Friday, July 31, 2009

TOOL Amaze.

On the eve of TOOL's headlining performance at the All Points West Festival (also featuring tomorrow ...And You Will Know us by the Trail of Dead, My Bloody Valentine, Cage the Elephant, and Arctic Monkeys amongst others), I randomly stumbled upon this high quality fan filmed video of "Pushit" from 1995. This is one of my all time favorite songs from my all time favorite album. So great, I wish they would play this live tomorrow...

Also check out these incredible photos from the tour (courtesy of their homepage HERE) and Adam Jones' incredible poster art (check out the other nights HERE!)...

The Dandy Warhols Release Blackbird Cover

Just as promised in their lyrics years ago, as Michael Jackson has passed away, The Dandy Warhols have released their cover of The Beatles' "Blackbird". The track is available as a single download or as part of a package with their recently released album "The Dandy Warhols Are Sound". All information on downloading is available HERE.

Parlor Mob Live Videos

In the not too distant past The Parlor Mob played Cologne, Germany. Three songs were captured on video from that show and the performances on each are stunning. All songs come from their incredible debut album "And You Were a Crow"...

Shrinebuilder Live in Concert

Shrinebuilder, the new project featuring members of Neurosis, Sleep, Saint Vitus and Melvins, have booked a show at The Empty Bottle in Chicago, IL on November 14th. The groups debut effort is tentatively expected out in September through Neurot.

Nebula's Rob Oswald: The Exploding in Sound Interview had the pleasure to interview Rob Oswald, current drummer for the legendary psych/stoner rock act Nebula. It's been a decade since their debut full length "To The Center" was released on Sub Pop Records, and Nebula has become one of the hardest working and most revered desert rock bands of the century. With five full length albums, a live release, and several EPs, the band recently signed with Tee Pee Records to release "Heavy Psych" available everywhere now. Don't miss their upcoming tour with The Entrance Band this August/September. For more on Nebula please check them out here

EIS: “Heavy Psych” is one of my favorite albums of the year, and is great to hear Nebula sound refreshed again. What was the writing/recording process like?

RO: Writing was more of a group effort, probably than on previous Nebula releases. We rehearsed the songs, but were still open to change when entering the studio. The recording process was pretty straight forward and we knocked the songs out in the first few takes. I think it sounds refreshed because the band was refreshed, physically, as well as spiritually.

EIS: Having toured with Totimoshi, Monster Magnet, Hellacopters, and so many other equally prolific acts, any crazy stories from the road?

RO: Not as many as most people think. We’ve all been doing this for quite some time individually, as well as under the name Nebula. Most of the crazy stories are memories of the past, but occasionally a crazy rock moment will occur.

EIS: The upcoming tour will have The Entrance Band as a support act, which I’m sure Nebula fans will love. How does the band choose their support on their tours?

RO: We are extremely picky when it comes to bringing a band on the road. No offense to any band that has wanted to come with us that hasn’t. We have to really dig it and the stars have to align…etc.

EIS: Most stoner/desert rock seems to be more widely appreciated/beloved in Europe and the UK. Why is that? Could it have something to do with stronger weed? Better beers?

RO: Could have something to do with beer and weed, seems like everything else does. I personally believe the EU audiences are more open minded and people at the shows are people that really want to be there for the music. Then, there is always the stronger weed and beer.

EIS: Nebula has an extensive back catalog, and is truly a band to experience live. How much do you switch the setlist from show to show? Do you have favorites to play live vs. favorites the audience expects?

RO: Sometimes the setlist gets changed depending on how we feel or perhaps someone is yelling out a song and we’ll play it, the crowd has the power to change the setlist. I don’t necessarily have favorite songs to play, but I do have favorite setlists to play, some setlists are just better for me.

EIS: 2009 has been an incredible year for Tee Pee Records, with your exceptional re-release of “Heavy Psych” as well as terrific albums from Weird Owl, Quest for Fire, Hopewell and more. How does it feel to be signed to a label that truly understands your sound, passion, and music? Is there a sense of unity amongst the roster?

RO: It’s cool to be working with Tee Pee as they do understand the sound. It’s like being on the same team as your label…isn’t that the way it should be? I personally am not acquainted with the other bands on the roster, although I’m sure I will be, but yes, there has to be a certain unity there.

EIS: Fans are eagerly awaiting the “Let it Burn & 8-Track Demos” album set to be released on September 25th. Let it Burn was originally released on Tee Pee in 1998, but has since gone out of print. When were the 8-track demos recorded? What can we expect from the release and its sound?

RO: The demos were recorded right before the studio version. What can be expected is a more direct and accurate interpretation of the song and how it was intended to sound. The demos will be an undistilled version of the original idea.

EIS: What can we expect next from Nebula? Any plans to release another live album, or physical copies of the Nine Live album?

RO: Probably the next thing to expect from Nebula would be a new studio album. We started working on some new stuff previous to the Tee Pee release, so maybe some of that will pan out.

EIS: You recently taped a live session for Fuse’s Daily Habit. How’d that go? When can we expect to see it?

RO: We taped 3 songs, 2 of which will be aired for a future episode of he Daily Habit on Fuel TV. It was a lot of fun, playing rock in the A.M. hours. Will most likely air in the coming month. We will keep all post an air date as soon as we find out.

EIS: Rob, you played for a time with Mondo Generator (as well as Karma to Burn). How would you compare the experience working with Nick Oliveri as opposed to Eddie and Tom?

RO: I did play with Mondo Generator,( I am the original drummer), in 1997. Nick, Brent(Burnt Mattress) and myself were living in Texas at the time. Nick was a blast to play with, very talented and very fun to be around. I have been very fortunate to play with some of the most amazing musicians that have walked the earth. Working with Nick was more fast paced, while Nebula is a bit more laid back.

EIS: With Nebula already having achieved legendary status in the genre, who would you pick for the next great psych/stoner rock band?

RO: My eyes are fixed on Winnebago Deal.

EIS: Thank you so much for your time Rob! Hope the tour goes well, and look forward to the show in New York.

RO: All the best to y’all.

Cage the Elephant on Letterman

Cage The Elephant perform "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" on Letterman...

RHCP Return in October

[] With another Chickenfoot tour and the first release of his instrumental side band Chad Smith's Bombastic Meatbats looming, the drummer has October circled on his calendar for the Red Hot Chili Peppers' return to active duty.

"That's the plan," Smith tells, noting that what was announced as a one-year break turned into two for the quartet after touring to support 2005's "Stadium Arcadium." "Everybody was like, 'Y'know, I really like having this time off, not being a Chili Pepper and doing other things...It'll be two years in September, so now we're ready. You can't force people to play when they don't want to play or aren't ready to play or whatever -- not in our band, anyway."

Smith expects bassist Flea and guitarist John Frusciante may come in with some musical ideas, but the group will mostly likely "do a lot of improvising and jamming and songs will come out of that, too. That's what we usually do. I don't know why it would be different."

No prospective release date has even been considered yet, and Smith says he and his bandmates also "haven't talked about" who will produce, though he acknowledges with a laugh that Rick Rubin, who's produced the group's last five studio efforts, "always ends up being the guy...But we haven't discussed it."

Meanwhile, Smith is excited about introducing the world to the Meatbats, a group that formed a few years back as an outgrowth of Smith, guitarist Jeff Kolman and keyboardist Ed Roth's work with Glenn Hughes. They first performed live in 2007 and have continued to work together intermittently.

"It's all very loose," Smith says. "It's instrumental music -- power, funk, rock music. It's a niche. We're not going for the Mariah Carey crowd or anything. It's just really fun and they're great guys and we just have fun hanging out and playing."

In addition to debut album, which comes out Sept. 15, the Meatbats have already recorded a second set of songs that Smith predicts will be out in early 2010, along with a live album at the Baked Potato in Los Angeles. "We have three albums in the can and none of them are out yet," Smith says with a laugh. "But we won't wait very long. It's not like we're putting out singles and we have to have some kind of strategy. This is stuff we can put out whenever it feels right."

Trent Reznor Logs Off Twitter... Again

[] First, Trent Reznor quit Twitter. Then he unquit. Then he deleted his Twitter account for good. And now he's taken to the Nine Inch Nails fan forum to explain why he quit for the second time "since somehow someone apparently thinks this is newsworthy." (Err...) (Via TwentyFourBit)

The way Reznor tells it, Twitter simply doesn't have enough structure put in place to block haters' incendiary messages:

"Around the time news broke of my engagement, a faction of troublemakers showed up whose sole intent was to disrupt, harass, insult and incite. Let me explain to you why simply blocking on Twitter was not a solution. If you are interested in someone on Twitter, you can follow their updates. I've noticed however many people want to see the replies that user gets to have a sense of a thread of information / thoughts. You do this by searching the user's name you're interested in. When I started getting relentlessly reply spammed by these few individuals with harassment ranging from hoping I overdose to calling my fiancee racist slurs hundreds of times a day, YES - I could (and did) block them, but everyone else reading my replies sees ALL of that nonsense. So, I am providing a platform for this rubbish to be broadcast to my fanbase, which I am not going to participate in. I discussed this with some friends at Twitter who acknowledged the problem with a 'yeah, um, we're thinking about doing something about that - people are complaining' response. Not good enough."

The last straw came when someone used Twitter to make fun of Eric De La Cruz, the deceased fan for whom Reznor had been raising money. De La Cruz's sister Veronica had seen the Tweet and was understandably upset. Writes Reznor: "It depresses me to think my art and life's work can attract this kind of scum, and trying to explain to Veronica [De La Cruz] why someone would stoop to that level of ignorance for attention-- and it's someone that because of me is in her world causing her pain... well, it sucks. If that was your intention, you trolling, cowardly pigs-- you've succeeded."

Reznor also reiterates that he's not done making music, and that the current Nine Inch Nails Wave Goodbye tour is simply a farewell to the band as a touring entity. He signs off, "My best work is yet to come-- watch and see."

Glassjaw Tour Dates!

Glassjaw are among the opening acts tapped to support Brand New on select legs of their upcoming October/November touring plans. Dates with Glassjaw include:

November 15th Philadelphia, PA - Electric Factory
November 17th Boston, MA - House of Blues
November 18th Boston, MA - House of Blues
November 20th Montreal, QC - Olympia De Montreal
November 21st Toronto, ON - Kool Haus
November 22nd Toronto, ON - Kool Haus
November 24th Rochester, NY - Main Street Armory
November 25th Wallingford, CT - Chevrolet Theatre
November 28th Uniondale, NY - Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cave In Interview Video

Live footage and an interview from Cave In's recent 'reunion' show at The Great Scott in Allston, MA has been posted online HERE. During the interview portion the band reveal that they are planning to play some more live shows in November. Meanwhile, this week saw the release of the bands new 4 song 12" "Planets Of Old" through Hydra Head.

Portugal. The Tour

Portugal. The Man are hitting the road in support of their new album, "The Satanic Satanist". The band is playing a mixture of festival and club dates and will be on the road till late October.

August 4, 2009 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY
August 5, 2009 Mercury Lounge New York, NY
August 7, 2009 Grog Shop Cleveland, OH
August 9, 2009 Lollapalooza Chicago IL
August 11, 2009 Vaudeville Mews Des Moines, IA
August 12, 2009 The Waiting Room Omaha, NE
August 14, 2009 Hi-Dive Denver, CO
August 27, 2009 Crepe Place Santa Cruz, CA
August 29, 2009 Outside Lands Music & Arts Festival San Francisco, CA
September 3, 2009 Fred Meyer Lounge Linfield College, McMinnville, OR
September 16, 2009 The Union LTD, Vancouver, BC CANADA
September 17, 2009 Chop Suey Seattle, WA
September 18, 2009 WOW Hall Eugene, OR
September 19, 2009 NXNW Festival/Roseland Theatre Portland, OR
September 22, 2009 Harlow's San Francisco, CA
September 23, 2009 Independent San Francisco, CA
September 25, 2009 Troubadour Los Angeles, CA
September 26, 2009 Glass House Pomona, CA
September 28, 2009 Belly Up San Diego, CA
September 29, 2009 The Clubhouse Tucson, AZ
October 1, 2009 Sante Fe Brewing Company Santa Fe, NM
October 2, 2009 B-Side Lounge Boulder, CO
October 3, 2009 B-Side Lounge Boulder, CO
October 8, 2009 Majestic Theatre Madison, WI
October 9, 2009 Turner Hall Milwaukee, WI
October 10, 2009 Schubas Chicago, IL
October 11, 2009 Schubas Chicago, IL
October 13, 2009 Magic Bag Detroit, MI
October 14, 2009 Horseshoe Tavern Toronto, ONT CANADA
October 16, 2009 Maxwell's Hoboken, NJ
October 18, 2009 Paradise Rock Club Boston, MA
October 20, 2009 Higher Ground Burlington, VT
October 21, 2009 Pearl Street Northampton, MA
October 22, 2009 Johnny Brenda's Philadelphia PA
October 23, 2009 Bowery Ballroom New York, NY (CMJ)

The Horrors Prepare Big Collaboration

[] The Horrors are set to hit the studio with a "massive" act later in the year.

Their multi-instrumentalist Tomethy Furse told BBC 6music that the band intend to hole themselves up in the studio following six more months of live work to nail the collaboration – although he wouldn't reveal who the act was.

"We can't talk about them," he said. "Rest assured, they are massive. But we're playing for the next six months and then as soon as that's done we'll get in there.

"If we had the choice we'd probably do one month off and one month on, recording and playing, but you just can't do that. It doesn’t make any sense to anyone else but you."

The Horrors released their acclaimed second album, 'Primary Colours', in May.

**could it be a newly available friend Trent Reznor??**

Silversun Contine Radio Dominance

[] Silversun Pickups are currently riding high at radio on the success of their new single, "Panic Switch," off their sophomore effort, Swoon. Speaking to MTV News, the band says that they don't find it odd hearing their music alongside Rock radio heavyweights.

"I think it's sort of ridiculous to put limits on your fans, and that mentality. Anyone who wants to listen to us can," singer/guitarist Brian Aubert said. "I remember when 'Lazy Eye' was on stations like that, I always felt like we were the really wacked-out kids at the prom, that would spike the punch and stuff like that. Like, all of a sudden, we were at this party and a lot of the people were like, 'Dude, who are these guys?!?' but some of them were like, 'Hey, these guys!' It makes you stand out, for sure."

The band recently shot the video for "Substitution," the follow-up single to "Panic Switch," and Aubert says the clip is "gonna be weird." "We're playing the song in a surreal Moose lodge, and then there's musical chairs going on with, like, eight Amazon-type gorgeous girls. Babes, I suppose," Aubert added. "They were actually playing musical chairs for a real prize... It got pretty ugly. Everybody in the room watching it was like, 'This is the weirdest thing.' All the girls are color-coded. In one way, it's bright and sort of silly, but the way we're looking at it is sort of depressing. In fact, I have to admit: It's by far the darkest video we've ever done."

Silversun Pickups had the honor of playing SXSW back in March right before Metallica's "surprise" gig and the band is still on a high from the night. "That crowd was amazing... Everyone was so stoked. We've never had that many people headbanging at our show before, and it was pretty cool," Aubert laughed. "It was a sea of black. I saw this guy who looked like he was 50 years old, he was bashing his head against a pole, just having the greatest time ever. It was pretty great, actually."

He continued, "I saw them when I was really young, and being that close to a band that's been that large for 30 years, it's awe-inspiring. Because how many bands like that are there working today? Five? Plus, Robert Trujillo is like the most amazing bass player ever. We were all watching him. [SSPU bassist] Nikki [Monninger] was taking notes."

Silversun Pickups kick off a North American tour at the All Points West festival this weekend in Jersey City, NJ.

Jesse Hughes on U2, Axl Rose, and Lars Ulrich

Johnson Cummins of the Montreal Mirror recently conducted an interview with EAGLES OF DEATH METAL frontman Jesse "The Devil" Hughes. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On stepping out of the shadow of QUEENS OF THE STONE AGE (whose Josh Homme is also a member of EAGLES OF DEATH METAL):

"With EAGLES, Josh brought people in the door, but it was up to me to make them stay. From the start, it was critical for this band to just do its own thing and not be a side project. It's kind of supernatural but this band is almost like it wanted to be made and be real. I got into a band at a late stage and saw a lot of bullshit before that, so it's really important to me that this band is always about two friends having the time of their lives and providing a philosophical statement of always doing the right thing."

On Axl Rose:

"Like any other GUNS N' ROSES fan, I find Axl to be really insulting. He cost a lot of people their jobs, a lot of heartache and probably some mental breakdowns while he fucked around on a record ['Chinese Democracy'] for 16 fucking years — just because he wanted to be a dick. I firmly believe that the gods of rock 'n' roll just chose me to kick him out of the gang for gross misuse of power. Axl still has the opportunity to do something that no one expects him to do, which is something cool. I honestly think he can do it, but first, he really needs to control himself a bit, and most importantly, get a real friend."

On other assholes in rock:

"Lars Ulrich from METALLICA is somebody who just really gets my gander up. You can tell the other guys in the band are cool and used to just be serious heshers who were probably whacked out on meth and would've kicked your ass in the '80s. On the other hand, you have Lars, who is just this swishy Mary who grew his hair long, put on a denim jacket and infiltrated this cool gang. The only time I met him, he was wearing a golf pantsuit and everybody was wondering who this fat golfer dude was acting like an asshole in our backstage area. He could've been the greatest, but I went up to him after I figured out who he was and told him how much I loved METALLICA, and he just looked through me and walked away. Thirty minutes later, Josh introduced me as the dude from the band, and he didn't even remember me from a half-hour before and went on about how he thought we were rad. The only thing I wanted to do at that point was kick his ass.

"The way I grew up, it's critically important to not be an asshole just because you can sing well or whatever. This is the coolest job in the world and nobody, not even Lars, deserves this job. You don't earn the ability to exclude people or get special treatment and a sense of entitlement just because you can carry a beat. A scary day for me is that I might not make my plane to go and rock people in Brussels, and I realize that's a fucking gift. When people are successful at rock 'n' roll, it can make the world seem like a dream, and that's what will fuck these people up. I like people and want people to feel they can belong — that's what real rock 'n' roll is supposed to be about."

Read more from the Montreal Mirror.

Here's a video message he made to U2...

Sleepy Sun and Assemble Head Tour

Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound have announced a three week US tour with fellow San Francisco natives Sleepy Sun. The tour will be in support of Assemble Head's critically acclaimed third album "When Sweet Sleep Returned" released in April on Tee Pee Records.

Brooklyn Vegan premiered the MP3 of By The Ripping Green this week check it out HERE.

Two of the finest bands to emerge from the 21st century San Francisco psychedelic renaissance—Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound and Sleepy Sun—will join forces this September for a three-week, coast-to-coast freakout. The tour, which officially kicks off in Providence, Rhode Island on September 17, will cover 17 dates in New England, Canada, and the Midwest before winding up October 4 in Portland, Oregon. Both bands will also play dates in New York City in the days leading up to the tour kickoff.

The cross-country caravan unites the two bands in performance for the first time outside of California. But they have already joined forces for several epic throwdowns in Northern California—including an upcoming July 31 Big Sur date with Dead Meadow—and worked together in the studio, with Bret Constantino and Evan Reiss of Sleepy Sun lending harmony vocals on the latest Assemble Head release When Sweet Sleep Returned. Heaven knows what mayhem will unfold on this road ramble.

Assemble Head In Sunburst Sound Tour Dates:
Fri 7/31/09 The Henry Miller Library Big Sur, CA*
Thu 8/07/09 Spaceland Los Angeles, CA**
Wed 9/16/09 Union Pool Brooklyn, NY***

Assemble Head w/ Sleepy Sun
Thu 9/17/09 Jerky's Live Music Hall Providence RI
Fri 9/18/09 The Monkey House Burlington VT
Sat 9/19/09 Il Motore Montreal QC
Mon 9/21/09 Drake Hotel Toronto ON
Tue 9/22/09 Call the Office London ON
Wed 9/23/09 Casbah Hamilton ON
Thu 9/24/09 Mohawk Place Buffalo NY
Fri 9/25/09 Cafe Bourbon Street Columbus OH
Sat 9/26/09 Chopin Theater Chicago IL
Sun 9/27/09 Frequency Madison WI
Mon 9/28/09 7th Street Entry Minneapolis MN
Tue 9/29/09 The Picador Iowa City IA
Wed 9/30/09 Lincoln Calling Venue Fest Lincoln NE
Thu 10/1/09 Larimer Lounge Denver CO
Fri 10/2/09 Kilby court Salt Lake City UT
Sat 10/3/09 Neurolux Boise, ID
Sun 10/4/09 Doug Fir Lounge Portland OR

* w/ Dead Meadow, Spindrift, Sleepy Sun and More
** w/ Spindrift
*** w/ Weird Owl, Special Guests

Richie James Follin of The Willowz Releases Solo Album

Richie James Follin (lead singer of The Willowz) released his debut solo album "Battle" earlier this year. The album's sound can be compared to a stripped down version of The Willowz, and is a must buy for all fans of the band. Here's what Richie had to say about the creation of the record...

"While on a month break, before recording the fourth Willowz album "Everyone", Richie James Follin took a trip from New York to Los Angeles on an Amtrak train and wrote the music for his first solo album entitled "Battle". The lyrics were all written soon after on a trip to Mexico to help his recently widowed Aunt maintain her land now that she was alone. Meeting new friends and hearing World War II stories about his recently deceased Uncle inspired the bulk of the albums lyrics, the rest of the lyrical content consists of stories about love lost and had. It was recorded in a few days upon arriving back in Los Angeles (the majority of the album was recorded at a 4th of July barbecue in Los Angeles) with the help of Dan Horne's recording expertise, Bob Ludwig's masterful touch, and a group of Echo Park all-star musicians consisting of Loren Shane Humphrey, Juan Pablo Caballero, Taylor Goldsmith, Luke Paquin, Jennifer Argenti, and Christof Certik. The albums production unknowingly fell into the hands of Richie, Loren, and Dan respectively. Due to the spontaneity of the album tracking and production the album has a very raw instinctive urgency and sincerity to it that recalls some old, lost, dusty classic album found in the trenches of your parents dark basement storage crates. The reason the album was recorded is because Mr. Follin writes so much music and it doesn't always fit in to the Willowz wonderful musical styling. So, for that reason in combination with the fact Richie was so compelled to retell his Uncles amazing tales, and wanted to try something completely different than his previous musical recording ventures, we now have "Battle". Put on your headphones and enjoy the freak out."

The album is available in several different packages HERE...

Digital Only $9.99

•12 studio tracks for immediate download
•High-quality 320kbps MP3s with no DRM
•Digital lyric book with photos

CD + Digital $12.99

•12 studio tracks for immediate download
•High-quality 320kbps MP3s with no DRM
•Digital lyric book with photos
•backwards album included on CD

Deluxe Package $24.00

•All 15 tracks for immediate download
•Includes 12 studio tracks
•Includes 3 bonus acoustic tracks
•High-quality 320kbps MP3s with no DRM
•Digital lyric book with photos
•backwards album included on CD
•hand drawn t-shirt

Dead Meadow Feature Film and Soundtrack

Dead Meadow have a feature full length film called "Three Kings" and accompanying soundtrack coming soon. Check out the official trailer below...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Jane's Addiction Video Interview conducted an interview with the reunited original lineup of JANE'S ADDICTION when the band performed in London, England earlier in the month. Watch the four-minute clip HERE.

JANE'S ADDICTION canceled all of its previously announced Australian tour dates because drummer Stephen Perkins was admitted to the infectious disease ward at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles for treatment of an infection in his elbow.

The six-concert Australian run was scheduled to begin July 25 in Byron Bay and conclude with an August 1 show in Perth.

JANE'S ADDICTION had been on their first world tour in over 17 years and had just returned to Los Angeles from a successful European leg when the mysterious infection was discovered after Perkins noticed severe swelling and pain building in his elbow.

Fans are being asked not to worry as a full recovery is expected over the next few weeks.

JANE'S ADDICTION's sole remaining reunion tour date is the August 7 headlining gig at Farrell's own Lollapalooza.

Stone Temple Pilots Take Ottawa

Fan-filmed video footage of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS' July 13, 2009 concert at the Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest in Ottawa, Canada can be found at this location. A couple of the clips are available below.

The band's setlist was as follows:

01. Silvergun Superman
02. Wicked Garden
03. Vasoline
04. Big Empty
05. Lounge Fly
06. Army Ants
07. Sour Girl
08. Creep
09. Crackerman
10. Plush
11. Interstate Love Song
12. Seven Caged Tigers
13. Down
14. Sex Type Thing
15. Sin
16. Unglued
17. Piece Of Pie
18. Dead And Bloated
19. Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart

Read a review of the concert from

In a recent interview with the Las Vegas Review-Journal, STONE TEMPLE PILOTS singer Scott Weiland stated about the songwriting process for the band's new album, "We've already got 18 songs written [for a new record]. We'll probably whittle it down to the best 12, but then there'll be a lot of other songs ready for the next record. . . We're working with [producer] Don Was. And if he could make records with THE [ROLLING] STONES and all their shenanigans ... then he can handle STP."

On the subject of his own sobriety, Weiland said, "Yeah, things are going really good, actually. [Hermann Hesse's classic novel 'Siddhartha'] kind of changed my way of looking at things. Ultimately, [attaining goals is] not happiness. ['Siddhartha'] ends up finding it out in the end, and remembering that he heard it early on: that happiness is not reaching that destination; it's the journey."

Jesu's Infinity Now Available

The CD version of Jesu's new album "Infinity" is available for purchase now on Avalanche Recordings. Go to the new and almost complete Avalanche Website HERE and head to the store. Shipping begins mid next week, July 29th onwards.

More info on the album...

"Full album length song "Infinity", written recorded and mixed early 2009, with all instruments by Justin K. Broadrick. "Infinity" is the most expansive and organic jesu release to date, here JKB revisits his roots of heavy guitar driven music yet still retaining an ethereal atmosphere/soundscape of modern jesu. Approximately 50 minutes of music, CD housed in a beautiful 6 panel digi sleeve. First edition of 2000. More info on the vinyl version HERE.

Slash Does Ozzy Documentary Feature

VEVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N' ROSES guitarist Slash was interviewed yesterday (Tuesday, July 28) for "Wreckage Of My Past", the forthcoming film documenting the life of Ozzy Osbourne as he approaches his 60th birthday.

Newly sober, Ozzy has finally reached a point of clarity as he looks back on a lifetime of unresolved issues, unparalleled success, misdiagnosed diseases, severed ties, and a recurring dependency on drugs and alcohol. Due in theaters early 2010, this is a film about reconciling the past and looking toward the future.

Directed by Mike Piscitelli and written and produced by Jordan Tappis, "Wreckage Of My Past" will be the first release from Jacko Productions, a company started by Ozzy's son Jack. Jack Osbourne is executive-producing "Wreckage Of My Past" along with his mother, Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy's longtime manager.

Jack and Sharon are financing the film themselves.

"Wreckage Of My Past" features interviews with all the principal members of BLACK SABBATH, the various incarnations of Ozzy's solo band, family and friends. But the trick, Jack says, is getting them to be truthful. "The hard thing is getting people to be honest and not have it be a fluff piece, because that's not what we're trying to do," he told "I'm trying to paint a realistic picture of who my father is. I think 'The Osbournes', to a degree, tarnished the public's perception of my dad as a bit of a senile, funny, bumbling guy. Yeah, my dad can be that guy, but it's not him. I think that almost discredited who he is as an artist. My dad's not an idiot — he's nothing short of a genius, in my opinion. He does have huge flaws, and we're trying to really paint an honest picture of that."

According to Variety, Jack Osbourne has filmed several of his father's concerts, is compiling early archive footage, and working on an interview with Ozzy's first wife. He'll put the footage together with Piscitelli and Tappis before talking to distributors.

"I want people to see John Osbourne as the guy I grew up with, the tormented, complex musician whose personal demons manifest themselves in so many crazy, unique ways," Osbourne said. "He's agreed to it but is putting up his guard, massively afraid of putting his true self out there on display for people to see."

A trailer for "Wreckage Of My Past" can be viewed below.


As Tall As Lions Album Preview is proud to present a first look at the upcoming full-length from As Tall As Lions. "You Can't Take It With You" is due out August 18 on Triple Crown Records.

As Tall As Lions Album Trailer from Alternative Press on Vimeo.

Be sure to check them out on tour now with Dredg, RX Bandits, and Zechs Marquise

Sputnik Monroe Release New Album

Sputnik Monroe have released their new album "The Great Depression Celebration: Part II". For now it seems the album is only available for FREE by messaging the band on their Myspace page and offering to write a small Myspace review.

You can hear several excellent songs from the release on their page HERE!! For those who may be unfamiliar, Sputnik Monroe graced the debut Exploding in Sound compilation, available for FREE download HERE!! Also please check out my review of "We're Doomed: The Great Depression Celebration Part I" HERE. The entire album can be downloaded directly from the band HERE!

<a href="">Sputnik Monroe - Standing in Rank by Exploding In Sound presents...</a>

Our Lady Peace on Canadian Charts

Toronto's Our Lady Peace burned up the Canadian charts this week, but they weren't hot enough to hit No. 1.

The quartet's seventh album "Burn Burn" debuted at No. 3 with sales of over 11,000 copies, according to figures compiled by Nielsen SoundScan.

It's their first new material since 2005's "Healthy in Paranoid Times," which entered the charts at No. 2, selling 22,000.

Portugal. The Gibson Album of the Month has made Portugal. The Man's "The Satanic Satanist" album of the month...

"Wasilla, Ala., may have recently gotten a lot of attention via former Vice-Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, but our pick for best musical export goes to the city’s own Portugal. The Man (who are now – go figure – based out of Portland, Ore.).

While all of the band’s albums are worth checking out, their new full-length The Satanic Satanist – released just this week – is the first disc to completely realize the band’s full-circle musical progression and illustrate how they’ve developed their own sound. While PTM came up in the punk scene by way of their previous band, Anatomy Of A Ghost, the band over the past few years has evolved into a soul-inflected rock band whose music is amazingly innovative and inventive.

Led by the acrobatic vocals of frontman John Gourley, the trio takes the listener through a sonic rollercoaster ride on The Satanic Satanist that ranges from the Band-esque folk-derived masterpiece “People Say” to the psychedelic-soul slow jam “Guns And Dogs” and tender piano-driven ballad “Let You Down.” But although the band are able to tackle countless moods and genres on the album, they manage to never lose sight of their own identity and are able to put their own unique spin on each of these sounds — and even add some new dimensions on flawlessly arranged tracks such as “Mornings,” which show how the band’s orchestral flair interacts with their rock influence without overshadowing either.

Admittedly, Portugal. The Man aren’t reinventing music with The Satanic Satanist,but in a musical landscape where things seem more and more homogenized it’s refreshing to hear a band like Portugal. The Man who seem more concerned about their music than their image and what preconceived “scene” they fit into. Oh, and the artwork for the album, which was created by Gourley himself, is worth the price of the CD alone.

“We’ll be just fine,” he sings on the aforementioned song “Mornings,” and we actually believe him. Check out a few songs from The Satanic Satanist and we’re betting that you will, too."

Jawbox Get Reissue Treatment

[] During the 90s post-grunge sign-everything-that-moves era, a whole mess of underground bands ended up holding major label contracts, even though nobody in their right minds could've ever expected Flipper or Shudder to Think (or, hell, Helmet) to put up Nirvana numbers. Among those unlikely major label bandwagon-jumpers was the D.C. post-hardcore crew Jawbox, who decamped from Dischord Records to Atlantic just in time to release 1994's long-player For Your Own Special Sweetheart.

The album never sold many copies, but it's one of the greatest slabs of angular guitar throb that the District of Columbia produced during the 90s, which is saying something. For Your Own Special Sweetheart was a landmark underground album that had the bad luck to come out on a major. It introduced the world to "Savory", the weirdly sexy guitar tangle that remained a cool-kid mixtape staple for at least a decade. But Jawbox were always, to say the least, a weird fit for Atlantic. I witnessed the band befuddle a stadium-sized crowd at a 1995 D.C. radio station festival, and it's easy to imagine some A&R slapping his forehead when he heard the master tapes. For Your Own Special Sweetheart went out of print exactly as quickly as you'd expect.

Sweetheart is an album that's always deserved the reissue treatment. In 2006, DeSoto Records, the label run by ex-Jawbox member Kim Coletta, acquired the rights to Sweetheart and the sole big-label follow-up, 1996's Jawbox, from Atlantic. (Gotta love those major label fire sales.) Those albums have been for sale on iTunes since then. And now they're due for a physical reissue.

As PunkNews reports (via MBV) and Dischord Records confirms, DeSoto will partner with Dischord to reissue Sweetheart in late October or early November. The album, remastered from the original source tapes, will include new artwork, as well as three bonus tracks from the "Savory" maxi-single: "Lil' Shaver", "68", and a cover of the great Big Boys ballad "Sound on Sound". The bonus tracks will be included with the CD, and they'll come as an MP3 download with the vinyl. Since DeSoto is mostly dormant these days, Dischord, Jawbox's old label, will take care of production and distribution. Everything comes full circle, kids.

Josh Homme & The Arctic Monkeys Together At Last

[] While the Arctic Monkeys have worked with several producers in their short career, none have had the star power of Josh Homme. The brash quartet hooked up with the Queens of the Stone Age singer for production duties, a bit of backing vocals and all-around directive advice for their third album, 'Humbug,' and it seems to be exactly what the British lads needed.

"I think one thing that strikes me, is that it's more of a guitar record, I suppose," frontman Alex Turner tells Spinner. "There are solos on it that we haven't really delved into before. He encouraged that. And it was terrific. We squashed that reluctance that we once had."

Homme also provides very apparent, creepy sounding backing vocals on a few tracks, most notably on 'Potion Approaching.' "He would sing often with Matt [Helders] or Nick [O'Malley]; the three of them would do zombie voices," Turner explains.

Turner doesn't recall a specific moment when they decided to wrangle Homme for 'Humbug.' Instead, it came about in a much more casual fashion. "We're big fans of his band and we played a show together in Houston and got chatting there. And maybe in an interview or something we said we were into this and that; there was a bit of that going on. We sort of forgot about it. We got a call and asked if we were still up for doing that. It was at that time where we would try to build a studio and do it ourselves and create our own little world. We'd get this engineer we know to do that, but I don't think we were really ready. We'd still be plugging things in."

So for all you bands just starting out: if you'd like to work with a musician in some capacity, try mentioning it in an interview, forget that you did so and hope for the best.

Silversun/Mancherster Orchestra/Cage the Elephant Tour

Silversun Pickups have announced new dates with Manchester Orchestra & Cage the Elephant...

Mon, 9/14 @ Bogart's in Cincinnati, OH (on sale 7/31)
Tues, 9/15 @ Orbit Room in Grand Rapids, MI (on sale 7/31)
Wed, 9/16 @ The Club in Madison, WI (on sale 7/31)
Fri, 9/18 @ Sokol Auditorium in Omaha, NE (on sale 8/1)
Sat, 9/19 @ Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines, IA (on sale 8/1)
Mon, 9/21 @ George's Majestic Lounge in Fayetteville, AR (on sale 7/31)
Tues, 9/22 @ Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, OK (on sale 7/31)
Wed, 9/23 @ Minglewood Hall in Memphis, TN (on sale 8/1)
Fri, 9/25 @ The Rev Room in Little Rock, AK (on sale 7/31)
Sat, 9/26 @ Big Spring Jam in Huntsville, AL (on sale TBD)
Mon, 9/28 @ Busters in Lexington, KY (on sale 8/1)
Tues, 9/29 @ Electric Cowboy in Johnson City, TN (on sale 7/31)
Wed, 9/30 @ The Valarium in Knoxville, TN (on sale 7/31)

Puscifer Abound?

Rumors abound that Puscifer (Maynard James Keenan, etc.) will be embarking on a fall North American trek with a variety of the major markets being hit. More word is expected as things take shape.

Mew Video Premiere

[] Mew's comically-long album title 'No More Stories Are Told Today I'm Sorry They Washed Away No More Stories the World Is Grey I'm Tired Let's Wash Away' can and will be reduced to 'No More Stories' for short by the time the disc hits stores on August 25. But Mew loves to tell a good story; they just don't like to make it easy for the listener to always know exactly what they're talking about. It takes effort, interest and maybe even a little head scratching. Case in point: Mew's video for 'Introducing Palace Players.' Filmed in Scandinavia, it definitely has a plot but the meaning is perhaps a bit more obscured. "Don't feel like an idiot if it all doesn't add up in the end," guitarist Bo Madsen assures Spinner. "It's not Agatha Christie."

In fact, the band views the song, and their music at large, as an independent creation with no single correct interpretation. This video is just one of three that resulted from a brain-storming session Mew had with director Martin De Thura. Madsen says that the band is always involved with the video process to some extent, however they choose to work with outside conspirators specifically because they welcome the added creativity.

"It's like when we play, when we make our music," Madsen explains. "We are three people in a circle aiming at the same center. The music sounds the way it does because we are coming in from three completely different angles. When we include someone else in a project, like a video, they get their own place in that circle, on equal terms."

That's truly great. But that still doesn't explain exactly what these flying black objects are doing firing laser beams at each other in the woods. Or is that the part that we're supposed to figure out for ourselves? Time to get cracking.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Built to Spill Fall Tour

Built to Spill announce new Summer/Fall tour dates!

Aug 20 2009 Edge Field Troutdale, Oregon
Aug 22 2009 Velvet Jones Santa Barbara, California
Aug 23 2009 Sunset Junction- The Bates Stage Los Angeles, California
Aug 24 2009 The Casbah San Diego, California
Aug 25 2009 Galaxy Concert Theatre Santa Ana, California
Aug 26 2009 Belly UP Tavern Solana Beach, California
Aug 28 2009 Polo Field at Golden Gate Park San Francisco, California
Aug 29 2009 SBS Parking Lot- Humbolt State Arcata, California
Sep 18 2009 Hyde Park Street Fair Boise, Idaho
Sep 19 2009 Murray Theater Murray, Utah
Sep 20 2009 Bluebird Theater Denver, Colorado
Sep 21 2009 Fox Theatre Boulder, Colorado
Sep 23 2009 Slowdown Omaha, Nebraska
Sep 24 2009 First Avenue Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sep 25 2009 Barrymore Theatre Madison, Wisconsin
Sep 26 2009 Vic Theatre Chicago, Illinois
Sep 27 2009 Turner Hall Ballroom Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Sep 28 2009 Bluebird Nightclub Bloomington, Indiana
Sep 29 2009 The Pageant St. Louis, Missouri
Oct 1 2009 Newport Music Hall Columbus, Ohio
Oct 2 2009 Southgate House Newport, Kentucky
Oct 3 2009 Royal Oak Music Theatre Royal Oak, Michigan
Oct 4 2009 Grog Shop Cleveland Heights, Ohio
Oct 6 2009 Lee’s Palace Toronto, Ontario
Oct 7 2009 Lee’s Palace Toronto, Ontario
Oct 8 2009 State Theater Ithaca, New York
Oct 9 2009 Middle East Cambridge, Massachusetts
Oct 10 2009 Middle East Cambridge, Massachusetts
Oct 11 2009 Middle East Cambridge, Massachusetts
Oct 12 2009 Webster Hall New York, New York
Oct 13 2009 Webster Hall New York, New York
Oct 14 2009 Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York
Oct 15 2009 Music Hall of Williamsburg Brooklyn, New York
Oct 16 2009 The Trocadero Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Oct 17 2009 9:30 Club Washington, Washington DC
Oct 18 2009 Cat’s Cradle Carrboro, North Carolina
Oct 20 2009 40 Watt Club Athens, Georgia
Oct 21 2009 Minglewood Hall Memphis, Tennessee
Oct 22 2009 Granada Theater Dallas, Texas
Oct 23 2009 Warehouse Live Houston, Texas
Oct 24 2009 Stubb’s Waller Creek Amphitheater Austin, Texas
Oct 25 2009 Diamond Ballroom Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Oct 27 2009 Sunshine Theater Albuquerque, New Mexico
Oct 28 2009 Dry River Tucson, Arizona
Nov 15 2009 WOW Hall Eugene, Oregon
Nov 17 2009 The Nightlight Bellingham, Washington
Nov 18 2009 Commodore Ballroom Vancouver, British Columbia
Nov 19 2009 Showbox at the Market Seattle, Washington
Nov 20 2009 Showbox at the Market Seattle, Washington
Nov 21 2009 Big Easy Spokane, Washington

For anyone who's ever yelled out "Free Bird" at a concert...

Minute of Arc's Future Forests of Space Rock

For fans of the early 90s space rock sound, times are good here in the latter half of the current century. The widely beloved Failure and Hum are two of the most influential bands in pioneering the sound, and sadly both disbanded far too early. Their influence however is never stronger, commonly felt in the past few years with a promising new movement of space rock bands. Cleveland, Ohio’s Minute of Arc is the latest addition to the pack and show great potential. Having played together for several years, the quartet has released their debut album “Future Forests” on Dial Den Recordings. The impression of many years spent intently listening to their influences is apparent, but as they say, imitation is the highest form of flattery. Minute of Arc doesn’t simply repeat their influences’ music but rather effectively create a stellar amalgamation of their styles. With a focus on celestial guitar layering and carefully constructed shifting rhythms, the band has big shoes to fill and prove ready for the task.

“Singularity” warps out the gate with warm and breezy guitar distortion from Rick Spitalsky and Ryan Sack. The gentle drift of layered melody joins the calming simplicity of Spitalsky’s voice. As he sings in a dream like atmosphere the song shifts intensity thanks largely to drummer Rick Edburg. The grunge factor of the desired sound proves evident on “Lightspeed” as Mike Barber’s bass grooves from its murky depth while the guitars twinkle and creak around the rhythm. The hook blasts out from the verses with a memorable addition to the soaring texture. Lyrics such as “radiation take control, it’s all chemical you know,” and “let the future be known, all the stitches been sewn, you were all home grown, in this new space,” demonstrate Minute of Arc delving into the outer space subject matter with the best of them. “Greenhouse” is a faster paced attack that crashes across the speakers like a tidal wave. Reminiscent of Hum’s hit single “Stars,” the song is able to burst forward with distorted guitar and bass riffs that complement each other while digging further into the rhythm. The paint peeling duel guitar attack conquers all in its path as Spitalsky’s singing is steady and soothing much like that of Hum’s Matt Talbott.

“In the Afternoon” features a lumbering drum section that holds the song tightly together with the dim fuzz of the guitars surging back and forth. A strong rolling bass line and gravelly vocal delivery add to the mix of lyrical imagery before the album’s first instrumental segue “Instructions”. Pure early 90s space grunge rears its head once again on “Foreign Lands,” a track seemingly influenced by Failure’s “Magnified” record. The vocal melody rides shimmering over the dense distortion of the guitars while Edburg pounds away at his drum set. “Crossing the Bridge of Light” is a mellow trip with dissonant guitars charging and peeling through the hypnotic bass line. Spitalsky’s voice can be very raw at times, which may detract some, while others may find that to be its greatest appeal. Minute of Arc show a great ability for cohesive song writing with extended “jams” from the band that drift and roar with constant spiraling of the two guitarists and subtle yet intricately shifting drumming.

“Blink Out” rips with a heavy chugging guitar storm of strong intertwining effects. The balanced vocals at times often sound like a cross between Ken Andrews, Kurt Cobain, and the honest sincerity of J. Mascis’ voices. The quick surge of power leads the album into the final song, “People of the Sea”. The vocals are processed over acoustic guitars creating a gorgeous texture and a calming end to the album. The lyrics paint a picture of lonely and isolated space exploration as he sings goodnight from the magnetic fields before the transmission fades away. While this is nothing groundbreaking, Minute of Arc has released a very promising debut that will certainly resonate among fans of the genre. Cleveland is too limiting for a sound this big, and one can only hope touring behind the cosmic space exploration that is “Future Forests” will take itself nationwide. Minute of Arc, together with the emergence of other like minded bands such as Exeter, Satellite Tragedy, Zuu, and (Damn) This Desert Air could carry space rock to underground prominence once again.

Pixies Announce Doolittle Tour Dates

[] A couple weeks ago, we reported that the Pixies would take their Doolittle 20th anniversary tour-- which will feature a set that includes the entire 1989 classic album and its related B-sides -- to the U.S., after hitting Europe.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, we have those U.S. dates. Only problem with this tour is finding time for a bathroom break.

Pixies Doolittle Tour:

08-29 Burl's Creek Park, Ontario - V Festival
09-30 Dublin, Ireland - Olympia
10-01 Dublin, Ireland - Olympia
10-02 Dublin, Ireland - Olympia
10-04 Glasgow, Scotland - SECC - Hall 4
10-06 London, England - Brixton Academy
10-07 London, England - Brixton Academy
10-08 London, England - Brixton Academy
10-09 London, England - Brixton Academy
10-11 Frankfurt, Germany - Jahrhunderhalle
10-13 Amsterdam, Holland - Heineken Music Hall
10-14 Brussels, Belgium - Forest National
10-15 Paris, France - Zenith
10-16 Paris, France - Zenith
11-04 Los Angeles, CA - The Palladium
11-08 Oakland, CA - Fox Theater
11-09 Oakland, CA - Fox Theater
11-12 Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre
11-13 Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre
11-14 Eugene, OR - Hult Center
11-16 Denver, CO - The Fillmore
11-20 Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom
11-21 Chicago, IL - Aragon Ballroom
11-23 New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
11-24 New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
11-25 New York, NY - Hammerstein Ballroom
11-27 Boston, MA - Wang Center
11-30 Washington, D.C. - Constitution Hall

New Beaten Awake Song / Album

Beaten Awake are gearing up for their new album, here's a message from the band...

"Hey buddies, we uploaded a new song for you from our new record "Thunder$troke," out October 13th on Fat Possum Records."

Check out the song HERE!!

Beck's Chem Trails Go Acoustic

Continuing with his series of videos performing the entire "Modern Guilt" album acoustically, Beck has released the video for "Chem Trails"...

Modern Guilt Acoustic "Chem Trails" from Beck Hansen on Vimeo.

New Entrance Band Song

The Entrance Band have posted a new song on their Myspace page called "Lookout!". Be sure to check them out on their tour with Nebula in August and September. Dates below...

4 - Elbo Room - San Francisco, CA
5 - Nocturnum - Eureka, CA
6 - Rotture - Portland, OR
7 - Chop Suey - Seattle, WA
9 - Urban Lounge - Salt Lake City, UT
10 - 3 Kings Tavern - Denver, CO
11 - Jackpot Saloon - Lawrence, KS
12 - Turf Club - St. Paul, MN
13 - Bottom Lounge - Chicago, IL
14 - Ravari Room - Columbus, OH
15/08 Club Echo - Huntington, WV
16 - Peabody's - Cleveland, OH
17 - Bug Jar - Rochester, NY
18 - Call The Office - London, ON
19 - Casbah - Hamilton, ON
20 - The Wreck Room - Toronto, ON
21 - il Motore - Montreal, QC
22 - Santos - New York, NY
23 - Johnny Brendas - Philadelphia, PA
24 - Ottobar - Baltimore, MD
25 - Black Cat - Washington, DC
26 - Jewish Mother - Virginia Beach, VA
27 - Soapbox - Wilmington, NC
28 - Masquerade - Atlanta, GA
29 - Hi Tone Cafe - Memphis, TN
31 - Walters on Washington - Houston, TX

1 - Emo's - Austin TX
2 - Rock Bottom Tattoo Bar - San Antonio, TX
3 - Conservatory - Oklahoma City, OK
5 - The Sets - Tempe, AZ

For those unfamiliar, The Entrance Band is the continuation of Guy Blakeslee's original project Entrance. The full band played together on his last solo album "Prayer of Death".

Monday, July 27, 2009

Dinosaur Jr. Proving Greatness

[] The veteran alt-rock band Dinosaur Jr. made a splash on the Billboard 200 last month with its first release on Jagjaguwar, "Farm." At No. 29, the album's debut marks the peak position in the band's 25-year career and signals the beginning of a fruitful relationship with the indie label.

Instead of using tools like Twitter to market "Farm," Jagjaguwar focused on press. "We wanted to present the album as a classic," Jagjaguwar partner Chris Swanson says. "For us, the goal was to do smaller-market touring until the album came out, and then hit the larger markets while trying to get the album in stores."

To accomplish this, Jagjaguwar packaged a bonus disc of new material and covers with the first 20,000 copies of "Farm," which helped retail stores stock the album. Dinosaur Jr. also played a run of U.S. dates this spring and performed the album's scorching opener, "Pieces," on "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" June 25, two days after the album's release. It has since sold 27,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

With its fuzzed-out guitar riffs and melodic choruses, "Farm" has earned critical acclaim and strong word-of-mouth calling it a return to the trio's glory days. The group's comeback, however, didn't come easy. After releasing three guitar-heavy albums on SST Records and amassing a dedicated following in the late '80s, tension between guitarist J. Mascis and bassist Lou Barlow eventually led to the latter's 1989 departure.

Dinosaur Jr. soldiered on, signing to Sire Records in 1990. Mascis and drummer Murph, along with a revolving door of collaborators, released two albums on Sire before Murph also left the band. Mascis released two more albums before retiring the band in 1997.

After slowly reconnecting, and then having their first three albums reissued on Merge in 2005, Mascis, Barlow and Murph reunited for a handful of shows in 2006. Dinosaur Jr. released "Beyond"-the first album featuring the band's original lineup since 1988's "Bug"-in 2007 on Fat Possum Records.

The album's rich textures surprised rock fans who had written off the band. But Mascis had never lost sight of the trio's natural chemistry. "It was easier writing songs with all of the members in mind," he says. "We could just stay with what we know and make the sound we've always made."

For "Farm," the band holed up in East Hampton, Mass., last winter and recorded for four months. During that period, the trio was contacted by Jagjaguwar, whose roster (Bon Iver, Ladyhawk) compelled the band to sign a multi-album deal in February.

The act will begin a European tour Aug. 19 before returning stateside for a fall trek in October. While Dinosaur Jr. plans to keep recording with Jagjaguwar, the band is focused on making the most of its road stints.

"We'll have some other things in the works, but we're not looking too far ahead," Mascis says. "We're just gearing up to survive this tour."

Giant Squid/Grayceon Tour

Giant Squid will be hitting the road with Grayceon for an extended summer tour throughout America...

"We are so anxious to get out on the road that we are already packed and sitting in the van with the trailer fully loaded. Just waiting for the shows to start...

Seriously though, we still need help for 4 dates. We will play in your basement, we will. If you are in or around these cities and want to help set something up, let us know ASAP: Birmingham, AL; Lawrence, KS; Oklahoma City, OK (other possible cities we could play would be Dallas or Houston, TX; Jackson, MS; Atlanta, GA; Memphis, TN; Kansas City, KS; Jacksonville, FL' etc.)

Hope to see you at one of the shows!"

xo, Giant Squid

Jul 30 2009 - Thee Parkside w/ Black Cobra, Grayceon, Cormorant San Fran, CA
Jul 31 2009 - Old Ironsides w/ Grayceon, Them Hills, Young Aundee Sacramento, CA
Aug 1 2009 - Rotture w/ Thrones, Grayceon, Sedan Portland, Oregon
Aug 2 2009 - Gusto’s w/ Grayceon, Pussygut Boise, Idaho
Aug 3 2009 - Burt’s Tiki Lounge w/ Grayceon, Nine Worlds, Salt Lake City, Utah
Aug 4 2009 - 3 Kings Tavern w/ Grayceon, Kingdom of Magic Denver, Colorado
Aug 5 2009 - O’Leavers w/ Grayceon, Lepers Omaha, Nebraska
Aug 6 2009 - The Aquarium w/ Grayceon, Sleeping In Gethsemane Fargo, North Dakota
Aug 7 2009 - The Hexagon w/ Grayceon, Iron Thrones, Frontier Minneapolis, Minnesota
Aug 8 2009 - White Star w/ Grayceon Chicago, Illinois
Aug 9 2009 - Mac’s Bar w/ Grayceon Lansing, Michigan
Aug 10 2009 - Howlers w/ Grayceon, Bloody Panda Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Aug 11 2009 - Circus w/ Grayceon, Kenoma Columbus, Ohio
Aug 12 2009 - Union Pool w/ Grayceon, Hull Brooklyn, New York
Aug 13 2009 - Firehouse 13 w/ Grayceon, Loon, Bellows Providence, Rhode Island
Aug 15 2009 - The Milestone w/Grayceon Charlotte, North Carolina
Aug 16 2009 - U.S. Tour Birmingham, Alabama
Aug 17 2009 - Mia’s w/ Ketea Shreveport, Louisiana
Aug 18 2009 - U.S. Tour New Orleans, Louisiana
Aug 19 2009 - Downtown Music Little Rock, Arkansas
Aug 20 2009 - U.S. Tour Lawrence, Kansas
Aug 21 2009 - U.S. Tour Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Aug 22 2009 - Red 7 w/ Lions Of Tsavo, Watching The Moon Austin, Texas