Sunday, May 31, 2009

Teaching the Children How to Rock

The full listing of 85 bands set to appear in the upcoming multiplatform videogame "Guitar Hero 5" has been announced, highlights include:

Queens Of The Stone Age
The Sword
A Perfect Circle
The Bronx
Eagles Of Death Metal
King Crimson
The Raconteurs
Tom Petty
Thin Lizzy
and many more!

The full listing of bands can be found HERE. The game will see a release on a variety of platforms on September 01st.

Sweethead Ready to Disrupt

A message from Sweethead...


We are very proud to announce that our first EP will be hot and ready for your consumption JULY 13th! Yeah!

The EP, entitled "The Great Disruptors," will be available as a hard copy in stores in the U.K. on July 13th with a digital release to follow shortly thereafter for the rest of the world.

Our full length album won't be released until September 2009, so grab your EP and wet your appetite. Deeeeeeliciouusss!"


Hawkins Ain't Riding No Coattails

Taylor Hawkins & The Coattail Riders
, released 2006 (Thrive)

[] The first solo album by Taylor Hawkins, the drummer for the Foo Fighters, is to the Foo Fighters what Dave Grohl's first Foo Fighters album was to Nirvana -- an album by a drummer turned songwriter that doesn't wander far off the reservation, staying within the boundaries of his main gig but offering a distinctively, charmingly friendly spin on his day job. There's no mistaking that Hawkins is part of the Foo Fighters -- he relies on the propulsive, hooky hard rock that's Grohl's stock in trade, yet he never sounds exactly like Grohl himself. He has a lighter touch, and his eponymous debut with his backing band, the Coattail Riders, has a very Californian feel. It's bright and sunny, feeling a little relaxed even when it's rocking hard, and he touches on a few different strands of L.A. rock, from the funk-punk of "Get Up I Want to Get Down" (a party-hearty spin on Jane's Addiction, which is only appropriate since Jane's relapse bassist Chris Chaney is a Coattail Rider) to the country-rock undercurrents on "Wasted Energy." Even when he digs into angst, as on the mild dirge "Pitiful," Hawkins doesn't feel tortured, and that's the nice thing about this album: it sounds as if he's having fun. Of course, side projects are notorious for being fun for the musicians and not for the listeners, but this album doesn't fall into that trap, and not just because Taylor Hawkins glides by on surfer-boy charm; it's because he's a strong songwriter. Perhaps he doesn't stretch the alt-rock form, but he is a sturdy tunesmith with a knack for memorable melodies and hooks. That combined with the album's easy-rolling feel makes Taylor Hawkins & the Coattail Riders a surprisingly enjoyable debut, something that's good enough to hope that this isn't just a one-off project, but rather a regular job for this drummer turned frontman. - Stephen Thomas Erlewine

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Camp Kill - Destroy - Rebuild

- Infiltrate - Destroy - Rebuild, released 2002 (Island)

[] CKY's infamy from their exposure through skateboarding videos and MTV's Jackass was on the wane by the time their second Island album rolled around. Lucky them, as expectations to be a goofy skater band have slowly dissolved and left the group to find their sound. And strangely enough, they found straight-ahead heavy metal underneath all the hype, showing an excellent talent for menacing melodies, grim lyrics, and heavy riffs. The album-opening "Escape From Hellview" is a glorious attempt at a metal anthem; riding high on winding guitars and eerie synth lines, Deron Miller's infectious tale of friends hanging from trees and the deafening silence of loneliness is an unquestionable success. Instantly setting the mood, the rest of the album bounces back and forth between these deliberate slabs of metal and poppier post-grunge rockers. The 4/4 disco beat and lifting melodies of "Plastic Plan" are a good example of the latter, although the song doesn't abandon the dark, bass-heavy sound that their heavier tracks showcase. Even their stab at gothic metal, "Sporadic Movement," is a fantastic experiment that proves what a versatile band CKY is at their core. Breaking out of the mold and bucking expectations, Infiltrate Destroy Rebuild is an irony-free exploration of heavy music that goes straight for the gut and keeps on punching. - Bradley Torreano

Friday, May 29, 2009

Since We've Been Awesome

The Mars Volta are streaming their new track "Since We've Been Wrong" online HERE. The song comes from the bands new album "Octahedron", which will see a June 23rd release date.

Where Have They Been All My Life??

Three Mile Pilot
- Another Desert, Another Sea, released 1997 (Headhunter)

[] Diversity is the name of the game on this San Diego-based indie legend's third major release -- that much is apparent from the bouncy optimism of the release's first track, "Way of the Ocean," which is quite a departure from the dark overtones of their two previous works. In fact, the ocean and its multitudes form a thematic center of sorts for the aptly named Another Desert, Another Sea. "If You Cross," while a straight-ahead rocker the likes of which Three Mile Pilot had heretofore avoided, is also a warning to avoid mythological and/or literal sirens at all costs ("Don't look, don't watch too close/You might see what you want to find/And it ain't the answer to what you had in mind"). Meanwhile, "The Year of No Light," one of many songs that highlight new addition Tobias Nathaniel's piano, reads like a yin-yang exploration of a relationship in fear of drowning ("You can save me from the sea/Where I'll play the devil and you can play the light"). There are two amazing songs featuring the term "wave" in their titles alone -- "Eastern Wave" and "Glitter Wave" -- both rumbling jams that slow down just enough to kick-start themselves back into sonic overdrive, featuring characters in fear of the various surges that will submerge them in one or another form of imprisonment. Like most of Three Mile Pilot's work, it's very hard to go wrong on Another Desert, Another Sea. While a couple of songs -- the more daring but hard-to-hook-onto "Bolivia" and "Kill the Race Horse" -- falter under their own ambition, it's only because there are teeth-clenched barnburners like "Ruin" there to reinstall indie rock convention. It's a long, strange trip Three Mile Pilot is taking you on here, and the twin comedown found in the confessional poignance of "Longest Day" and in the otherworldly denouement of the seven-minute (their only long song on the release) finale, "One False Eye," is a one-two punch that might just have you firing the disc back up again. While some fans may feel that Another Desert, Another Sea is more direct than their more esoteric Chief Assassin to the Sinister, its mission was accomplished for Pall A. Jenkins and company, who want each one of their releases to function on its own. - Scott Thill

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Jubilation of th Willowze

Check out The Willowz performing "Jubilee". On tour with The Toadies!

Silversun Flip the Panic Switch

Silversun Pickups have had a busy Spring with the release of their sophomore full-length, Swoon, and top-billed appearances at festivals like Coachella and Sasquatch. Lucky for us, they took time out of their busy schedule to stop by Yahoo!'s studios to record an exclusive performance for The New Now.

Watch below as the band tears through Swoon's first single, "Panic Switch" with the same energy and performance one would expect seeing the band live at a sold-out concert hall. Make sure to head over to The New Now to also catch the band's performances of "Growing Old Is Getting Old" and Carnavas' stand-out track, "Lazy Eye."

Two New STP Albums? Let's Not Get Ahead of Ourselves

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS/ex-VELVET REVOLVER singer Scott Weiland has told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that STP is working on material for a new album, tentatively due in 2010.

"We've already got 18 songs written. We'll probably whittle it down to the best 12," he said. "But then there'll be a lot of other songs ready for the next record."

He added, "We're working with (producer) Don Was. And if he could make records with the (THE ROLLING) STONES and all their shenanigans ... then he can handle STP."

The upcoming release of PILOTS' sixth studio album and first since 2001's "Shangri-La-Dee-Da" has been complicated by a contractual dispute between Weiland, drummer Eric Kretz and STP's label, Atlantic Records.

Fan-filmed video footage of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS' December 31 (New Year's Eve) concert at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California can be viewed below (clip uploaded by "lisapolisa").

Red State Claypool

LES CLAYPOOL has released yet another clever video, for the song 'Red State Girl', from his latest album, Of Fung And Foe (Prawn Song Records). Check out the video at THIS LOCATION. Live footage of the track, performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, can be seen below.

Claypool is taking over the northern hemisphere on his summer tour, which started May 26th in Charlotte, NC. This is the second leg of his year-long tour in support of Of Fungi And Foe.

Upcoming tour dates:

28 - Hilton Head, SC - Shoreline Ballroom
30 - Pompano Beach, FL - Pompano Beach Amphitheater
31 - Orlando, FL - House of Blues

1 - St. Petersburg, FL - Jannus Landing
2 - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
4 - Memphis, TN - Minglewood Hall
5 - Ozark, AR - Wakarusa
7 - Dallas, TX - The Palladium
8 - Houston, TX - House of Blues
9 - Austin, TX - Austin Music Hall
11 - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theatre
12 - Tempe, AZ - The Marquee
13 - Ventura, CA - Ventura Theatre
19 - Sacramento, CA - The Grove @ Radisson Hotel
20 - San Francisco, CA - The Warfield
21 - Medford, OR - Britt Pavilion
23 - Boise, ID - Knitting Factory
24 - Spokane, WA - Knitting Factory
25 - Vancouver, BC - Commodore
27 - Edmonton, AB - Event Center
28 - Calgary, AB - MacEwan Hall
30 - Winnipeg, MB - Burton Cummings

1 - Fargo, ND - The Venue
4 - Rothbury, MI - Rothbury
5 - Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue
6 - Nashville, TN - War Memorial Auditorium
7 - Knoxville, TN - Bijou Theater
9 - Norfolk, VA - Norva
10 - Masontown, WV - All Good Fest
11 - Poughkeepsie, NY - The Chance
12 - Burlington, VT - Higher Ground
17 - Atlantic City, NJ - House of Blues

The Quality Continues

[] So, Danish rockers Mew have a new album coming out on August 25 via Columbia, and it's titled "No More Stories Are Told Today I'm Sorry They Washed Away No More Stories the World Is Grey I'm Tired Let's Wash Away" (no, really). The band is offering the album's second track, the proggy, meandering "Introducing Palace Players" as a sample of what's to come; check it out HERE.

Third Times a Charm

Gavin Harrison @ Modern Drummer Festival 2008 Part III

The Next Great Shoegaze?

Adam at has turned me on to a great band called ZUU. Since reading his article yesterday I bought both of their albums, and can't stop listening. Check out what he had to say about them...

"The band ZUU hail from, in their words, “hovering over the valley of California.” This seems fitting because at times the band seems to possess other-worldly talent and potential. Unfortunately, these guys probably aren't on too many people's radar, thanks in part to the fact that their last offering came out in 2003. I absolutely adored their self-titled release at the time, but how would they stand up nearly 6 years later?

Well, almost unexpectedly, their overdue LP showed up in my mailbox, entitled "Everywhere". After giving it a few spins, this title is so appropriate. After throwing the album on your surround sound or listening through headphones, it feels like it's coming at you from all sides. It's a wall to wall epic of fuzz and distortion and at times even feels a bit shoe-gaze. Regardless of the label you give it, it has the ability to knock you off your feet with it's tremendous texture and layers. Currently, the band is unsigned and seems to have little fanfare surrounding the release of this gem.

Fans of Autolux, The Raveonettes, Silversun Pickups, My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth, and even Siamese Dream era Smashing Pumpkins will definitely recognize and appreciate this album. Everywhere really is an assault on your aural senses and anyone pining for the mythical follow-up to Loveless or the indefinitely delayed sophomore album from Autolux will surely cream their pants listening to Zuu's magical juxtaposition."


Indie Cassette Exchange

- Rainwater Cassette Exchange, released 2009 (Kranky)

[] Everybody's dying just to get the disease. Confidential to the celebs in surgical masks: If there's a real pandemic, we're all already born with it. No, not swine flu, bird flu, monkey pox, SARS, or West Nile virus. Not even anthrax, that post-9/11, pre-Iraq War worry most people appeared to forget overnight. The names of the diseases may change, but the panics they generate all represent the same thing: We're gonna die. And we couldn't be more terrified.

It isn't clear whether My Bloody Valentine will get their long-delayed reissues out before the CD dies; if current patterns hold though, Loveless lovers Deerhunter will have released more than enough spaced-out dominance. Many of their songs change drastically from online demo to final incarnation, but Atlanta's noise-pop lightning rods put it all out there. As with Lil Wayne and his workload, it's as if they sense their time here is limited. Please god, nobody mention Ryan Adams.

Although the total output by Deerhunter and various side projects can be uneven, the full band's official Kranky releases have rarely been less than face-melting. Rainwater Cassette Exchange is the fourth Deerhunter-related release on the label since October-- including last year's Microcastle/Weird Era Cont. album pairing plus guitarist Lockett Pundt's recent debut as Lotus Plaza, The Floodlight Collective-- and it's also maybe the slightest to bear the Deerhunter name. Now you hear it, now you don't. What was I just listening to again?

Except, justifiably, Deerhunter have a pretty big name to live up to at this point. And the more you listen to their latest release, the more it rewards you. Rainwater Cassette Exchange is nothing more-- and nothing less-- than five songs, lasting a total of just more than 15 minutes. Ranging from translucent psych-pop to pummeling garage-rock, they're alternately assured and vulnerable, direct and subtle, light and dark. Their repetitions toe the band's usual thin line between hooks and hypnotism. Through it all, we're haunted by disease and, ultimately, our own inevitable death. So many useless bodies.

As the Fluorescent Grey EP was to Cryptograms, so Rainwater Cassette Exchange is to Microcastle. Most of these songs would make sense packaged as a third piece of vinyl alongside Microcastle/Weird Era Cont., though they have less in common with Weird Era's vast sprawl. Like Microcastle, the new EP-- available digitally now, on CD and vinyl June 22-- was recorded with producer Nicolas Vernhes at Brooklyn's Rare Book Room. Also like Microcastle, Rainwater Cassette Exchange shifts between delicate 1960s-pop tunefulness and fist-pumping dopamine surges.

"I wanted Microcastle and Weird Era to be a Fall/Winter record," Bradford Cox once wrote in a blog post that has since been deleted. Among the last sounds you'll hear on the current EP is a child's cry of "trick or treat." Whether it's lilting melodies, some new-and-improved vocal harmonies, or Strokes-cum-Magazine stately clangor, Rainwater Cassette Exchange makes with the treats first. Then, as much as Cox likes to downplay the band's lyrics, you notice the ghostly stuff, the warnings of impending mortality. Autumnal material, yeah, but its bleak truths resonate all the more against the budding spring weather outside.

First, the treats. The title track opens the EP with girl-group sugar that helps the reverb-heavy overdrive go down. "Do-oooh-oooh you believe in love at first sight?" Cox sings, his voice beatific, his lyric Beatles-y ("With a Little Help From My Friends", last verse, first line). Three songs-- "Disappearing Ink", "Famous Last Words", and "Circulation"-- are propulsive garage-rock anthems in the style of Microcastle marquee moment "Nothing Ever Happened". The only other track, the lonesome "Game of Diamonds", started life on Deerhunter's blog, where it was drenched in shoegaze distortion. Here it gets a softer arrangement featuring piano and acoustic guitar-- all the better to hear Cox's uniquely engaging vocals, clear and frail and fricative.

It all sounds so harmless, it's a treat to find out we're actually getting tricked. "Rainwater Cassette Exchange" is sort of like Microcastle's "Agoraphobia", had that song's erotically asphyxiated protagonist already been dead, or its arrangement paradoxically sprightlier. "Famous Last Words" opens with a lyric about "your brother bleeding" on the sidewalk, while a wobbly Theremin adds to the eerie October mood. Despite putting an Everly Brothers-esque vocal duet over distorted guitar lines, "Circulation" is about "bad" circulation, and Cox has a heart condition. "Hands reach for my light when it gets dark," it sounds like he's saying, right before the song veers off into two minutes of bittersweet sound collage around where the live version becomes draped with ethereal vocal loops.

If Rainwater Cassette Exchange sounded evanescent to me on first listens, well, so are we. "Time never meant that much to me," Cox sings on "Game of Diamonds", but that's belied not only by Deerhunter's work ethic, but also by words that Cox's emotionally isolated narrator-- Jens Lekman's "It Was a Strange Time in My Life" comes to mind-- repeats elsewhere in the song: "I've counted every grain of sand." Like, our endless numbered days. When Cox sings about lying drunk on the Bowery, it's hard for me not to think of that night he rambled endlessly and flouted New York's smoking laws at the Bowery Ballroom. That stuff'll kill ya, you know.

So what do you think is gonna happen to us now? Are we gonna get younger, happier, prettier? "Nothing can be changed," goes "Famous Last Words", but that isn't exactly true. Consider "Disappearing Ink" a metaphor for the temporariness of it all, and for what's permanent: "Disappearing ink, but the words still sting." After you play a good song, it's gone in the air, but you can still feel it. After you type something stupid on the internet, you can try to delete it, but you can't take it back. That means you and I are gonna live forever. Now those would be famous last words. — Marc Hogan

Stream It, It Always Goes Down Smooth

From now until it's released on Tuesday you can stream the entire new EELS "HOMBRE LOBO" album at the EELS MySpace page right here:

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The Mars Volta have launched a unique opportunity for fans...

"Host Your Own "Octahedron" Listening Party

This summer, The Mars Volta is giving a handful of lucky fans the chance to check out Octahedron before it is released on June 23rd!

We are looking for 10-15 of their biggest fans to host advance listenings in their homes for their new album, Octahedron. Fans must submit why they deserve to host a party. Submissions are open to interpretation: anything from youtube videos, illustrations, writings, etc. Any way to best translate why you deserve to be a "Host".

"Official Hosts" will have their party pics posted on The Mars Volta’s website (

We will also select one host and guest of their choice to see The Mars Volta perform anywhere in the US.

Submit your entries by June 3rd to Make sure and include all your info (name, city, state), so we can get in touch with you. Good luck!

Interstate Solo Song

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS/ex-VELVET REVOLVER singer Scott Weiland and his solo band took part in an interview and performed an acoustic set for the Boise, Idaho radio station KQXR 100.3 The X.

Check out the podcast at this location. Video footage of the "Interstate Love Song" performance can be viewed below.

UME and You and Me

UME have announced dates for their summer tour...

To Say I Can't Wait Is An Understatement

Tool have further confirmed their summer touring plans thus far, here's how they look:

July 18th Denver, CO - The Fields At Dick's Sporting Goods Park
July 19th Salt Lake City, UT - Energy Solutions Arena
July 21st Phoenix, AZ - Us Airways Arena
July 22nd Rio Rancho, NM - Santa Ana Star Center
July 24th San Antonio, TX - AT&T Center
July 27th Atlanta, GA - Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
July 29th Charlotte, NC - Bojangle's Coliseum
July 30th Fairfax, VA - Patriot Center
August 01st Jersey City, NJ - All Points West Festival

This Album is Incredible!! Don't Miss Out!!

Three Mile Pilot
- The Chief Assassin to the Sinister, released 1995 (Geffen)

[] After San Diego's Three Mile Pilot picked up some serious steam with the bass-and-drums-only punk splendor of Na Vucca Do Lupu, they returned to the studio determined to make music that sustained the same sort of artistic experimentalism, lyrical atmospherics, and raw energy. The result -- Chief Assassin to the Sinister, released on the Headhunter/Cargo label -- was enough of a musical triumph to garner the attention of the bigwigs at Geffen, who re-released it with their blessing and additional tracks before abruptly dropping the fiercely independent group as quickly as it had embraced them. But that's all back story -- the real deal is the alternative spirit that courses through Chief Assassin to the Sinister like blood pumping from Pall A. Jenkins' bleeding heart. "You've got to turn yourself/Into something you don't like/We've known it all along/And it's all or none/Take it all at once/And it's in all of us/And we fight the wheel/It's just this need to control," Jenkins howls with aplomb on the disc's best track, "Inner Bishop," a stop-start classic in the vein of the Pixies' finest work. The fact that "Inner Bishop" is unavailable on the Headhunter release is at least one reason to thank David Geffen for giving these guys a chance, as well as motivation enough to track down this hard-to-find disc at your local 'burb store (where they've got nine million Britney Spears CDs but only two Beatles releases) or an online indie outlet (good luck). But the DGC version of Chief Assassin to the Sinister features other standout tracks as well. "Chenjesu" is a quiet rumination on fragmentation ("And if it splinters should I know/It's to be broken/It's not what I pictured things to be") for about three minutes before it turns into a cathartic maelstrom of delicious screaming noise from Jenkins, Tom Zinser's frenetic drums, and (an unfairly underrated musician deserving of special praise) Armistead Burwell Smith's seminal exploration of the bass guitar. Same goes with the tune that follows directly after it, "Midgaard Serpent," whose chorus ("Shalom be the fire") is a striking resolution to Jenkins' decidedly disillusioned world view ("We are the countless brooms cleaning up after these headstrong mules"). To add to the band's depth, there is the additional allure of most of Chief Assassin to the Sinister's song titles and lyrics: the Chenjesu are a philosopher race found within a pre-Playstation RPG, while the Midgaard Serpent -- though a Norse figure along the lines of the Ouroborous (the snake that eats its own tail, a creature form of the infinity symbol) -- is another popular role-playing avatar. And like the Midgaard Serpent, Three Mile Pilot's second album (the Geffen version, especially) is a Pandora's Box of content, context, and groundbreaking musical theater, something not to be missed no matter your taste in music. The fact that it's almost impossible to find (rumors of a Three Mile Pilot reunion might help matters some) is a debilitating shame. - Scott Thill

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

90's Rock Legends Go To Prison

Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE), Jerry Cantrell (ALICE IN CHAINS), Perry Farrell (JANE'S ADDICTION) and Gilby Clarke (GUNS N' ROSES) are among the musicians who performed at the Sing Sing maximum-security prison in Ossining, New York on May 2. The appearance was organized by punk rock pioneer and activist Wayne Kramer of MC5 fame who also talked with the prisoners. Kramer writes on The Huffington Post web site, "We went in with the blessing of the New York State Department of Corrections to inaugurate a new program focusing on inmate rehabilitation. To tell you the truth, I didn't think it would happen. I could not have been more wrong. We had all played a concert the night before in Manhattan for Road Recovery, a non-profit organization that works with at-risk kids. The show was sold out with the help of my comrade Iggy Pop and it was a resounding success."

Read the entire report, and check out photos, at The Huffington Post.



Drummers, You've Been Warned

Gavin Harrison (Porcupine Tree, OSI, 05ric) plays the Modern Drummer Festival 08...

Morelife More Video

B.L. Barakus (who are featured on the new Exploding in Sound Compilation HERE) have posted a video for their song "Morelife." The video was made by the song's vocalist and Satellite Tragedy mastermind Ridd Sorensen. Check out the greatness...

Schreifels & Brodsky Together At Last

A message from Walter Schreifels (Rival Schools/Quicksand)...

"Hello Friends,
I’m writing to let you know that I’ll be playing in Philly and Boston this weekend. I’m playing with a band, performing songs new and old. The opening acts are great. I hope to see you there!"


Friday, May 29st Philadelphia
@ The Khyber
52 S. 2nd St.
also with MC RAD (featuring Chuck Treece!) and METROPLEX
and Punk Slope DJ’s

Sunday, May 31st Boston
@ Great Scott
Great Scott
1222 Commonwealth Ave (corner of Harvard and Commonwealth)
Allston, MA 02134
With Stephen Brodsky from CAVE IN

Hmm, if I lose my job this week, I'm definitely going to the Boston show, but let's hope that doesn't happen...

Thank You iTunes...Feels Weird to Say It!

Sleepy Sun has released an exclusive digital only EP for iTunes entitled "Live Session", here's what they had to say...

"Our iTunes live session is up. You can check us out sloppin some songs off Embrace, an unreleased tune (tacked on the end of 'new age'), and a dirty Fleetwood Mac cover. Were zombiez."


Like Father Like Son


"First of all we have put up a new song. enjoy :) Secondly.. here is an excerpt lovely article and interview with my father regarding the new meat puppets record which i helped produce and played on a bit of..

Playgrounds Magazine. by Andy Johnson

"..."Smoke" is a very soft song that again features Joseph on piano and also Elmo Kirkwood, Curt's son, on lead guitar, and creates an ambiance unknown to Meat Puppets fans. This is Elmo's first time recording with his dad, but he is also credited with production assistance for the album. "He was a lot of help on this record," says Curt. "He was there to be the devil's advocate a lot of times. [Playing music] is not something I ever planned on or tried to inspire in him. He started playing music on his own and he has always been into music. He has the same kind of DNA, the same kind of approach, as Cris and I, the same spirit. So it really works. It's not a stretch to begin with, and that's gratifying. And I can look at it as being able to be that close to my kid, which is pretty cool, too, because he's really good at what he does. He's got a good ear, he knows music, and he writes a lot of songs, so he kind of knows where I'm coming from in terms of the stuff I'm doing on songs. And that was an asset to be able to help me get everybody else to [focus]. The song has to be the ultimate guide and he's real good with that kind of
thing. It's a strange thing to be pursuing because there's no model for it really, just what you want. And other people can see what they want. A song like "Smoke," it has it's own deal going on. I mean, I didn't figure it would come out like it did. I think it came out really, really good, and I can't believe that. I mean, it's kind of a stretch, I think, for people like us, rockers, to be able to come up with that kind of atmosphere, but really the song dictates that. He's real helpful with that kind of thing, getting in the atmosphere, and being a real dick about the stuff he doesn't like."

Although Elmo's band, Kirkwood-Dellinger, will not be opening for the Meat Puppets on tour, Curt thinks his son's band is amazing and looks forward to touring with them in the near future..."

Chickenfoot to Debut on Conan

CHICKENFOOT - the new project featuring guitarist JOE SATRIANI, drummer Chad Smith (RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS), bassist Michael Anthony (ex-Van Halen), and vocalist Sammy Hagar (ex-VAN HALEN), will make their first ever TV performing appearance during the first week of Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show, on Friday June 5th.

Following the Conan taping, Chickenfoot will autograph the band’s’ debut self-titled CD at an in-store appearance at the Best Buy Los Angeles store at 11301 W. Pico Blvd. for an hour, beginning at 8 PM.

The release date for their debut self-titled CD has been moved to June 5th, instead of the previously announced June 9th date.

Chickenfoot tracklisting: 'Avenida Revolution', 'Soap On A Rope', 'Sexy Little Thing', 'Oh Yeah', 'Runnin' Out', 'Get It Up', 'Down the Drain', 'My Kinda Girl', 'Learning to Fall', 'Turnin' Left', 'Future In The Past'.

Upcoming North American dates:

28 - The Fillmore NY Irving Plaza - New York, NY
29 - TLA - Philadelphia, PA

Sunday night, May 24th, The Mod Club Theatre in Toronto, Ontario was packed with fans waiting to see Chickenfoot live.

The band's setlist was as follows: 'Avenida Revolution', 'Soap On A Rope', 'Sexy Little Thing', 'Oh Yeah!', 'Runnin' Out', 'Get It Up', 'Down The Drain', 'Bitten By The Wolf', 'My Kinda Girl', 'Learning To Fall', 'Turnin' Left'.

Encore: 'Future In The Past', 'Bad Motor Scooter' (MONTROSE cover), 'Highway Star' (DEEP PURPLE cover).

Check out the first song on the band's set ('Avenida Revolution') below:

Show Some Respect Where It's Due

The Blueprint
- Phenomenonolgy, released 2004 (Golf)

[] "The Blueprint arose in 2001 from the ashes of several recently disbanded and much mourned British bands, primarily earthtone9 and Pitchshifter. Since, after The Wildhearts and Tool, earthtone9 were one of the first bands I really got into, it was only natural for me to follow up on what the members ended up doing next. This I did, following Karl Middleton (earthtone9's vocalist - there may have been another member of ET9 in the Blueprint at first, but now, on Phenomenology, he is the only former member) and picking up The Blueprint's debut EP, zero*zero*one, as soon as it was out. Phenomenology is actually The Blueprint's debut album, though it's not their debut release. Two EPs, the aforementioned zero*zero*one and Ecliptic, preceded it, and whetted the appetites of many earthtone9 and Pitchshifter fans (and presumably Consumed fans as well, but I wouldn't know).

The main point to make is that The Blueprint are not an earthtone9 successor, nor do they carry on in the same vein as Pitchshifter. Being composed mainly of members of those two bands, they certainly carry resemblances, but they're not just trying to survive on the legacy of their predecessors (as they made abundantly clear in Sans Chorus, on Ecliptic). To my mind, at least, they mix elements of both Pitchshifter (specifically, the sometime mechanical, chugging riffs of the guitars and bass) and earthtone9 (the more organic-sounding tangents the guitars sometimes spiral off in, and Karl's vocals), but they come out with something far more accessible and easy to listen to than either of them. I think this has a lot to do with Karl's vocals, first of all. He's one of my favorite vocalists, and always fit earthtone9, both when they were harder and more aggressive earlier on in their career, and later, when he was required to add more melody (on arc'tan'gent). This second style is far more prevalent in The Blueprint than it was, for the most part, in ET9. That's not to say that The Blueprint's music isn't aggressive at all; it still has edge, it just relies more on lyrical content and effect than it does on more up-front aggression.

As for the content of Phenomenology; basically, if you liked the two EPs, you'll like this. I mean, there are differences - electronics and sampling made something of an appearance on the EPs, largely, I think, to give Karl something to do, whereas here there is, if not a lack of them, then a decided decrease in their presence. There's also a lack of the short (1-2 minute) instrumental interludes which peppered the EPs, though here I have strong feeling; it may have been good to have an occasional interlude, but I don't think the flow of the album is much affected by their absence. Some things haven't changed, naturally; there are still no lyrics provided (making for hours of fun trying to figure them out), and the music in general is very similar to the earlier stuff. Is this a problem? No. For fans of earthtone9, such as myself, starved of anything related to one of their favorite bands for so long, more of the same is a more than satisfying outcome for a slightly overdue debut album - for one album, anyway. If the next release falls into the category of "more of the same", maybe I'll start to worry, but until then, this'll do just fine.

The main problem with the album is that nothing really stands out. That's not to say that there's nothing here of high quality, or even that the songs are particularly samey, it's just that, as the cliche goes, when everybody is special, no one is. Though all of songs here (and I do mean all of them) are of a high caliber, since there's nothing that reaches beyond that caliber (or falls below it), it turns out that nothing seems especially notable. The result being that it's sometimes a bit difficult to listen to all the way through, as later tracks merge into a kind of white noise. Individually, though, any track here is very good.

Phenomenology isn't an amazing album, but it is a very good album. I for one am glad I finally have it, as I'm sure many other former earthtone fans are. Even when I attempt to step away from my ET9-fan past, I find myself of the opinion that The Blueprint should really be of higher note/standing in today's British rock/metal scene. This isn't quite the album to blow people away, but it should lay the foundations nicely for future work to do so.

3.8/5, a solid score. I know they can do better, though, and that's the problem." - Bartender












See you at the show.

Monday, May 25, 2009

The New Song is New

Kirkwood Dellinger (featured on the new EXPLODING IN SOUND COMPILATION available HERE!!) have posted a brand new song on their Myspace, here's what they had to say...


"put up a new song for you to enjoy.. Dellinger didn't come up with a title yet so its currently called the new song. hooray!!!! hope you enjoy our dance music explosion!"

elmo and the rest of us.

Delicately Receiving

The Receiver
- Decades, released 2006 (Stunning Models on Display)

[] Decades began, oddly enough, as Casey Cooper's senior thesis, which may be an off-putting prospect smacking of an esoteric and intellectual musical approach that will send the general public running for cover. But far from it -- Cooper's project was intended to reflect the complexity of human emotion in all its wonder and nuances. Still, that doesn't particularly illuminate the wonderful atmospheres and iridescent dreamy quality of his resulting band and their debut album. The Receiver is multi-instrumentalist Casey Cooper and his equally talented brother, drummer Jesse, bolstered for this album by Pastor Anthony Rogers' strings and Lindsay Ciulla's French horn. Decades itself is a glimmering album, its many charms gauged to engage both musical masters and the masses alike. A number of the musical themes and progressions are returned to across the set, but each time in a different mode, some subtly changed, others more radically altered in tempo, arrangement and key. The trained musician will inevitably find these variations scintillating and inspired, but in the grander scheme, especially with the careful sequencing, it creates a sublime whole comprised of musical currents that continually ebb and flow. It also enhances the wonderfully organic feel of the album, and a sense of drifting languorously on a sea of sound, further enhanced by Cooper's almost breathy vocals, sweet and understated, but laden with emotion. Unlike most albums, Decades is best experienced as a whole rather than in its constituent parts. Heard in pieces, the set loses its magnificent flow, the subtle shifts in atmospheres, the overarching crescendos of the album's dynamics, and the internal cohesion of the musical themes. Still, some of the more willful and aggressive numbers like "Afternoon," "In Tunnels," and "Goliath" stand firmly on their own, as does the lovely, harmonic "Sober Hands." All told, Decades is a gorgeous album, filled with a richness of sound and moods, with a glowing ambiance that must be heard to be believed. - Jo-Anne Greene

Sweethead for Free!


"Hey Kids,

Get yourself a FREE SWEETHEAD SONG DOWNLOAD of the track "Tired Of Waiting For You," which is a cover of The Kinks' classic, by going to http:// www.​sweethead.​net and signing up for our mailing list. Can't wait to see you all on the road!"


The phrase "side project" is almost a negative term, implying that a musician is doing something trivial and self-indulgent apart from his or her work in a bigger group, such as former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman going solo to croon such deathless opuses as "Je Suis un Rock Star." Troy Van Leeuwen is best known for his participation in Queens of the Stone Age (who plan to release a flood of CDs this year, after a period of relative quiet), but Sweethead, his new project with Serrina Sims, might turn out to be an even more satisfying and commercially viable band. That's in large part because the previously unknown Sims already has so much star power, belting out her seedy glam tunes with a seductive assurance on par with Chrissie Hynde and Kleveland's Stephanie Smith. "Slashed tires and a cut of vampires left you open to a right-wing malevolence," she hisses enigmatically amid Van Leeuwen's seesawing chords and a sinisterly insistent Stooges piano lurking just below the waterline of "The Great Disruptors," from Sweethead's upcoming debut CD. It's that modern rarity -- a straight-up hard-rock song that's not ironic or stupid, infused instead with plenty of glittery atmosphere and sexual danger. Sims maintains her cool allure even on faster, punk-style rave-ups like "We Turned Our Backs," raising expectations all the higher for the album. - Falling James, LA Weekly

SWEETHEAD is Troy Van Leeuwen and Serrina Sims, with Norm Block and Eddie Nappi.

SWEETHEAD will release an EP in July and their debut album in the autumn of 2009

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Europe Loves Their Prog Metal

Mastodon have firmed up their European touring plans, here's how they now look:

June 14th Helsinki, FIN - Hartwall Areena (feat. Metallica)
June 15th Helsinki, FIN - Hartwall Areena (feat. Metallica)
June 17th Oslo, NOR - Spektrum (feat. Metallica)
June 19th Nickelsdorf, AUT - Novarock Festival - (feat. Metallica)
June 20th Nijmegen, NET - Goffert Park ("Sonisphere")
June 21st Clisson, FRA - Hellfest
June 22nd Milan, ITA - Datch Forum (feat. Metallica)
June 24th Rome, ITA - Palalottomatica (feat. Metallica)
June 27th Dessel, BEL - Graspop Festival
June 28th Milan, ITA - Gods of Metal
June 30th Athens, GRE - Rockwave Festival
July 03rd Leipzig, GER - Full Force Festival
July 04th Hockenheim, GER - HockenheimRing ("Sonisphere")
July 05th Werchter, BEL - Rock Werchter (feat. Metallica)
July 06th Paris, FRA - Trabendo
July 09th Lisbon, POR - Optimus Alive! '09 (feat. Metallica)
July 11th Barcelona, SPA - The Forum ("Sonisphere")
July 13th Madrid, SPA - Palacio de Deportes (feat. Metallica)
July 14th Madrid, SPN - Palacio de Deportes (feat. Metallica)
July 16th Zurich, SWI - Hallenstadion (feat. Metallica)
July 18th Hulstfred, SWE - Folkets Park ("Sonisphere")
July 20th Copenhagen, DEN - Copenhagen Forum (feat. Metallica)
July 22nd Copenhagen, DEN - Copenhagen Forum (feat. Metallica)
July 23rd Copenhagen, DEN - Copenhagen Forum (feat. Metallica)
July 25th Pori, FIN - Kirjurinluoto ("Sonisphere")
July 27th Copenhagen, DEN - Copenhagen Forum (feat. Metallica)
July 28th Copenhagen, DEN - Copenhagen Forum (feat. Metallica)
July 30th Oslo, NOR - Spektrum - SOLD (feat. Metallica)
August 01st Dublin, IRE - Marlay Park (feat. Metallica)
August 02nd Stevenage, UK - Knebworth House ("Sonisphere")
Beyond that, the band have also lined up the following assorted shows:
August 08th Tokyo, JPN - Summer Sonic
August 09th Osaka, JPN - Summer Sonic
August 29th San Francisco, CA - Outside Land Festival

In other news, the band will be launching a heavily overhauled version of their "Crack The Skye"-themed website at early this coming week.

Complete With Star Swipes

"Strike", the metal show on, has uploaded brand new professionally filmed concert footage of Swedish doom rockers WITCHCRAFT. Watch the three-minute clip below.

WITCHCRAFT, who formed in 2000 in tribute to band heroes Roky Erickson and Bobby Liebling (PENTAGRAM), create heavy, blues-based rock augmented with touches of psychedelica and late '60s pop flourishes. The quartet's first-class songs reference the darker side of hard rock while remaining surprisingly accessible. Flying largely under the radar of the popular music landscape previously, WITCHCRAFT is a hallowed name in underground circles and has found itself championed by a diverse cross-section of distinguished music adherents including American actor Elijah Wood, who publicly called the band "amazing," and DOWN frontman Philip Anselmo, who has proudly proclaimed WITCHCRAFT as his "new favorite band."

Recorded 100% pro-tools and digital free at Stockholm's UpandRunning studios with producer Tom Hakava and using only vintage amplification, WITCHCRAFT's latest album, "The Alchemist", showcases a group of musicians at ease with their playing and songwriting. Addictive melodies flow simultaneously with catchy, heavy riffs, while maintaining a relaxed and laid back feel throughout. Among its many highlights, the album features the standout songs "Walk Between the Lines" and "Hey Doctor" as well as the record's plat du jour, the three-part progressive rock odyssey of the title track "The Alchemist".

Wintersleep's Mathy Cousins

The Holy Shroud
- Ghost Repeaters, released 2005 (Level Plane)

[] The Holy Shroud is the rebirth of Halifax-based math rockers North of America, with that band's creative core of singer/guitarists Michael Catano and Jim MacAlpine joined by the rhythm section from Contrived, bassist Mike Bigelow and drummer Loel Campbell. Fans of both bands, then, already have some idea of what Ghost Repeaters sounds like, with North of America's cerebral take on Polvo-style indie rock mixed with the more primal attack of Contrived's hard-edged rhythm section. Less rhythmically fluid than North of America's farewell album, Brothers Sisters, the combination is surprisingly close to old-school emo of the Fugazi and Drive Like Jehu school, particularly on standout tracks like "Say What You Are," which combines a pummeling rhythm track with a strongly anthemic chorus, and the punky shoutathon "This Is the Future Perfect." There is little new ground broken on Ghost Repeaters, but the powerful mix of Catano and MacAlpine's intricate guitar parts and whisper-to-a-scream vocals with the heavy but dynamic rhythm section makes it a compelling listen regardless. - Stewart Mason

Juna For All!

Juna have posted their entire debut album "Yesno" available for FREE download at their website! Here's what critics had to say about the release...

Juna is the solo project of John Morgan, fueled by the breakup of the band Simple Machines, an underground three piece from Morgantown, WV. “Yesno”, Juna’s debut release, was written by Morgan over six years between 2001 and 2006, and took one year to record afterwards. The process was hindered by a noisy living room recording space shared with former Simple Machines members. Reluctantly dubbed a concept record , “Yesno” is comprised of songs that are meant to cohere musically and lyrically. The lyrics spin a tragic narrative that represent the eternal strife that accompanies the human condition. The title represents the synthesis or joining of two opposing forces, that create a third, different force: Yes + No = “Yesno.”

At the heart of the album’s instrumentation is the Rhodes Piano, a cult-status instrument that is not widely used as a primary element in composition. A wide variety of other instruments embellish the mix including drums, shakers, synth, electric guitar, electric bass, cello, autoharp, bells and ample vocal harmonies.

"Yesno is an aptly titled concept album centered around the joining of opposing forces to create a powerful third entity. Filled with fitting portions of eclectic yet mellow instrumentation and filtered experimentation, Juna’s music dawns somewhere between the subtle bedroom evening and the ether of morning dew. It is the joining of folk and shoegaze.

There is something other-worldly about Yesno. Songs swirl through atmospheric melodies and peak unfathomable mountains. The songs float through mystical lands and steal away souls. This juxtaposition of ideas encompasses the tragedy of life and humanity. And it’s a tragedy that is painfully beautiful, filled with color and hope and despair."

Here Holy Updates!

An update from Here Holy Spain...

"Outburn Review + new shows, msg from Wes. And by msg, I meant message... not actual MSG.

Erv sent us word that we received a great review in the latest issue of OUTBURN (issue #49 with The Devil Wears Prada on the cover)... which is available at Barnes & Noble and Borders locations. Go pickup a copy and check it out! There is a visual thumbnail that I just posted on our main Myspace page under our bio. We're not so hip-with-the-now with all the html and graphic design knowledge, so cut us some slack for not having the most rockin' ass page to display how "cool" we are ;) Someday we'll figure that shit out and have flash and splash and... gash and.... mash..ed potato..... um. Yeah.

We also have received great reviews through The Dallas Observer, Left of the Dial, Subservient Experiment, Exploding in Sound and Ghost of Blind Lemon blogs and print. Thanks everybody!

The timing is a bit off for our record to come out RIGHT when I leave to tour for 6 weeks with The Toadies, and I apologize. Luckily we were able to do a string of dates with them to stay productive. But as all of you close to us know, we've never really been about "playing the game" or "oiling the machine". We are what we are. We're a rock n roll band, not a commercial.

I get back LITERALLY the day we have a homecoming show, June 7th @ House of Blues (Pontiac Garage) in Dallas with GIRL IN A COMA from San Antonio (who rule serious amounts of ass) and MISS DERRINGER (who is also awesome). We also have a great show in Fort Worth coming up with our buddies LIONS from Austin. We are also playing June 21st @ The Prophet Bar with the best of the best, CHUCK RAGAN of Hot Water Music.

I'm sorry we've been sorta dormant. But we really haven't, it just looks that way... come see our June shows and we promise more to come... with a fall tour with THE MAG SEVEN in the works.

Love, hugs and poodles and drugs. Say no to pugs. Wait. Backwards...

-Wes Todd

The Revivl is Here

Telescreen Updates: Recording and Twitter

"Hey all! So Matt is back in town for the next month so we are going to try and finish writing/recording the new record in that time frame. Since we don't use myspace that much and run our own music news site " " we are going to be doing most updates for all things Telescreen/Codeseven from our site so please follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook! Its way easier for us to do it all in one place and feel free to suggest us to your followers as well. The more the merrier! Thanks" - Telescreen

Rishloo Prepare

Rishloo have posted this video from the studio...

Farewell Chelsea

Kirkwood Dellinger (featured on the EXPLODING IN SOUND compilation album HERE) have posted a video from one of their last shows with Chelsea

At Night They Live

Far Update, At Night We Live (New Song)


Little check-in from Far-land. The album-we-never-expected is crawling towards completion. John just put his bass stuff down, Shaun is doing guitars and getting everything in shape, next couple weeks are vox time for me, prayers to the rock gods.

In the meantime, the San Diego show at Casbah was a great, sweaty mess. SB was strange daytime (someone needs to pass a law that no rock show shall occur before dusk) and I'm not sure about the cowbettes, but everyone at the station was incredibly nice. Wrote and recorded a song in San Diego (lyrics below), writing to this cool track that Shaun sent. I am pretty much just literally describing a dream I had of seeing Chi. It's for him, of course, but really just feels like ruminations on losing people and how incomprehensible it is.

We're looking forward to some fun Northwest stuff, and Chico and Skeeno too(!) -- all places we have some crazy memories from. Seems like other lives, but there we were, here we are. Grateful for that.

Thanks for listening,
Just for Ray, the lateliest way:

I dreamt that you were alive, really alive
I dreamt of your eyes, I dreamt of your eyes
They weren't just open, they were engaged
Somebody said, or maybe I read
In the daytime we're dead, but
At night we live.

We were inside, sitting inside
Ready to play, there was the stage
She wasn't brave, you weren't away
Somebody said, where was it I read
In the daytime we're dead, but
At night we live.

We're with our families, we're with our friends
We're singing and smiling, time is a secret
There is no car crash, there is no blood
I don't believe this, but maybe I should

In the daytime we're dead, but
At night we live.

Saturday, May 23, 2009


A message from Bubbles of Trailer Park Boys...

"Hey everybody - we just got booked to go on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in LA on July 24th to promote the fact that we're on the air in the US now on DirecTV - we'll probably be drinking pretty hard leading up to it so make sure you watch!"

I can't wait!!

The Bowery Riots on the Rise


"Our 2nd EP, "Last Night I Saw You" recorded in April with producer Mark Lewis will be available on all pay sites in June of 2009! The price is cheap, 4 songs, dollar a tune. THE BOWERY RIOTS, the self titled debut is available now.

Also, our unplugged date at Ella has been moved to Monday June 1 10pm. We'll be debuting new material there."

happy holidays,

A Nebula Summer

Nebula will be touring US and Europe Summer 2009 to support the July 7th release of "Heavy Psych" and the highly anticipated September 25th release of the rare "Let It Burn and 8-track Demos" on Tee Pee Records. Both releases will be made available in limited quantities on colored vinyl.

Dates and tour support to be announced shortly. Check back soon or visit for more info.

Small Town Charm

The Deadly Syndrome
- The Ortolan, released 2007 (Dim Mak)

[] Straight outta Silver Lake come the Deadly Syndrome, the newest arrival on California's ever-burgeoning punk-folk scene. Their unbridled live shows garnered immediate attention, as did their music, referencing the likes of Wolf Parade, Arcade Fire, and even Badly Drawn Boy. Their debut album, The Ortolan, should now transform them from West Coast heroes into American darlings. The title track is an exuberant instrumental ride through a classical fanfare detouring into Latin lands, all set to a zippy dance beat. Keyboardist Mike Hughes handles that number with such insouciance that his bandmates obviously decided to put his talents to the test on "I Hope I Become a Ghost."Here he begins in midtempo, slowly picking up speed until the rest of the band slams in at full tilt and pushes him to the very limit of human endurance. "Ghost" is arranged '60s style, leaning toward R&B; "Heart" similarly so, at one point evoking the Yardbirds before transforming into an anthemic punk-tinged rocker. "Emily Paints" has all the glamour of the '80s new wavers, and a tattoo of a rhythm to boot. "Eucalyptus"'s rhythm is more of a boots-and-braces stomper, with a rousing melody shared between guitarist William Etling and a xylophone. The folkier and more downbeat "Wolves in a Garden" takes a similar stance, with the melody lilting from acoustic and electric guitar, xylophone, and organ. Then again, Deadly's arrangements never cease to amaze: "The Ship That Shot Its Selef" aptly echoes a sea shanty; elsewhere the band dips into Americana, country, and country & western. Dipping and soaring overhead is singing bassist Chris Richard. Sublime throughout, his sweet, emotive falsetto is powerful enough to belt out the rockers or hit the heights of whimsy as required, his gorgeous tones raising shivers as he floats overhead on "Ghost." "Now you know my tricks," he insists on "Animals Wearing Clothes," "I oversimplify a bit, and break things down until they're small and friendly." If only! In fact, his themes are often obtuse, his lyrics quite cryptic and oftentimes surreal, but never less than fascinating. All told, a stunning debut, leaving one to wonder where the band can possibly go from here. - Jo-Anne Greene

Friday, May 22, 2009

Roller Raging

CKY's new video for their track "A#1 Roller Rager" has been posted online here. It was directed by band drummer Jess Margera's brother, Bam Margera. The groups new album "Carver City" arrived in stores this week via Roadrunner.

Saturn III in IV Parts

Fu Manchu, Torche, and The Dickies added to

"What's up rock fans?

Bob Balch from Fu Manchu here. Just stopping by to let you know what new videos have been added to my site over the past few days. Here you go!

1) Saturn III (part one) I walk you through riffs one and two
2) Saturn III (part two) The break down in the middle
3) Saturn III (part three) Solos and pivot notes
4) Saturn III (part four) Outro solos and pedals

5) Tar Pit Carnivore (TORCHE) This is the most original tuning I have seen in a while. Steve Brooks walks us through this song step by step. You even get to check out what kind of guitar gets that crazy tone. It's not made of wood.

6) Gigantor Solo (The Dickies) I was super stoked to record this video with Stan Lee because I got to play the rhythm guitar to Gigantor while he soloed
also has lesson videos from the following:

Ed Mundell (Monster Magnet, Atomic Bitchwax)
Scott Reeder (Fu Manchu, Smile)
Bob Balch (Fu Manchu)
Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, Kyuss, Mondo Generator, The Dwarves)
Brant Bjork (Fu Manchu, Kyuss, BB and the Bros, De-Con)
Ron Emory (T.S.O.L.)
Shane Clark (3 Inches of Blood)
Dan Beeman (Helmet)
Kyle Stevenson (Helmet)
Dan Fuller (Helmet)
Jon Karel (The Number 12 Looks Like You, Horse the Band)
Laurent (Pelican)
Mike Watt (Minutemen, DOS, fIREHOSE)
Jack Gibson (Exodus)
Hewhocannotbenamed (The Dwarves)
Fresh Prince of Darkness (The Dwarves)
Steve Brooks (TORCHE)
Stan Lee (The Dickies)

Come check it out!

Meat Puppets on...Sham Wow?

AMERICAN SONGWRITER did a Q&A with The Meat Puppets’ Curt Kirkwood

So how does it feel to be back playing together over the last year and half?

It’s been good, we’ve been really, really enjoying it. It’s been sort of easy. We’ve been working on the new songs because we were getting sort of tired of playing the old stuff. My ears ring a lot though.

Why did you guys decide to get back together?

I was just ready to make another Meat Puppets record. It had been a couple of years.

What was your aim in recording Sewn Together?

Well actually just to get it done. I wanted to record it on tape. It was pretty loose really. It wasn’t fast or anything because I didn’t want to spend a lot of money. We accomplished everything we really wanted to do. It turned out to be a little more expensive than we wanted but it was reasonable, which was the loose goal there.

Now when you say “loose”, what do you mean?

Well it just that there was really no hard rules or anything like that. You know I hate to say it but we were really just like ‘how fast can we get this thing done.’ I had a lot of simple ideas going in to it, which we seemed to accomplish.

Do you have a certain credo when you go in to record a new album, was this different from before, or do you just look forward to going in and getting it done?

Well it’s always a little different. With the last one we just wanted to go in a record with no hassle at all. I didn’t want any pressure. I didn’t want to try and make it good at all really, we didn’t really have a solid band by that point yet. When we did have a band it’s been mostly the same, except when you have a producer. Producers always change up the agenda.

Do you like one more than the other, having a producer or doing it yourself depending on the album?

I actually just like making records myself. Generally it’s fun just to do it myself, if I can get away with it because it’s just quicker. I don’t have to satisfy anybody else’s tastes which can be a good thing. Sometimes you end up cutting yourself short.

Having such a successful history as an indie band throughout the ’80s and ’90s, do you think that for newer indie bands these days, there’s still that angst of deciding whether to get on a major label? Does that dilemma still exist in the industry today?

Yeah, I don’t think they look at it like that, like a major contract is everything. We’ve gone both ways. It’s pretty much the same from album to album, should we go this way or that way. I was never convinced that going to a major was ever really better anyway. In terms of sales, we always sold more on a major. I don’t know, I don’t know how each person thinks really. Most kids seem to do pretty well over the internet.

Do you like that alternative now, that you can get so much exposure by just having a MySpace page?

I just don’t care, really. I don’t pay any attention to other bands that much. I mean I like to listen to different stuff but whatever happens to others, I mean, whatever. It’s weird enough being in a band myself. I don’t pay to much attention to how other people hawk their stuff.

When you guys first started, how did you arrive at your sort of country/psychedelic/cow punk sound, when you began playing songs that would have been labeled ‘hard core’?

Well we always just did that country thing. We were into Neil Young… a lot of Hank Williams and Johnny Cash. Of course, we tried to satisfy the kinda crowd that we had gotten in with. We liked the punk rock, we always thought it was more psychedelic, just a different style that had never been sung like that. Over the years, we had seen enough trippy jam shows and having played with enough of those bands to find out how much the hippies really don’t like punk rock, which was always a lot by my reckoning. We were never really a huge crowd pleaser at those things. And yet the Grateful Dead asked us to come out on tour with them one time in ‘89 to do some shows. Some people get it. But we always did it that way, recorded it and had a gas with it. But even the first two albums had country stuff on it, just louder.

Do you see a difference in the audience that comes to your shows now than before?

Oh the audiences are great. People that have always come to see us have been good but now, over the past few years, it seems like the young people have more open minds. It seems like they just hear a lot of different music. The proliferation of everything is easier because you can get it on the internet and it’s jut available. I think it’s just given us a basis where we can really have a lot of fun and do cool stuff and it doesn’t go over their heads like it used to. I don’t know why that is. We used to just flip people off with more experimentation but now there’s just a little more acceptance.

“When do you feel most successful or productive as a songwriter?

I guess when you just sit down and write songs and an album starts to come together. They always just seem to pop into my head so I always feel good when we’re like, ‘Hey, we got enough songs for an album.’ I like it when they stick. You have to have a lot more than just 12 or 15 songs for an album. You have to pick and choose and make sure that you have the right songs to put together. I think this album (Sewn Together) seems to have a lot songs with a good flow from song to song. And it’s a trick to have a song stand out but it’s important to them to have those kinds of songs. I’m more of an album guy. I like albums, I like the infrastructure between songs and the interplay.

Do you guys get adequate credit or royalties from your work on Nirvana: Unplugged In New York?

Yea, through the publishing rights. I never sold it. I mean they’re my songs so.

What was that experience like?

It was alright, you know? They had us play because they couldn’t play the stuff. Dave Grohl’s a good drummer, he had to sort of play down to play along with the material in his mind I think. He was like, ‘That’s all this stuff is?’ And we were like, ‘Yep, that’s it.’ I know Kurt enjoyed it and I know Chris really enjoyed it. I liked it. I really like any interaction with other musicians. It kind of felt like, not necessarily limited by their band, but we had always come from a huge musical circle. There wasn’t much of a music culture down there (Meat Puppets were originally from Phoenix) so it was always just kind of punk rock. We were always looking for a larger circle of friends to play with. We had played with Black Flag some, some other solo punk rock acts and just jam out. It was fun to play outside of that and just play some of their songs and be a guest musician. They were a cool group.

Over the years, has there been any particular musician or group you’ve felt more akin to playing together with?

Well that was a pretty good one. It was kind of weird, something sort of strange, probably because we had heard so much about them before we met them. During the whole ‘Unplugged’ thing, they were also named Kurt and Chris and play guitar and bass and the drum player’s name starts with ‘D’. I thought that was pretty damn weird. But like I said, we had heard so much about them and then all of a sudden we’re playing there. And it was like, ‘Oh you know who’s calling? It’s those dudes you hear about all the time.’ It was like hearing from the ‘Sham-Wow’ guy. You know, ‘Twenty times more absorbent than paper towel and they’re made in Germany so you know they’re good.’

The kind that gets the mildew up from under the rug?

Yeah, the dude with the headset microphone who’s a total nutbag. It’s like you see these guys on T.V. and then all of a sudden you find yourself there with them. Like any time you ever meet a celebrity, you’re like, ‘Do I know you? I feel like I know you.’ Well that’s because it’s been shoved down my throat for the last couple of years.

I guess that would be sort of surreal.

Yea, it’s a kinship of sorts. We did some jams with Stone Temple Pilots and went out with them for a couple of weeks. We were jamming out on that song “Creep”, just going off on that last chord. That was actually pretty cool. That was sort of my last experience with that. Just being with a band like that, they were starting to do some experimental things by then and they’re really great musicians, a lot of fun to play with. That was different.

How did you some up with your new album title Sewn Together?

It was just random. We had a song that turned out to be named that and I had a painting around that had a bunch of stitches on it so I figured, that’s a good idea. I had the painting done a few years ago and since I already had the painting I was like, ‘Well, what the fuck?’ Might as well just go for it.

Sewn Together, the Meat Puppet’s 12th album, is out now

All the Omar You Can Handle

An announcement from Omar Rodriguez-Lopez Productions...


"We will be posting news about a new album that is coming from Omar Rodriguez-Lopez called Xenophanes. It will be coming out on Rodriguez-Lopez Productions in September 2009."

That's one hell of a workload for Omar this year!

Jalamanta: The Documentary

A message from Brant Bjork...

"Jalamanta 10 Year Anniversary Retrospective documentary

Jalamanta was recorded February 1999. To celebrate the anniversary we're re-pressing it on vinyl. It'll be re-mastered directly from tape, pressed on 180 gram vinyl, deluxe packaging, with a 24 page book with lyrics and liner notes! The first 500 will be signed and numbered by Brant! I'll announce when it goes on sale. Until then, check out this documentary we made about the making of the album. It's a pretty big file so it takes a little while to load but well worth the wait."

-Cale/Low Desert Punk

10 Year Anniversary Retrospective

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Life and Times of Allen

An update from The Life & Times...

Murdering The Clock

today's an off day so we got the rocksuite at a motel 9 in medford, OR. shows have been off the hook for the large majority. big props out to Traindodge, with whom we rocked in at modified arts in phoenix. their new record I Am Forever is pretty effin great. thanks to everybody for coming out and getting their foundation shifted. more soon!

We're Playing Quite Loudly Very Near You

21 Portland, OR @ Satyricon w/ System and Station
22 Seattle, WA @ Sunset Tavern w/ Cale Parks
25 Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court
26 Billings, MT @ Railyard Ale House
27 Fargo, ND @ The Aquarium
28 Des Moines, IA @ Vaudeville Mews - EARLY SHOW! doors @ 5pm, TLAT @ 8:30pm
29 Omaha, NE @ The Sydney w/ Little Brazil
30 Kansas City, MO @ Record Bar w/ Pet Comfort and Mr. Gnome

Watch the Rawk from KC

webcasting to your soul again, although this time we're live from the Record Bar in KCMO. tune in for that rocka-rolla.


yep, because so many people ask at the shows, Tragic Boogie, among many other items of our prolific catalogue, is available NOW and is well worth your nickel. get it at the shows listed above, itunes,, hear it at

word. see you soon! ae