LA - The Warehouse
10/04 - Austin, TX - ACL festival
10/10 - Laredo, TX - Autmus Music Festival
10/30 - Lake Charles, LA - L’Auberge du lac Casino
10/31 - Tulsa, OK - Spirit Bank Center - Prick or Ink Tattoo Convention


Team Sleep Post New Demo

Team Sleep (feat Chino Moreno, Zach Hill, and more) have posted a new demo video from their new twitter account...

Gridlock (Demo) from Team Sleep (Official) on Vimeo.

Thom Yorke Enlists Flea For New Band

[] The steady flow of recent Thom Yorke news continues with an exciting new development. Yorke has posted on Radiohead's blog that he has started a new band to perform his solo material. The band (pictured above) consists of himself, Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich, Beck/R.E.M. drummer Joey Waronker, percussionist/multi-instrumentalist Mauro Refosco, and... Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea. Yes, Flea.

Two shows have been scheduled for the as-yet-unnamed band: October 4 and 5 at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles. Thom writes, "the set will not be very long cuz ..well ...we haven't got that much material yet!"

The only question is: will Flea keep his shirt on?

Get the full info HERE.

Filter Post Cover of "Happy Together" / The Stepfather Soundtrack Tracklist

Check out Filter’s version of the classic song “Happy Together,” which will be featured in the film “The Stepfather,” set to hit
screens Oct. 16. The song is currently only available at The track finds a delightful return to the Short Bus styled heaviness.

The soundtrack to the film will be released by Lakeshore Records on Oct. 13 and will be available everywhere. See the full tracklist below...

01 - Mute Math - "Typical"
02 - Hoobastank - "Say The Same"
03 - Red Means Go - "Eternal Summer"
04 - Sleep Detectives - "The Air I Breath"
05 - Seether - "Given"
06 - Blurtonia - "Never Less Than Perfect"
07 - Feersum Ennjin - "Safeway"
08 - Lightning Swords Of Death - "Platinum Camelot"
09 - Drew Smith - "Melee"
10 - C'mon - "Safer When"
11 - S-Mak - "If I Get Dealt Wit"
12 - Ken Andrews - "Secret Things"
13 - Puscifer - "The Undertaker"
14 - Ken Andrews - "What Is Real"
15 - Band Of Horses - "The Funeral"
16 - Filter - "Happy Together" (The Turtles cover)

Good Old War Tour Dates

GOOD OLD WAR will be going on tour with CAST SPELLS in December...

12/3 Knitting Factory - Brooklyn, NY
12/4 Northstar - Philadelphia, PA
12/5 The Middle East Upstairs -Boston, MA (matinee show)
12/7 Westcott Theater -Syracuse, NY
12/8 Maxwell's - Hoboken, NJ
12/9 The Quarter - Baltimore, MD
12/11 The Basement - Columbus, OH
12/12 Smiling Moose Upstairs - Pittsburgh, PA

Built to Spill on NPR / Post New Songs

Built to Spill just added "Things Fall Apart" to their Myspace page. You can also listen to "Aisle 13" at NPR today HERE. The new album "There Is No Enemy" comes out in just over a week (October 6th)!

Alberta Cross US Tour Dates

Alberta Cross have announced new US tour dates. Their full length debut "Broken Side of Time" is now available. Check the dates below...

October 19 - Granada Theatre - Lawrence, KS
October 21 - The Blue Note - Columbia, MO
October 22 - Rococo Theatre - Lincoln, NE
October 24 - Bluebird Nightclub - Bloomington, IN
October 25 - Newport Music Hall - Columbus, OH
October 26 - The Vogue Theatre - Indianapolis, IN
October 27 - Majestic Theatre - Madison, WI
October 29 - Intersection - Grand Rapids, MI
October 30 - State Theatre - State College, PA
November 1 - The Ridgefield Playhouse - Ridgefield, CT
November 2 - Port City Music Hall - Portland, ME
November 4 - The Hart Theatre at The Egg - Albany, NY
November 5 - Electric Factory - Philadelphia, PA

Fu Manchu Post More New Tracks

Fu Manchu have posted two new tracks on their Myspace page. "Gargantuan March" and the previously mentioned "Bionic Astronautics," both appear on the band's upcoming album "Signs of Infinite Power" available on October 20th.

Minus The Bear Tour Details

[] Minus The Bear have firmed up the support acts for their upcoming headlining run, here's how their schedule now shapes up:

October 05th Bellingham, WA - The Nightlight
October 06th Portland, OR - Doug Fir Lounge
October 10th Seattle, WA - Pyramid Breweries (feat. Rocky Votolato)
October 15th New York, NY - The Gramercy Theatre (feat. New Idea Society)

With Twin Tigers, Antlers:
October 30th Eugene, OR - WOW Hall
October 31st Sacramento, CA - The Boardwalk
November 01st San Luis Obispo, CA - Downtown Brew
November 02nd Solana Beach, CA - Belly Up
November 03rd Pomona, CA - Glass House
November 04th Flagstaff, AZ - Orpheum Theater
November 06th Ft. Worth, TX - The Door
November 07th Pharr, TX - Jagz
November 08th San Antonio, TX - White Rabbit
November 10th Birmingham, AL - Workplay Theater
November 11th Orlando, FL - Club Firestone
November 12th Athens, GA - 40 Watt

With Twin Tigers:
November 13th Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle

With As Tall As Lions, Twin Tigers:
November 14th West Chester, PA - The Note
November 15th Farmingdale, NY - The Crazy Donkey
November 17th Syracuse, NY - The Westcott Theater
November 18th Portland, ME - Port City Music Hall
November 19th Northampton, MA - Pearl Street
November 20th Millvale, PA - Mr. Smalls Theatre
November 21st Dekalb, IL - Otto's
November 22nd Des Moines, IA - The House Of Bricks
November 23rd Lawrence, KS - Granada Theatre

With As Tall As Lions:
November 25th Colorado Springs, CO - Black Sheep
November 27th Salt Lake City, UT - In The Venue
November 28th Boise, ID - Knitting Factory Concert House

As previously reported, the group are currently finishing up work on their new effort and will release a 7"/digital single featuring their new tracks "Into The Mirror" and "Broken China" on October 27th.

Queens of the Stone Age RockBand Guitar Hero Pack

[] The Queens Of The Stone Age will have a trio of tracks made available as premium downloadable content for play in the "Guitar Hero" series of videogames this October 01st. The following songs will be offered for purchase both as a pack and individually on October 01st:

"How To Handle A Rope"

Avon (Live in amsterdam) - Queens of the Stone Age

Street Sweeper Social Club "Promenade" Extended Single

Street Sweeper Social Club (Rage Against The Machine, The Coup) have posted their new single "Promenade" online HERE. The version posted features an extended guitar solo. In addition, a video from band guitarist Tom Morello discussing the single has been made available below.

The Mars Volta, Karnivool, & More for Big Day Out Festival

[] The initial line-up has been revealed for the 2010 edition of the annual Australian "Big Day Out Festival". So far artists of note set to perform at the festival include Mastodon, The Mars Volta, Karnivool and The Horrors. While tentative dates include:

January 15th Auckland, NZ - MT Smart Stadium
January 17th Gold Coast, AUS - Parklands
January 22nd Sydney, AUS - Showground
January 26th Melbourne, AUS - Flemington Racecourse
January 29th Adelaide, AUS - Showground
January 31st Perth, AUS - Claremont Showground

The full line-up of acts announced for the festival so far is as follows:

Lily Allen
Eskimo Joe
Groove Armada
The Mars Volta
Dizzee Rascal
The Temper Trap
Midnight Juggernauts
Rise Against
Magic Dirt
Lisa Mitchell
The Horrors
Calvin Harris
The Decemberists
Tame Impala
Girl Talk

More details can be found at

Monday, September 28, 2009

Freedom Hawk Set Release Date / Cover Art

Freedom Hawk have released the cover art and announced release dates for their new self-titled album. Meteor City will be releasing the record in UK/Europe on November 30th and December 1st in North America. Below is the artwork and stay tuned for further updates! Be sure to check out their newly designed Myspace page, built by the tremendous HOUSEWITHOUTWALLS design company.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Drummer Featured on has featured an article on Drummer, the great new band featuring members of The Black Keys and Beaten Awake, amongst more...

[] Drummer is an Akron-bred supergroup whose members have all been drummers in other area bands (get it?), including Party of Helicopters, Ghostman & Sandman, the Black Keys, Houseguest, Teeth of the Hydra and Beaten Awake.

Moreover, they are five buddies who have been making music with or around each other for a decade, brought together by Black Keys drummer/Drummer's bassist Pat Carney during his musical partner Dan Auerbach's solo winter tour.

Though the band has been together less than a year, through the magic of Carney's industry connections and the fact that he owns record label Audio Eagle, the quintet skipped many of the hurdles other new bands must endure and will release its debut album, Feel Good Together, on Tuesday.

The album shows a young band of old friends that has hit the ground running. The 10 tracks on Feel Good Together don't reinvent any of indie rock's many stylistic wheels, but they add up to a confident and quite catchy opening statement.

The band's aces in the hole are singer Jon Finley's rugged tenor, which makes pretty much everything he sings sound vital, and the way they deftly pack many of the tunes with distinctly different parts, switching tempos and exchanging riffs for chord progressions, all while keyboardist Steve Clements and guitarist Jamie Stillman pile on melodic touches that are often as hummable as Finley's vocal lines.

Disc opener Lottery Dust (the song titles are as inscrutable as Finley's dream-inspired lyrics) lays down the band's M.O. quite well with some prog-rock-like dual guitar/keyboard lines, sandwiched between a catchy riff, drummer Greg Boyd's skipping beat and Finley providing the (ahem) feel-good mantra as a hook with his ghostly intonation, ''Keep hittin' it, stay with it.''


Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Group Releases Live EP

In anticipation of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez's new album "Xenophanes," his label, Rodriguez-Lopez Productions has released a live EP entitled "Los Sueños De Un Higado" that is available now for download. The RLP Digital Store is the ONLY place to get this album.

They will be pressing a limited run of vinyl of this title. Reserve your copy now starting today, September 27th, ONLY at RLP Record Store.

<a href="">Boiling Death Request A Body To Rest Its Head On by Omar Rodriguez Lopez</a>
All songs are taken from Live Recordings from European Tour 2009, and the group features...

Juan Alderete De La Pena - Bass
Ximena Sariñana- Vocals
Marcel Rodriguez Lopez - Percussions, Keyboards
Mark Aanderud - Keyboards
Thomas Pridgen - Drums
Omar Rodriguez Lopez - Guitar

Stardeath Featured on GuitarEdge

[] Style File: Stardeath And The White Dwarfs

“My philosophy is if you play it loud you don’t have to be as good,” says guitarist/keyboardist vocalist Dennis Coyne of Stardeath and White Dwarfs, a psychedelic Oklahoman band formed equally informed by King Crimson and, well, THC. But on the band’s new album, The Birth (Warner Bros.), all of the guitar parts— from the tastefully odd solo on the lead single, “New Heat,” to the complex acoustic chords of “Keep Score” to the subtly interlocking rhythm parts of “Country Ballad”— find Coyne and co-guitarist James Young to be quite skillful instrumentalists.

It so happens that Coyne is the nephew of Wayne Coyne, leader of the Flaming Lips. And the members of Stardeath were in fact roadies for the Flaming Lips for several years. But to their credit, Stardeath has attained their own idiosyncratic sound that’s not so much indebted to that of the Flaming Lips. Coyne and Young did, though, learn some valuable lessons from their elders.

“The Lips are so musically talented and such great songwriters that it all seems so effortless,” says Coyne. “But being around them made me realize that no matter how good you are you always have to work hard.”

Young, on the other hand, was inspired to re-think his axe while touring with the Flaming Lips. “I used to think all I needed to do was kick on a distortion pedal like Nirvana, but Ronald [Jones, former Flaming Lips guitarist], who can make his guitar sound like a siren, a bomb, or anything else, made me realize that so much more is possible on the instrument.” —ADAM PERLMUTTER

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Omar Rodriguez Lopez Readies Xenophanes / Streams Track

Omar Rodriguez Lopez's new solo album "Xenophanes" will be released first on September 28th in Europe and will be available digitally on September 27th Worldwide in any file size you want ONLY at the RLP Digital Store.

It will then be released in the US/Canada and the rest of the world on November 10th - Pre-Orders for the CD and Vinyl start on 9/28 ONLY at the RLP Record Store

1. azoemia
2. mundo de ciegos
3. ojo al cristo de plata
4. amanita virosa
5. sangrando detrás de los ojos
6. desarraigo
7. asco que conmueve los puntos erógenos
8. oremos
9. perder el arte de la razón sin mover in sólo dedo:
10. flores de cizaña
11. maria celeste....

Wikipedia tells us that Xenophanes was a Greek philosopher, poet, and social and religious critic of the 5th century BC. His pantheistic conception of the Universe supposed that everything in existence has always existed. He rejected his contemporaries' notions of an anthropomorphic "god" (or hierarchy of gods) in favor of a concept not the least bit irrelevant to our 21st century mindset, that of a singular (and hence, all-encompassing) global consciousness. His unorthodox concepts were not widely acknowledged until many hundreds of years after his death, and suffice to say, their material concerns are primarily those which humans wage war over two-and-a-half millennia later. Little surprise, then, that this iconoclastic anomaly of a man should lend his name to a new concept album by THE MARS VOLTA's hyper-prolific mastermind, OMAR RODRIGUEZ LOPEZ.

The inaugural recording from Rodriguez Lopez's low-profile compound in Zapopan, Mexico, Xenophanes is the first album which finds him at the helm vocally and lyrically, as well as musically. Sung entirely in Spanish, Xenophanes showcases a side of Omar rarely seen before, allowing for a much more gestural experience of the man rather than simply the musician, and truly distinguishing this album from its myriad predecessors. Equal parts Volta bombast, El Grupo Nuevo... technicality, and a textural richness unequaled on prior solo releases, Xenophanes is a triumph of imagination and an inspired, concise statement. A conceptual journey through life, death, and re-birth, the album tells the story of a selfish and judgmental female caseworker who falls in love with a male client, only for him to die soon thereafter. Over the course of eleven subsequent lifetimes, the woman experiences life from every conceivable vantage point as her soul evolves, thereby allowing the maturity and eventual letting-go of her ego which in turn enables the realization that the man was, and always has been, her father spirit. Suggesting the fractal and holographic nature of both consciousness and physical reality, the concepts embraced on Xenophanes will appear at least vaguely familiar to anyone with experience in the psychedelic and/or shamanic realms; concepts which Xenophanes himself was likely the first to express within the confines of Western philosophy.

In order to execute the unpredictable, emotionally-charged compositions on Xenophanes, Rodriguez Lopez once again enlists his veteran co-conspirators: bassist Juan Alderete de la Peña, drummer Thomas Pridgen and keyboardist/percussionist Marcel Rodriguez Lopez. Additionally, the album includes contributions from Mark Aanderud (additional keyboards), as well as the notable voice of Ximena Sariñana, doubling and backing Rodriguez Lopez's vocals. As Sariñana's presence on Omar's recordings and during live performances has already been a cause for much speculation, it should be made clear that Xenophanes does not feature the accomplished and versatile singer's own vocal compositions. Subsequent releases Los Suenos De Un Higado and Ciencia De Los Inutiles albums, will fully showcase Sariñana's penchant for infectious melody and engaging lyrics.

Township's "Garden of my Love"

Township have posted video of last night's performance at T.T. The Bear's of a new song called "Garden of my Love"...

Isis Conquering Europe

[] Isis have expanded their overseas touring plans, here's how their schedule now runs:

October 21st London, UK - Koko
October 22nd Cork, IRE - Cyprus Avenue
October 23rd Dublin, IRE - Button Factory
October 24th Glasgow, UK - Stereo
October 24th Belfast, IRE - Black Box
October 27th Manchester, UK - Academy
October 28th Birmingham, UK - Asylum
October 30th Koln, GER - Essigfabrik
October 31st Hamburg, GER - Gruenspan
November 01st Malmo, SWE - KB (feat. Dalek)
November 02nd Gothenburg, SWE - Parken (feat. Dalek)
November 03rd Oslo, NOR - Betong (feat. Dalek)
November 04th Stockholm, SWE - Strand (feat. Dalek)
November 06th Helsinki, FIN - Nosturi (feat. Dalek, Mamiffer)
November 07th Tallinn, EST - Rock Cafe (feat. Dalek, Mamiffer)
November 08th Riga, LAT - Spirecki (feat. Dalek, Mamiffer)
November 10th Warsaw, POL - Proxima (feat. Dalek, Mamiffer)
November 12th Prague, CZE - Palac Akropolis (feat. Dalek, Mamiffer)
November 13th Linz, AUT - Posthof (feat. Dalek, Transitional)
November 14th Vienna, AUT - Arena (feat. Transitional)
November 15th Budapest, HUN - Durer Kert (feat. Transitional)
November 16th Zagreb, CRO - Teatar (feat. Dalek, Transitional)
November 17th Ljubljana, SLO - Kino Siska (feat. Dalek, Transitional)
November 19th Bologna, ITA - Estragon (feat. Dalek, Transitional)
November 20th Rome, ITA - Alpheus (feat. Dalek, Transitional)
November 22nd Athens, GRE - Fuzz Club (feat. Transitional)
November 23rd Milan, ITA - Musicdrome (feat. Transitional)
November 24th Geneva, CZE - L'usine (feat. Transitional)
November 26th Barcelona, SPA - Sala Apolo (feat. Dalek, Keelhaul)
November 27th Madrid, SPA - Sala Penelope (feat. Circle, Keelhaul)
November 28th Lisbon, POR - Incrivel Almadense (feat. Circle, Keelhaul)
November 29th Porto, POR - Teatro Sa Da Banderia (feat. Circle, Keelhaul)
December 01st Bilbao, SPA - Rock Star Live (feat. Circle, Keelhaul)
December 02nd Bordeaux, FRA - BT59 (feat. Circle, Keelhaul)
December 03rd Paris, FRA - Trabendo (feat. Circle, Keelhaul)
December 04th Karlsruhe, GER - Substage (feat. Circle, Keelhaul)
December 05th Antwerp, BEL - Trix (feat. Circle, Keelhaul)
December 06th Groningen, NET - Vera (feat. Circle, Keelhaul)
December 07th Berlin, GER - Postbahnhof (feat. Circle, Keelhaul)

In addition, the band have also added the following New Zealand shows to their schedule:

February 15th Wellington, NZ - SFBH
February 16th Auckland NZ - Transmission Room

Friday, September 25, 2009 Feature Porcupine Tree

[] On paper, Porcupine Tree is a band whose success is a little puzzling. The progressive rock act's songs are lengthy, complex works that almost defy commercial airplay. Band leader Steven Wilson refuses to give away his music and ensures his CDs are experienced as complete albums by wrapping them in elaborate packaging instead of offering them as digital bundles.

Despite these uncommmercial proclivities, Porcupine Tree has been amassing a loyal following since 1987. The latest evidence: Fans snatched up all 10,000 limited-edition copies of its new album, "The Incident" (Sept. 22, Roadrunner). They contained two CDs, a DVD and two books (one of photos, one of illustrations) that complemented the record for $109, according to manager Andy Leff. (Double-CD and three-disc vinyl sets are also available.)

Why has Porcupine Tree developed such a rabid following? Wilson believes that despite the "dumbing down" of culture by entertainment like reality TV, "there is definitely an equal and kind of opposite reaction against that by people who still want something with a little bit of emotional resonance, emotional depth . . . something they can immerse themselves in and kind of appreciate over many listens."

"The Incident" is a loose, semi-autobiographical collection of songs "under this umbrella of being incidents of significant points in life, life-changing events," Wilson says. The most poignant example is the lead single, "Time Flies." In it, Wilson reflects on his mortality and celebrates his birth year, 1967-a milestone year for rock music.

Leff says that to market "The Incident," Porcupine Tree is repeating the strategy used for 2007's "Fear of a Blank Planet" (53,000 sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan), which "privatized" the album's marketing by hiring the independent publicity firm Shore Fire Media to contact critics like Rolling Stone senior editor David Fricke, who's become a fan. "We'll always support the people who supported us," Leff says, "but we want Jon Pareles of the New York Times. We're looking for artistic validation, not just genre-specific press."

To that end, Porcupine Tree hosted two listening sessions in 5.1 surround sound this summer for journalists. "We take everyone's BlackBerries and cell phones away, give them a pad of paper and a pen, and make them sit for an hour and listen," Leff says. "And they love it."

Besides debuting the "Time Flies" video on AOL Spinner, Porcupine Tree hosted a listening party Sept. 24 at its Terminal 5 performance in New York. The band started a two-week U.S. tour Sept. 15 in Seattle and will launch a European leg Oct. 5 that will run through December. The band's Web site,, acts as the focal point of the group's universe, where people can stream music and purchase it from the site's download store.

"This whole album cycle is almost like a cycle of disengaging from the mainstream and becoming a self-contained enterprise," Leff says.

Stream Another New Built to Spill Song

[] We've already heard one song from There Is No Enemy, the forthcoming Built to Spill album: the breezily efficient "Hindsight". And now here's another, the decidedly more downbeat "Things Fall Apart". It's a slow-burn ballad that reminds me a bit of the back half of Radiohead's The Bends, at least until the gloriously sprawling guitar solos get going. Click HERE to stream it.

There Is No Enemy is due October 6 from Warner Bros. Gotta say, it's shaping up nicely.

Flaming Lips & Deerhunter Are Hilarious

The Flaming Lips' Wayne Coyne and Deerhunter's Bradford Cox talk trash about each other's green room habits.

Exclusive - Backstage with The Flaming Lips and Deerhunter
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Entrance Band Post Daytrotter Session! has posted today's session of their daily live studio recording series (always available for FREE download) with The Entrance Band. LISTEN AND DOWNLOAD HERE. For those keeping record of the always awesome Daytrotter, that's two days in a row they have presented us with great bands! Here's what Daytrotter had to say...

"We're thrown right into the conditions of the present tense as the pounding drums and the twiddling guitar riffs flare up on The Entrance Band's self-titled new album rolls out with "Lookout!" Lead singer Guy Blakeslee sings about unknowns waiting for Kingdom Come - just waiting out the remaining days in a hopeless stupor - and as the days that he's walking us through get darker and darker until the locusts come out and begin chirping, we're finding ourselves cutting sharp glances left and right over our shoulder. It's not so much for the unease or any damning panic, but it's more just a general statement about the queasy conditions that we're all living in these days, sensations of breathtaking uncertainty and in change that moves like a tortoise, people and lands that will likely never get along much better than they do now, no matter how good the intentions or the efforts turn out to be. It's as if the more change that's dreamed of and longed for, the harder it will be for it to ever rise to the top and Blakeslee, drummer Derek James and bassist Paz Lenchantin brace us for those sad facts. Life is a curse sometimes and there are more shadows than there are bright lights out there. There are more depressions than there are stimulants and it all needs to be reconciled or you can just spoil from the insides out, the sourness spreading quickly through the muscles and tissues. "The Entrance Band" is an album whose protagonists are trying to beat back the dark tremors and the night terrors as if they were trying to scare off bats or barn swallows with an old straw broom. Instead of sinking into despair, Blakeslee is doing his best to write his way out of all of the different parts of the mechanism that bring him down - mostly by turning his amplification box up to its highest levels, throwing some diversionary tactics into the stream (purple smoke and soul-shaking howls) and addressing the grim reaper as if they were old chums who head down to the pub to catch beers and trade stories about women or just death and the end of all this humanity seen before them, out the windows. One of the resilient thoughts on the record is that of immovable stagnancy, of time doing what it wants when it wants and for however long it wants, no to spite or to spit, but just because it was born to do so. It is not defiant, just precise and obedient. It obeys its own master - a metronome that never runs down. Fear cannot influence it. Age cannot influence and want stands no chance in denting. When Blakeslee adds later in "Lookout!" "When time takes our shadow away," it's not really an instance of sadness, just the idea that there's no way to hold onto the light of a day, just as darkness flies away every morning. Change, as looked at in the grooving and rocking "M.L.K.," is so abstract and easily negated or it just fails because making it stick is the hardest thing. The band brings Martin Luther King Jr. into the discussion - a 40th anniversary of his senseless assassination in a way - with the thought that things should be much different so many years after his visionary speeches and his rallying of so many, giving the powerless their power back. The Entrance Band takes on this fragility of being, this surplus of doubtful resignation and the proliferation of glimmers of hope onto the faces cast in grayness with a skeptic's optimism - looking all of the werewolves in the eyes and calling their bluffs."

The Horrors "Whole New Way" Stream

[] The Horrors are streaming a new track, "Whole New Way." It will be available digitally through iTunes on September 29th, and on 7" vinyl on November 3rd. The song is not from their recently released and critically acclaimed full length, Primary Colours. The band explained:

An earlier version of the song was initially available as a bonus track on the Japanese release of Primary Colours, but we’ve since returned to it and given it an overhaul. We recorded some extra parts before giving the track a new mix at XL’s inhouse studio alongside Rodaidh McDonald.

Check out the stream on their official website.

Benefit for Scott Ford (The Gutter Twins/Twilight Singers)

A number of L.A. musicians are joining forces for a benefit concert for bassist Scott Ford, who has worked extensively with Greg Dulli's bands The Twilight Singers and The Gutter Twins. Billboard reports that Ford is suffering from an advanced bone loss medical condition resulting in severe blood infections. A benefit show this Saturday, September 26 at the Roxy in Hollywood will include Dulli, Duff McKagan, Dave Navarro, Weezer bassist Scott Shriner, Billy Morrison of The Cult and many others.

Tom Petty Announces "Virtual Tour"

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers are planning a "virtual tour" to promote their upcoming box set, The Live Anthology. According to Billboard, the "tour" begins at 10 a.m. next Tuesday, September 29. For $24.98, fans will receive 24 of the 48 tracks on the basic Live Anthology set spread out over eight weeks. On its November 24 release date,"ticketholders" will receive the remaining 24 tracks digitally. In addition to receiving the songs early, subscribers will also have access to information about each track including band commentary and other additional content. More information can be found at

Wino Video Interview

Check out an interview with Wino (Hidden Hand, Shrinebuilder, Saint Vitus, etc.)...

Wino Interview HARDTIMES.CA

Imaad Wasif Preps Album w/ New Site, Pre-Order, Tour

The new Imaad Wasif - The Voidist website has been unveiled!

“The Voidist” will be released worldwide on October 13, 2009 on Tee Pee Records, and will be available on CD and Vinyl or as digital download. Featuring new solo acoustic compositions and rock n’ roll love songs, recorded with performances from Two Part Beast (Bobb Bruno and Adam Garcia), Dale Crover (Melvins) and Greg Burns (Red Sparowes).

Pre-orders and deluxe packages are now available at including a limited edition T-shirt featuring a photograph of IW by Nick Zinner of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and an 11"x17" poster featuring artwork by LA-based artist Jess Holzworth. You can also sign up to join the IW secret society and receive a free mp3 of "Priestess" and future updates.

Tour dates have also been added with The Dead Weather and The Secret Machines!

Sept 30 2009 Austin, TX - Emo's with The Secret Machines
Oct 02 2009 Atlanta, GA - The Tabernacle with The Dead Weather
Oct 03 2009 New Orleans, LA - The House of Blues with The Dead Weather
Oct 05 2009 Dallas, TX - The House of Blues with The Dead Weather

More to come!