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Sleepy Sun play an amazing mix of psychadelic, shoegaze, folk, and stoner rock for a sound that is full, delicate, storming, and HIGHLY enjoyable. Their debut album "Embrace" is available NOW on iTunes, and will be in stores in the UK on 5/11 and US on 5/26. I know that I'll be picking up my physical copy. Don't miss out on these guys!!

For Fans of: Black Mountain, Dead Meadow, Built to Spill, My Bloody Valentine, etc.

“San Francisco's Sleepy Sun is one of those every-so-often bands that absorbs, processes, and spits out its influences in such a way as to make pee run down the pants legs of music reviewers everywhere…They are designed to explode the most expanded of frontal lobes...” -SF Weekly

“...Comfortable, a high drenched in fog, floating inland on ocean wind. Compositionally, things feel natural and free. Each instrument as integral as the rest. Breathing, moving…” -Aquarius Records

“Sleepy Sun’s songs, mellifluously flowing between bittersweet balladry and paranoid, hazy atmospherics, are like a 2am car ride — not going somewhere, not coming back, but taking an unexpected detour through uncertain terrain. A sublime fog, the mood is both assured and undefined, leaving me to drift, to slither, through a spectrum that ranges from the nostalgic to the anxious, from the freewheeling to the claustrophobic….” -Naturalismo

"...This collective of young longbeards has become one of the town's most beloved bands in a very short period of time, laying down lumbering servings of heavy psychedelic freakadelia and dusted Northern Californian psych-folk. Williams' angelic voice weaves in-between a sublimely mind-rattling cacophony reminiscent of Santa Cruz psych-rock alumni Comets on Fire at their headiest...If rapturous local buzz is any indication, Sleepy Sun might be the best bet of the next Santa Cruz band to break big..." -Metro Santa Cruz

"Sleepy Sun have an honest, high-energy show that ranges from hard, early Sabbath-level rock to a genuine gospel/spiritual vibe, all making Sleepy Sun a really tough act to follow. Their discipline, dynamics, dominance over tempo (the subtlest and most commonly overlooked musical device), and brooding nature evokes comparisons as disparate as Black Sabbath, George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass", Pink Floyd and Bjork . . . and we still haven’t heard the record." -The Deli Magazine SF

Paying Tribute to the Tribute!

Fazer Magazine has posted their own review of "The Nurse Who Loved Me: A Tribute to Failure"...

Review by Mike Bax

"This project could very easily have gone wrong. An ambitious small label production of Failure covers by (for the most part) independent bands (Paramore’s superb cover of ‘Stuck On You’ instantly adds a little street credibility to the project). But this could have been a train wreck. It could have been tragic.

The Nurse Who Loved Me may just find its way into my most revered stack of tribute albums (of which the Morr labels’ cover compilation of Slowdive tunes by ambient artists sits atop the heap). The Nurse Who Loved Me is up there though, to be sure. All of these independent artists really bring their A-game to their contributions. Solaris’ cover by Sex Club Reject is pretty amazing –it’s vibrating & digitized background noises actually enhance a cherished song from the Failure library. (Damn) This Desert Air’s cover of ‘Sergeant Politeness’ is another polished gem on the disc, as is Frog’s cover by Satellite Tragedy.

I can’t say that these covers are better than the source material – as it would be an injustice to Ken Andrews and Failure. I would hope that somewhere out there Mr. Andrews and company are smiling as they play some of these covers – as many of them are really quite fantastic. I would also hope that this project might steer some of our lost generation to a much overlooked band from the early nineties.

Make sure you open up the CD Extra portion of the CD, and pull the three hidden mp3 tracks into your iTunes as well. The Company We Keep’s cover of ‘Stuck On You’; Satellite Tragedy’s cover of ‘Pennies’; and Stemage’s cover of ‘Undone’ are just as good as the 16 songs included on the physical CD.

I think what’s obvious upon playing this compilation through a few times is that it’s the material that translates. All of these covers work so well because Failure worked so well… and that’s the real point of this tribute album."


KID:NAP:KIN in the studio part 2!

Tremendous Eels

Read the new issue of MOJO Magazine's early review of the EELS HOMBRE LOBO album here:

**** 4 stars
by James McNair

"Birds do it, bees do it, even beardly blokes named E do it...

EELS' first studio record in four years presents E, aka Mark Oliver Everett, as a horny man-wolf. "Got her right here in my sights/Got a fuse that I can light," he drools on feral blues nugget Tremendous Dynamite, but concerns about our host's stalker tendencies ease with That Look You Give That Guy, a romantic slice of vulnerability built on rolling guitar chords.

The record's shrinking violet/rutting stag shifts in mood make for a gripping listen, E conjuring Howlin' Wolf (Prizefighter), then sounding winningly out of sorts amid echoey, spaced out guitars (The Longing). With Fresh Blood powering a Neanderthal lust, and My Timing Is Off packing gentle optimism, HOMBRE LOBO gives us much to ponder upon as it shifts through courtship's different gears.

Lean and timeless sounding, it's also as truthful as Everett's sobering autobiography, THINGS THE GRANDCHILDREN SHOULD KNOW."

Autolux Finally Head East

Autolux have posted some east coast shows for September, and I couldn't be more excited to finally get a chance to catch them live! Here is a message from the band...

"hello ||||||

autolux are starting to add shows in other regions of the country. finally. below are some shows that have been confirmed. tickets aren't available yet, but we thought we'd give you advance warning that autolux will be playing on the east coast in September. more shows in other parts will be coming soon.

thanks |||"

Tues Sept 8
Black Cat
Washington, DC

Wed Sept . 9
Johnny Brenda's
Philadelphia, PA

Thu Sept 10
Boston, MA

Sat Sept 12
ATP - Kutsher's Country Club
Monecello, NY

Mon Sept 14
Bowery Ballroom
New York, NY

Tue Sept 15
Music Hall Of Williamsburg
Brooklyn, NY

Gibson Likes Ladyfinger (ne)! has posted an article on "5 Bands You’re Going to Hear About in 2009". Here's what they had to say...

"Trust us, we’re just as sick of people proclaiming acts “the next big thing” as you are, but every once in a while a band comes along that’s doing something completely unique and reminds us all why we love music in the first place.

Here at Gibson we’ve weeded through the hype to present you with five very different sounding bands who we think are on the cusp of becoming household names. Whether your genre of choice is hardcore, indie rock or neo-folk, there’s something for everyone in this list of innovative artists.

So read on, listen up and be inspired!

Ladyfinger (ne)

Ladyfinger (ne) may not be as popular as their label mates Cursive and Bright Eyes, but this Omaha-based quartet are one of the most talented post-hardcore bands out there, and lurking just beneath the mainstream radar. While the band’s 2006 debut Heavy Hands was solid in its own right, their new album Dusk shows the band finely tuning and fully realizing their unique sound which blends elements of everything from ‘70s classic rock to ‘90s alternative to create a surprisingly modern collection of songs that range from blistering anthems (“Bones”) to idiosyncratic indie rock (“Plans”) and everything in between. While the band does retain that quirky sound that the Omaha scene has become known for, they’re also able to successfully put their own personality in the mix to craft one of the most layered and sonically interesting rock discs in recent memory.

Check out “Little Things.”

See the rest of the article HERE

The Clearing...Streaming is now offering a stream of the entire upcoming Disappearer album "The Clearing" HERE. The release is coming out through Magic Bullet Records, and will be available everywhere next Tuesday, May 5th. They will also be supporting Cave In on their return show coming in July!

For fans of: Cave In, ISIS, Pelican, etc.

Tickets for the aforementioned show July 19th @ Great Scott's w/ Cave In, Disappearer, and Phantom Glue go on sale Friday, May 1st @ 10am.

You can purchase tickets HERE!!

I Want You to Download

Updating on yesterday's post, you can now download Dinosaur Jr's brand new song on their website. Here's what had to say about it...

Dinosaur Jr. are giving away a track from their highly anticipated forthcoming album via their website. 'I Want To Know You' -- the album's first single -- can be downloaded HERE now.

The band's new album, 'Farm', is due out in the US on June 23 and a day earlier in the UK, as previously reported.

Meanwhile, the veteran rockers are in the midst of an extensive US tour in support of the new album, which concludes in New York on June 25.

Protective Helmets

Helmet have booked the following trio of shows for May:

May 14th Costa Mesa, CA - Detroit Bar
May 15th Redondo Beach, CA - Sainte Rocke
May 16th Las Vegas, NV - Hard Rock Hotel And Casino

The band expect to debut some new material at the aforementioned stops.

Their Own Summer

The Deftones overseas touring schedule has further taken shape, here's how it now runs:

August 19th Hasselt, BEL - Pukkelpop
August 21st Ludinghausen, GER - Area 4 Festival
August 23rd Erfurt, GER - Highfield Festival
August 25th Amsterdam, NET - Paradiso
August 27th London, UK - The Forum
August 28th Reading, UK - Reading Festival
August 30th Leeds, UK - Leeds Festival

The group are expected to once again enlist the services of bassist Sergio Vega (ex-Quicksand) for the shows with band mate Chi Cheng said to still be in a coma following a car accident this past November.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The End of The End?

As expected, Cave In themselves have officially announced the end of their hiatus with a posting made on their official Myspace page which reads as follows:

"After 3 1/2 long years, Cave In has decided to end its hiatus. Please join us for an EP release show at Great Scott's (1222 Commonwealth Ave., Allston MA) on Sunday, July 19th @ 9PM. Also playing will be our friends Disappearer and Phantom Glue. Copies of the "Planets Of Old" limited 12" (recorded by Adam Taylor, Alex Hartman & Johnny Northrup @ Camp St. Studio) from Hydra Head Records will be available that night.
Steve, Adam, J.R., Caleb


I Want You to Know

[] From the episode of "In the Studio" to the trippy album cover on down, we've been pretty excited this year about the upcoming Dinosaur Jr. album Farm. And now HERE'S a stream of a track from the record. Sounds like Dinosaur Jr.! Always a good thing. Check it out on Pitchfork today, and some time tomorrow (4/30) it'll be available for download at Dino Jr's official site. Farm is due June 23 in the U.S. and Canada via Jagjaguwar, and June 22 in the UK and EU via PIAS.

Fresh Video

Eels have posted their video for "Fresh Blood" off their forthcoming album Hombre Lobo...

Stereogum is premiering the Jesse Dylan-directed video for the new EELS track "Fresh Blood." Says EELS leader E about the video: "For years people have asked me what I do when I'm done recording all day. So here it is. A typical night."

See the Fresh Blood video right HERE on the EELS MySpace page.

Drive to the Moon

Rose Hill Drive - Moon is the New Earth, released 2008 (Megaforce)

[] Being a trio with a penchant for retro rock, invariably Rose Hill Drive have garnered many comparisons to Cream, an easy -- and thoroughly lazy -- reference. While there's no doubt those heavy metal heroes loomed large in the band's record collection, they are only one of many influences who left their imprimatur on the group. Better to think of them as a Jesus and Mary Chain for the millennial generation; like the indie stars, Drive borrow liberally from their idols, while retooling them to their own ends. "Trans Am" is the perfect example, an ode to the muscle car that roars down the highway in MC5 style, but is pimped out with a pop chorus and revved up by Who power chords, a power-packed bassline, and juiced-up guitar solos. Nor is the band a strictly retro rock unit, as "I'm on to You" illustrates. Careening deliriously back and forth between classic rock and old-school punk rock (with the first guitar solo seemingly inspired by Magazine's "Shot by Both Sides"), by the end it's impossible to tell the difference between the two. Elsewhere, the band embraces the angular rhythm of post-punk, sprinkles glitter over a few numbers, and slides deftly across the years. "Laughing in the Streets" gives a hard rock kick to the British Invasion sound, then strikes off into psychedelia, while "Do You Wanna Get High?" swirls between the latter genre and pomp rock. "The 8th Wonder" begins in a psychedelic swirl, but then suddenly sprints into Motörhead land, albeit one doused with pop. The driving "One Night Stand" is built around an R&B riff, but the feel is contemporary Americana, not '60s British blues. And so it goes throughout this sizzling set, with the band revisiting the past, only to transform it completely. With music for every mood -- party pieces, highway tunes, headbangers, late-night blues, and anthemic singalongs, each song on this set will catch your fancy at some point, with every one radio-friendly. Rose Hill Drive have already played arenas as openers; one suspects it won't be long before they return as headliners. - Jo-Ann Greene

Cotopaxi of my Dreams

The Mars Volta have posted their new song "Cotopaxi" from the highly anticipated new album Octahedron coming June 23rd...

Suede and Affection

Cleveland, Ohio's own The Suede Brothers have posted their new track "Heart and Affection" off of their forthcoming sophomore album "Ill New You" up now on their myspace player HERE!

Check Check One Two

Some good quality live footage of Mastodon sound checking has been posted online below.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Anticipation Rises

New footage of Isis in the studio tracking their upcoming album "Wavering Radiant" has been made available online below. "Wavering Radiant" will see a May 05th release through Ipecac.

Dead Mogwai

Mogwai are currently out on the road touring across North America with The Twilight Sad, Dead Meadow and Woman serving as support on select stops. Remaining dates for the trek include:

April 28th Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall Of Williamsburg
April 29th Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall Of Williamsburg
May 01st Boston, MA - Wilbur Theatre
May 02nd Northampton, MA - Pearl Street
May 03rd Montreal, QC - Metropolis
May 04th Toronto, ON - Phoenix Concert Theatre
May 05th Buffalo, NY - The Tralf Music Hall
May 06th Pontiac, MI - The Crofoot
May 08th Chicago, IL - Congress Theater
May 09th Milwaukee, WI - Turner Hall Ballroom
May 10th Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
May 11th Omaha, NE - Slowdown
May 12th Denver, CO - Bluebird Theater
May 13th Salt Lake City, UT - In The Venue
May 15th Solana Beach, CA - Belly Up Tavern
May 16th Los Angeles, CA - Orpheum Theatre
May 17th San Francisco, CA - Grand Ballroom At Regency Center

Planets of Cave In

In addition to Cave In reconvening for a show at Great Scott in Allston, MA on July 19th, comes news that the band are planning a July release through Hydra Head for their long rumored vinyl-only EP. Dubbed "Planets Of Old", the outing features four songs recorded with producer Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead, Hole). More on that can be found below...

[] Cave-In prep new EP, book Boston reunion show

Boston indie-metal legends CAVE-IN have reconvened the group's Jupiter-era lineup and recorded a new vinyl-only EP which will be out in July; the band will play its first show together at a release party for the record on July 19 at Great Scott in Allston.

The new Planets of Old EP contains four tracks recorded with famed producer Paul Q. Kolderie (Radiohead, Hole, Pixies) at Cambridge's Camp Street Studios. We're listening to it right now and it kicks a million pounds of ass per square inch.

On their first material since 2005's Perfect Pitch Black, the band sounds as if its willing to follow, collectively, the divergent paths its members have taken in the interim. "Cayman Tongue" torques into the sludgy, screamy territory that Caleb Scofield's been exploring in Zozobra; "The Redtrail" could still get them gigs at the VFW-hall hardcore gigs where they started (and wouldn't feel too violently out of place in Adam McGrath's other band, Clouds). Elsewhere, the band dives deeper into the spirit, if not the form, of classic metal -- especially on Steven Brodsky's "Retina Sees Rewind," one of the better 21st-century Sabbath updates we've heard in a while.

OTD is in negotiations with the powerful Hydrahead Recordings conglomerate to bring you an mp3 teaser from this historic recording. More soon . . .

Torche Milk

Torche and Harvey Milk are planning a run together in July. Dates announced thus far include:

July 16th Nashville, TN - Exit In
July 17th Indianapolis, IN - Emerson Theater ("Dude Fest 2009")
July 26th Brooklyn, NY - Music Hall Of Williamsburg
July 31st Atlanta, GA - The Earl
August 01st Athens, GA - 40 Watt

More dates are expected shortly.

Streaming Radiant

Isis' entire new album "Wavering Radiant" has been posted online in streaming audio form HERE. The CD version of the effort will see a May 05th release date via Ipecac.

Revolutionary Social Club

[] You can now officially stop mourning Rage Against The Machine. Tom Morello's new group, Street Sweeper Social Club, packs the same king-sized riffs alongside raps that wallop you upside the head.

The band, which features Boots Riley of The Coup, will release their debut album on 16 June. The group's first single, 100 Little Curses, is streaming now on the Street Sweeper Social Club's MySpace page.

And what a song it is, with a molten riff that recalls Rage Against The Machine in their heyday, and a solo that is sure to allay fears that Morello's ongoing folk project, The Nightwatchman, might have diminished the guitarist's six-string skills.

Make no mistake - the man can still play.

"It's revolutionary party jams," Morello says of of the new outfit. "It's got huge steamroller riffs combined with depth, charge, funk, while Boots unloads clip after clip of incendiary rhymes rich with satire and venom."

Along with 100 Little Curses, three other songs are streaming on Street Sweeper Social Club's MySpace page: Fight! Smash! Win!, Clap For The Killers and The Oath.

The band is currently rehearsing for their opening slot on the upcoming Nine Inch Nails/Jane's Addiction summer tour. Want to know more? Check out the video below, in which Morello and Riley discuss how they came together.

Up Close and Intimate

Sebastien Grainger is featured on the National Post SoundCheck...

The Love Electric More Available

A message from Sound&Shape...

"Hey everyone,

As of today "The Love Electric" is now available in Best Buy, Tower, J&R, Target, Barnes and Noble and many other stores all across the world! Pick up the physical copy or grab it digitally on Itunes, Napster, Emusic etc.

See you soon!

Space Rock Deal Time

Anyone that buys a Failure Tribute CD before may 1st 2009 will receive 3 free Cd's with their order:

1 Satellite Tragedy CD
1 free En Masse CD

Click HERE to get yours. Don't miss this incredible deal!

Saber Tooth Elephant

Cage The Elephant just posted the video of "Saber Tooth Tiger" from Coachella. Check it out.

One Hot Minute

Did you ever want to watch an entire Toadies concert from set-up to stage deconstruction in an under a minute? Well, Clark Vogeler, the bands highly talented guitarist made this video "Pageant Theater - St. Louis, 4/25/09 (time-lapse)"...

Toadies live in St. Louis - Timelapse from clark vogeler on Vimeo.

Turn On Tune In

Cracker have posted their brand new video "Turn On Tune In Drop Out With Me" from their album "Sunrise in the Land of Milk & Honey" due out May 5th. Here's what they had to say about the video...

"C'mon everybody, it's the collapse of western civilization! Turn on tune in drop out, quit your job, stop coding, throw your law books away, move to the country, bring the kids, build an agrarian fortress, meet the survivalist neighbors. The whole things coming down so let's just get out of the way"

Cracker on iLike - Get updates inside iTunes

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Bronx Videos Rock

The Bronx have released another new video, this one for "Past Lives"...

EODM Keep Moving

Eagles of Death Metal Tour Announcements...

"Check out all of our NEW tour dates!!!!! We have just announced a slew of dates for the whole summer. We're headlining a full Canadian tour, as well as hitting up some of the biggest international festivals of the summer, and even playing select US East Coast and West Coast cities! Most tickets are either on sale now or will be by this Friday... so keep checking back and get em while they're hot."

Southern California Headlining Dates

6/05/2009 - Ink & Iron Tattoo Fest - Long Beach, CA
6/06/2009 - Glasshouse Pomona, CA

European Summer Festivals

6/20/2009 -Southside Festival - Stuttgart, Germany
6/21/2009 - Hurricane Festival - Hannover, Germany
6/22/2009 - Hove Festival - Norway
6/24/2009 - Brixton Academy - London, UK
6/25/2009 - Pavillion - Falmouth, UK
6/28/2009 - Rock a Field - Luxembourg
6/30/2009 - Watt - Rotterdam, NETH
7/02/2009 - Werchter Festival - Belgium
7/05/2009 - Roskilde - Denmark
7/10/2009 - Optimus Alive Festival - Portugal
7/11/2009 - Oxygen - Ireland
7/12/2009 - T in the Park - Scotland
8/28/2009 - Reading Festival - Reading, UK
8/29/2009 - Leeds Festival - Leeds, UK

Canadian & East Coast Headlining Tour

7/20/2009 - Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, Canada
7/21/2009 - Commodore Ballroom - Vancouver, Canada-
7/23/2009 - Edmonton Events Center - Edmonton, Canada
7/24/2009 - Macewan Ballroom - Calgary, Canada
7/25/2009 - Odeon Events Center - Saskatoon, Canada
7/26/2009 - Garrick Center - Winnipeg, Canada
7/29/2009 - Cowboys Ranch - London, Canada
7/30/2009 - Elements - Kitchener, Canada
7/31/2009 - Capitol City Music Hall - Ottawa, Canada
8/01/2009 - Parc Jean Drapeau - Montreal, Canada
8/02/2009 - Kool Haus - Toronto, ON, Canada
8/04/2009 - House of Blues - Boston, MA
8/05/2009 - Lupos - Providence, RI
8/06/2009 - Webster Hall - New York, NY
8/07/2009 - Theater of Living Arts - Philadelphia, PA
8/08/2009 - Rams Head - Baltimore, MD

Holy F'ing Cave In!

Cave In will return from hiatus for a show at Great Scott in Allston, MA on July 19th. Disappearer and Phantom Glue will serve as support.

Speaking of Disappearer...

Disappearer have posted their track "A Skull Full Of Bats" online in mp3 form HERE (right click, save as). The groups new effort "The Clearing" will see a May 05th release date through Magic Bullet.

Don't Chop This Cherry Tree


With attention turning to Kansas City after the Republic Tigers well-received debut, many KC bands are clamoring for their coattails. Near the head of the pack is the Cherry Tree Parade. Alternating between mighty guitar rock and softer elements like folky banjo and whispered vocals, the description on their press pack "fucking indie-pop," is one way to put it.

Originally from Seattle, the multi-talented Collins brothers Matthew and Jon formed The Cherry Tree Parade with new found friends. Their chemistry is apparent on tracks like “Perfectly Polyphonic,” which—true to its title —features multiple vocalists blending harmoniously. Their debut EP sees the young quartet weaving future folk, Cursive-esque riffing, with danceable melodic pop with intricately crafted electronic textures and uncommon emotional depth. The result is a bold and beautiful collection of subtly powerful music that journeys through a complex 5 song storyline. -Sean Malone


Into The Presence Conquer East Coast

Into The Presence are going on tour with Vast, here's what they have to say...

"Hey everyone,

We just added some tour dates to our East Coast venture. We will be opening for VAST!!! Come join us for a great night of cool music. We will have T-Shirts and CD's available at the shows.

Don't Forget about iTunes! Available April 28th from Razor and Tie Records!!

So don't be shy. Come say hello to us after our set!!!

- Luis, Tim, Ana, Jennzzzz

Apr 27 2009 - Velvet Lounge N.W. Washington, Washington DC
Apr 28 2009 - Manhattan Room Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Apr 29 2009 - Pianos New York, New York
May 2 2009 - The Masquerade with VAST Atlanta, Georgia
May 3 2009 - Pour House w/VAST Raleigh, North Carolina
May 4 2009 - 8x10 Club w/VAST Baltimore, Maryland
May 5 2009 - The State Theatre w/VAST Falls Church, Virginia
May 6 2009 - Wonder Bar w/VAST Ashbury Park, New Jersey
May 7 2009 - Harper’s Ferry w/VAST Allston, Massachusetts
May 8 2009 - The Highline Ballroom w/VAST New York, New York
May 9 2009 - The Khyber w/VAST Philadelphia
May 10 2009 - The Haunt w/VAST Ithaca, New York
May 12 2009 - Mohawk Place w/VAST Buffalo, New York
May 13 2009 - Agora Theatre w/VAST Cleveland, Ohio
May 14 2009 - Lee’s Palace w/VAST Toronto, Ontario

Maynard is a Drum Machine

VELVET REVOLVER/ex-GUNS N' ROSES drummer Matt Sorum and JANE'S ADDICTION frontman Perry Farrell are among the musicians who performed at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Heart Is A Drum Machine", the eagerly awaited documentary film that explores the complex and critical relationship between humanity and music. The event was held this past Saturday, April 25 at Nike's Ricardo Montalbán Theater in the heart of Hollywood. Sponsored by L.A. Weekly and Nike, proceeds will benefit the Charles Mingus Youth Arts Center in Watts, a facility of the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.

Watch fan-filmed video footage from the event below.

Directed by Christopher Pomerenke and produced by Ryan Page, Joe Mundo, and Hans Fjellestad, "The Heart Is A Drum Machine" explores music's role in shaping human history, the profound connection people have had to music throughout human history, how it has shaped our experiences, and its involvement in our daily lives. Tackling the topic is a who's who of musicians, including George Clinton, TOOL's Maynard James Keenan, RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS' John Frusciante, and JIMMY EAT WORLDS's Jim Adkins. Music historians and writers such as MTV's Kurt Loder and KCRW's Nic Harcourt were also interviewed, in addition to Carl Sagan's widow and collaborator Ann Druyan, who discusses the Voyager Golden Record. THE FLAMING LIPS' Steven Drozd created an original score for the film and covered ELTON JOHN's "Rocket Man" with vocals by Maynard James Keenan.

To view the trailer for "The Heart Is A Drum Machine", click here.

For more information, visit

"Sympathy For The Devil" with Perry Farrell, Matt Sorum and Billy Morrison:

100 Little Curses

For 24 hours Street Sweeper Social Club's new single "100 Little Curses" will be featured on Myspace Music.

Check it out!


Magnet Rising

A message from Magnet School...

Hi Friends,

Magnets hit the studio this past weekend to record a new single - got a few more sessions to finish up and we'll have it ready for peeps to hear. Sounds amazing!

For now we recently posted "Beneath My Station" & "XX" on our player from our debut album "Tonight we drink... Tomorrow we battle the evil at hand." Most of you have heard "XX" but probably not "Beneath My Station" unless you have the CD.

Go give it a listen - song has been getting radio play in Europe recently. To buy the album go to our web site and click on the iTunes link or go to the Arclight Records site listed below to purchase the CD.

Thx & Cheers,

Magnet School

Bring Back Bush...Not George!!

As his first solo album, "WANDERlust," takes flight thanks to the hit singles "Love Remains the Same" and "Forever You May Run," Gavin Rossdale is already plotting his next recording project.

"I'm sort of halfway through writing a bunch of new songs," Rossdale tells "If it's a Bush record, that's great, and if it's a Gavin Rossdale record, that's great. We'll have to see what happens."

Rossdale says that he's got "about six or seven new songs" ready, and they hew closer to Bush's brand of hard rock than the more melodic and pop-flavored fare of "WANDERlust." "They're focused on...what I'm needing to do and what would add to where I'm at now. It's pretty driving as opposed to mid-tempoey and that type of stuff. I'm excited about doing a record that challenges me like that."

Rossdale says the new material could turn into the first Bush album since 2001's "Golden State" -- "I'm naturally a band person, so that would always be my choice," he notes -- but that depends on guitarist Nigel Pulsford, who Rossdale says backed out of an band album that was planned after the frontman launched another group, Institute, in 2005. "(Pulsford) just decided he didn't want to leave his family," Rossdale recalls. "He wanted to make the record, but he didn't want to leave his family. So the solo record was by default." Rossdale says he and Pulsford are "super-friendly" and that he's still open to the idea of a new Bush album.

"I suppose, potentially, yeah, it could happen," Rossdale says. "But if [Pulsford]'s not going to tour it, I don't know. We'll see. It's all up in the air."

Rossdale says that in either event he plans to again work with "WANDERlust" producer Bob Rock, who he says "understands me. He understands what I do." Meanwhile, there's still life left in WANDERlust;" Rossdale is on the road in North America until June 7 and hopes to return to Europe to continue promoting the album. He's also anticipating picking up some child care duties while wife Gwen Stefani rolls out on the No Doubt reunion tour.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kirkwood Dellinger DC-Jam

A message from Kirkwood Dellinger...

"Kirkwood Dellinger is currently sealing a deal with Missouri based DC-Jam Records for the release of our next album which will drop in early fall...

we plan to start recording this summer in california....

we will keep you posted on updates and other news related to this...


we are heading back out to sunny california on May 8th and 9th to play a couple of shows...

Friday May 8th in Santa Barbara @ Biko Garage
Saturday May 9th in Long Beach @ Alex's bar

RIght... Keep your heads up for more updates and such.. till then.......

Kirkwood Dellinger"

Friday, April 24, 2009


Rishloo have posted a recording update...

"So as of right now we're in Missoula, Montana on a short tour east. But we begin tracking guitars immediately when we get back on Monday. It's gonna be busy busy busy! We can't really express how excited we are about this album. The sound this far has been a great move forward since Eidolon (a lot of that is due to the incredible talent of our producer Scott Olson). Expect to be surprised musically because this has been a jump forward on the song writing level as well. We're going to make a video blog pretty soon showing some of the process. Thanks guys and please stay tuned :)

Jane's Rock has issued the following report:

Great news for people who like killer bass lines: JANE'S ADDICTION’s 1988 album Nothing’s Shocking is coming to Rock Band as a full-album download next week.

Jane’s album will join the 14 other full records currently available for gameplay, which include GUNS N' ROSES’ Chinese Democracy, PEARL JAM’s Ten and the PIXIES’ Doolittle.

Rock Band’s first full album was JUDAS PRIEST’s Screaming For Vengeance.


Rough Sea On Fire

A message from The Worldonfire...


We have put a few tracks up on HERE, all of which will appear on our new album "Sail the Rough Sea" (we have even put the artwork up too) you lucky sons a bitches! The new album is scheduled for release in September sometime.

Hope you dig em...

Big love,
TWOF xxxxx"

Stream the Fever

Fever Sleeves debut record, "Soft Pipes, Play On" is now streaming on their myspace player. Check it out, buy it, and come to one of their shows this weekend in Tuscon and Glendale.

As Classic (Rock) As They Come

Band You Should Know : Canada's Hard Rockin' Pride Tiger

Linked by their 'real record collection' of vinyl and a shared love of music from the 70's, Vancouver, Canada's Pride Tiger on their debut album 'The Lucky Ones' echo the the songwriting style and dual guitar leads of classic Thin Lizzy and other hard driving, organic heavy rockers of the era.

Originally released on EMI Records in Canada in 2007, the release caused quite a stir in their native country, garnering them a Juno nomination(Canadian music's equal of The Grammys) in 2008 for Best Rock Album of the year. Recently issued in Europe via Classic Rock Magazine's Powerage label, the band must be considered among the cream of the crop of neo classic rockers.

Get Ready For The Assault

New footage of Boston's Isis in the studio working on their new album "Wavering Radiant" has been made available online. The album itself is scheduled for a May 05th release date via Ipecac. It will be preceded by a 2xLP vinyl release via Ipecac on April 21st. Watch the video below...

ISIS Wavering Radiant Studio Footage from ISIS THE BAND on Vimeo.


Crippled Black Phoenix - A Love of Shared Disasters, released 2007 (Cargo)

With a full baker's dozen's worth of musicians listed, the debut album by the U.K.'s Crippled Black Phoenix is part of the whole post-Broken Social Scene concept of band as endlessly mutating collective, but A Love of Shared Disasters is considerably more mutant than most. The driving force behind the band is Justin Greaves, former drummer for sludgy art-stoner metal acts Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard, but the heaviness sporadically on display here owes more to Mogwai (whose bassist Dominic Aitchison is a key participant) and Godspeed You Black Emperor!, an obvious touchstone for the epic centerpiece "Long Cold Summer." Elsewhere, there are twisted fragments of Neutral Milk Hotel's lo-fi emo-psych, traditional British folk-rock in the Steeleye Span mold (complete with harmonium parts straight out of the Shirley & Dolly Collins songbook), tunes reminiscent of old sea shanties warped within an inch of their life (see the opening "The Lament of the Nithered Mercenary" and the vintage Fairport Convention gone doom metal feel of "The Northern Cobbler"), and unexpected hits of straight-up Sigur Rós ethereality. It shouldn't make a bit of sense, and it doesn't in any sort of logical way, but there's an underlying vision to A Love of Shared Disasters, a cracked singularity that keeps it from being just a random bunch of acid-fried weird ideas glued together higgledy piggledy. - Stewart Mason

Album of the Year? Very Possible!

While Omar Rodriguez-Lopez’s new project may be a “grupo nuevo,” if you’re not a fan of his previous work with The Mars Volta, odds are you’re not going to fall in love with Cryptomnesia. The debut release from El Grupo Nuevo de Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, is the first of a trilogy of releases from this new project, and kicks things off with a manic explosion. Those who have already come to love The Mars Volta and Omar’s solo projects however, can add another prog filled, free jazz, psychedelic, and warped classic into their collection, as these fellas have done it again. Never a stranger to constant creativity, Omar (guitarist/composer/multi-instrumentalist/genius) has been releasing music at a frantic pace since the demise of At The Drive-In, and in no way has that affected the quality or integrity of his music. El Grupo Nuevo is comprised of himself, Zach Hill (drums) of Hella/Team Sleep fame, Jonathan Hischke (synth bass) of Hella, and The Mars Volta’s own Cedric Bixlar Zavala (vocals) and Juan Alderete de la Pena (bass). The idea of combining two of the most spastic hard rocking bands of this era is a phenomenal idea to many, and a growing headache to others. Fear not though, this album is still very much accessible (relatively) and should be widely embraced by fans of both bands. As you may imagine, this isn’t music to drift off to sleep to, but rather abrasive, well calculated, experimental rock designed to kick ass and blow minds.

The album roars out the gate with “Tuberculoids,” and the explosive Latin tinged guitar freak-outs that we have all come to know and love. This time around however, the drumming is just as elastic and shifting as the guitars. All this gigantic mess of sound manages to not become self-indulgent, as let’s face it, many thought it would. The songs are still concise while madly twisting back and forth. Zavala’s singing is beautiful with soaring melodies and the usual indecipherable cryptic lyricism. “Half Kleptos” is the most accessible and “commercial” song on the album, maybe even something radio could embrace if they wanted to take a chance for once. The song gives the vibe of a rundown old carnival with a creepy and funky mist in the air. The time signatures stay fairly normal for these two bands, but it’s not without its share of virtuosity from the two respective bassists. Zavala sings a memorable hook consisting of “Girl you ain’t better than the germs I spread/now I only gotta fix the fucking shape I’m in” with full rock star swagger and infectious repetition. If this shape needs fixing, please let it stay broken.
The title track clocks in at just over six minutes, the longest on the album, a sign this isn’t just another Mars Volta album. Lopez’s guitar work is like a raging hurricane; the eye of the storm demolishing all in its path as it spreads and feeds. Hill’s drumming surges through the wreckage with incredible compliment and out of this world precision. This is the kind of rhythm that will make anyone a believer as he delivers an all out assault on his drum kit. Zavala’s vocals warp in and out with processed effects, and you have to give the man some credit for even attempting to sing a melody to most of these records. “They’re Coming To Get You, Barbara,” is an instrumental voyage complete with synth tinkering and digital noise manipulation that bursts with heavy stomping riffs that come and go with no warning. Imagine what it might be like on an alien ship…during a rave, and this is what I expect to be playing. There is so much music to hear within these songs, that the album will feel brand new even after multiple listens.

“Puny Humans” is about as spastic as they come, and Zavala’s lyrics seem to express it best, “I won’t get tourettes if you won’t get tourettes.” Hill’s drumming seems to topple over itself in a barrage of indestructible rhythms. Sharp angular guitar and plodding bass all surge together for this rapid attack on your perception. The song shifts directly into “Shake is For 8th Graders, even incorporating the same vocal lines. Hill manages to steal the show from Lopez on this one, as he crashes about with sincere and extreme drumming. Zavala’s vocals are the closest thing to his former At The Drive-In style heard since their demise, which serves as a welcome mixture of days past and what is still certain to come.

“Noir” twitches with synth created electrical energy to begin, and is unlike the rest of the album in the fact that it’s not an instant outburst of sound, but rather builds slowly with rigid guitar movements and wide open bass waves that lead into the hypnotizing bridge section before the storm finally hits, and in full force. “Paper Cunts,” may not contain everyone’s favorite title, but the song more than makes up to those who might be offended. Zavala is able to sing an extremely catchy melody that will engrain itself in your memory over a never ending stampede of math fueled drum fills and futuristic guitar freak-outs that continue to scream virtuoso with every note. This track blends right into “Elderly Pair Beaten With Hammers,” complete with a waltz like melody from Zavala. The vocals are brief however as the other four members of the band storm into hyperspace as if they’ve been playing together for ages. “Warren Oates” segues right in without missing a step, in what is essentially just an extended leg of the previous track. This is intelligent, ballsy, and simply incredible musicianship. Zavala’s vocals come back in after about a minute and a half of the new song, with one of those hypnotic falsetto melodies that he’s engaged in so many times with The Mars Volta, leaving your mind spinning and salivating for more. The intensity is kicked into full gear, and one can only imagine what this could do if they ever decide to tour. The vulgarly titled closer “Fuck Your Mouth” is simply a 24 second thank you for all those that have made the journey, and are “still listening at this point.” Having played this album nonstop for several weeks now, I know that I’ll be listening for a very long time to come.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Mushroom Too Many

By this point in time, the overall strangeness of Les Claypool’s albums and music shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Just in case you’ve never heard the guy, though, prepare yourself for the weird. Claypool is one of the finest, and certainly one of the most creative, bassists of our generation, and that statement isn’t limited to just rock music. The sounds Claypool has been known to derive from his bass and the overall instrumentation of his albums is unique in the hard rock world, and perhaps that’s why since ending Primus (aside from the one off reunion show here and there), his projects over the last decade have been widely embraced by the jam band community. From creating some of the best alternative metal of the 90’s to shrooming with the hippies at Bonnaroo, Claypool has kept one thing consistent - his musical integrity. On his new album Of Fungi and Foe, Claypool has pieced together some of the work he has done for various outlets since his official solo debut Of Whales and Woe in 2006. The bulk of the tracks come from music he made for the video game Mushroom Men as well as the horror movie Pig Hunt. With that in mind, Of Fungi and Foe is wildly shroom influenced with a noticeably darker feel than his usual solo material.

The album starts off with the minimalist title track for the video game Mushroom Men, and, yes, the song is actually about mushroom spores coming to life. In case you didn’t know without hearing it, the track features extremely original bass playing with liquid slaps that are both out of whack and right in time with his madness. Claypool isn’t entirely alone, however; he is joined by hand played bongos, xylophone, violin and cellos throughout the album. “Amanitas” off kilter tones seem reminiscent of his Robot Chicken theme song but with a menacing video game sounding evilness. “Red State Girl” is a funny attack at the Republican section of the country, Sarah Palin, and rednecks in general. Plucked strings run rampantly up and down while being accompanied by manic violin maneuvering.

“Booneville Stomp” is most likely my favorite track on the album, as the bass line bounces in a funky… well, stomp that could have easily worked with any Primus record. Imagine Claypool gathering a rowdy group of “good ol’ boys” and getting down on the porch, and this is the record for said occasion. “What Would Sir George Martin Do” is a goofy track that ponders such things as how George Martin (famous Beatles producer) would hail a cab. Colorful and cartoonish, the song features an arrangement of kazoos and xylophones. “You Can’t Tell Errol Anything” is another great narrative from the mind of Claypool with a backing bongo beat that would fit comfortably with DC go-go music. The story is interesting, and the song jams in a dark swampy fashion that grooves beneath a heavy murkiness.

“Bite Out of Life” is a collaborative jam with fellow musical weirdo, Gogol Bordello’s Eugene Hutz, and it’s apparent these two had a good time working together. The gypsy punk hero mixes with Claypool and several bottles of vodka to make a compelling track with some of the strangest harmonizing you’ll ever here. “Kazoo” continues the odd, with a deep baritone voiced Claypool cruising over a sweeping jazz influenced rhythm, but doesn’t offer much to the listener. The remainder of the album continues with the dark and minimal compositions, but none really seem to stand out with the usual zing of Claypool’s work.

As with all of his other albums, it will take time to get over the general head scratching confusion of what to make of it, but in time the songs begin to grow on you, and once again, Claypool has delivered an album that only he can. Overall a solid listen for the devout fan, but here’s to hoping he returns a bit more upbeat and funky with whatever his next offering may be.

Some Fine Songs...

A wealth of tracks have now been added to the upcoming "Guitar Hero: Smash Hits" videogame which is due out on June 16th. The game, which compiles a variety of tracks from past iterations of the franchise and updates them to current four playable instrument "Guitar Hero" standards, will now feature the original master recordings of:

Rage Against The Machine - "Killing In The Name"
Nirvana - "Heart Shaped Box"
Alice In Chains - "Them Bones"
The Sword - "Freya"
Foo Fighters - "Monkey Wrench"
Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Free Bird"
Jane's Addiction - "Stop!"
Wolfmother - "Woman"
Kansas - "Carry On My Wayward Son"
Stone Temple Pilots - "Trippin' On A Hole In A Paper Heart"
Deep Purple - "Smoke On The Water"
Helmet - "Unsung" (live)
Queens Of The Stone Age - "No One Knows"
Ozzy Osbourne - "Bark At The Moon"
White Zombie - "Thunder Kiss '65"
and more...

Lucky for Europe

The Deftones continue to expand their overseas touring schedule, here's how it currently looks:

August 21st Ludinghausen, GER - Area 4 Festival
August 23rd Erfurt, GER - Highfield Festival
August 28th Reading, UK - Reading Festival
August 30th Leeds, UK - Leeds Festival

The group are expected to once again enlist the services of bassist Sergio Vega (ex-Quicksand) for the shows with band mate Chi Cheng said to still be in a coma following a car accident this past November. Donations for his associated medicals costs are currently still being fielded over at


The Worldonfire have posted a video promo for their upcoming sophomore album due out in September.

Shrinebuilder Update

Brooklyn Vegan recently conducted an interview with Scott Kelly (NEUROSIS, NEUROT, SHRINEBUILDER). A few excerpts from the chat follow below.

Brooklyn Vegan: Where are you exactly in the process as far as SHRINEBUILDER (the project that features in its ranks Wino [ST. VITUS, THE HIDDEN HAND], Scott Kelly, Al Cisneros [OM, SLEEP], and Dale Crover [MELVINS]), is concerned? I know you provided recent updates on your blog, but since then, how's it coming along?

Scott: We are basically in the same spot we were... Not finished mixing yet, artwork's not done yet, but getting closer on both. Wino ended up doing an extra day of guitar in Baltimore about ten days after he did the initial recording and Dale's done a little bit of percussion overdubs and we've been kinda dialing in each song a little at a time. Its actually really close to a final mix. Al is recording the new OM album in Chicago, so when he gets done he'll be in there with those guys. I'd expect to have it all mixed probably within a couple weeks... it's really close.

Brooklyn Vegan: Obviously, you and Wino fulfill similar roles in each of your respective bands... lately anyway. Obviously, Al was/is a vocalist/bassist and Dale is a vocalist in addition to his work behind the kit. How did SHRINEBUILDER sort of fit together... did you each fall into roles similar to your own or kind of take on different challenges within the confines of this lineup?

Scott: Riff-wise, it was very collaborative. One thing that we knew from the onset was that we weren't going to have any shortage of riffs between me, Al and Wino. I mean, there are like endless amounts of shit there that part was easy. We had some riffs that were brought in individually, maybe with a sequence around them, and then there were other things that were brought in as "here's an idea". In addition to that, I think that was a few days back in September when we took the next step and the three of us sat in a room together [Scott with Al and Wino]. But it all flowed really well and that part of it... really the whole thing flowed well. Vocally, it broke into basically me and Wino doing the bulk of the vocals, but Al is doing some pretty significant parts and Dale is doing some shadowing of the vocals. It's definitely very collaborative... when you listen to it you hear parts where you may be able to pick the origin, but then the other person's layers are in there as well and it all came together really pretty easily in that way. It was a remarkably painless project. It just flowed... The chemistry between everybody is really good, and the natural roles within a band in order for a band to work... the stuff that's outside of the music, those all filled in easily as well. Dale's got a really good ear and he's pretty adept behind the soundboard so he assumed the assistant producer/engineer role when he was done with his drums.

Brooklyn Vegan: I know in the past you guys have hinted that SHRINEBUILDER will also make some live appearances as well. Has any of that been fleshed out at all?

Scott: Yeah, we're just trying to figure out when. That's the most difficult thing about this project... just figuring out when to do shit because we've all got projects that are the number one. I have confidence that we'll figure it out... we're kind of talking tentatively about some stuff right now, but we will see. There will definitely be some live gigs... I know I have a partial jam laid out, and so does Wino... so there is gonna be new material as well.

Don't Let the Days Go By...

[] WINNIPEG - Just when we thought Gavin Rossdale had permanently swapped his guitar strap for a baby Snuggly, the former Bush man goes and shows us he's still got a little fire in the ol' belly.

The 43-year-old British rocker played his heart out at the Burton Cummings Theatre on Wednesday night. Sure, the crowd was sparse at 750. But after years of dealing with the unwanted Mr. Stefani moniker - a result of marrying Gwen Stefani and fathering her two sons shortly after his post-grunge band Bush split - Rossdale, simply dressed in blue jeans and a T-shirt, had something to prove.

And whatever that was, he seemed to have accomplished it.

While the doting daddy of two-year-old Kingston and eight-month-old Zuma focused mainly on his pop-rock solo debut WANDERlust, he exercised his other catalog options - including at least one track from nearly every Bush album and even one (Bullet Proof Skin) from his short-lived band Institute's only disc Distort Yourself. Oh, and there was also that rather impressive cover of Fleetwood Mac's Landslide.

Obviously the Bush tunes went over best - and Rossdale snuck 1994 Sixteen Stone hit Machinehead into the setlist early on before hauling out other old favorites like ballad Glycerine and heavy-hitter Comedown for the encore.

In between, the raspy-voiced singer-guitarist carved an edge on WANDERlust's softer offerings - notably This is Happiness and If You're Not With Us You Are Against Us - and slowed things down for Forever May You Run and single Love Remains the Same (which has been heard on soundtracks galore, from film Nights in Rodanthe to last week's episode of 90210).

And, always the gracious Brit, Rossdale was sure to thank his enthused audience numerous times. "It's good to see you again," he said. "Thank you for coming out."

Though would it really have killed him to further express his gratitude by smiling once in awhile? We swore we heard someone behind us wonder aloud, "Is he dead?" due to the pained zombie expression he held onto throughout his 90-minute set.

We guess that's all part of maintaining the tortured grunge-singer image he built for himself as Bush's frontman - and a frequently accused Kurt Cobain imitator - in the mid-1990s. And we'll forgive him on the grounds that he's barely aged since the band played to thousands of screaming teenagers at the Winnipeg Arena in 1997. It was hard not to still be mesmerized by the curly-haired heartthrob's bedroom eyes and svelte tennis-player's physique - we're not gonna lie. No doubt the Great Gwen has great taste.

Aside from the occasional handshake and rockstar pose on either side of the stage, neither Rossdale nor the members of his four-piece band (who remain anonymous, since he didn't introduce them) truly acknowledged the fans. And while we'd say that was our biggest criticism, it didn't seem to matter much to all the still-devoted female AND male Bush-heads in the crowd, whose love for Rossdale clearly remains the same.


The Trouble I'm In
If You're Not With Us You Are Against Us
Can't Stop the World
Forever May You Run
Landslide (Fleetwood Mac cover)
Bullet Proof Skin
Everything Zen
This is Happiness
The People That We Love


The Chemicals Between Us
Love Remains the Same

Magic Keys

The Black Keys - Magic Potion, released 2006 (Nonesuch)

[] Akron's the Black Keys have jumped labels again with Magic Potion. Beginning on their own Alive label, the band established itself internationally with Thickfreakness and Rubber Factory. They appear now with their Nonesuch debut — they share a label with everyone from Pat Metheny and Sam Phillips to Toumani Diabaté and Stephin Merritt. Fans needn't worry that the Black Keys being on a label distributed by Warner has done anything to their sound. Magic Potion is gritty, raw, immediate and sludgy. It was recorded at the band's studios in Akron, and the only real difference is that they've become even better at what they do. Here are 11 tunes rooted in blues and riff-heavy rock, with only guitar and drums ripping through them like a loose power cable in a thunderstorm. Check out the wildly rockist riff that is at the heart of the album's opener "Just Got to Be," or the wily shambolic blues in "Your Touch." If anything, Magic Potion reminds the listener of the late great Red Devils King King except they have a deeper country, south-of-the-Mason-Dixon-line feel to them, even on a ballad such as "You're the One," which feels like it's barely being held together by Dan Auerbach's voice, which unifies the guitar and Patrick Carney's drums. "Strange Desire" is an electric-acid-blues moan disguised as a ballad, whereas "Just a Little Heat" inverts the riff from Led Zeppelin's "Little Loving Maid " to offer a wide-open howl of distorted guitar and a slippery snare and cymbals crash. For those who feel that the blues have nothing to offer in the 21st century — especially electric blues, which has spawned countless cookie-cutter, slick deceptions disguised as the real thing — Magic Potion should satisfy deeply. Here is a future blues that comes right from the groin of history, reinterpreted through garage rock, alcohol, and rage: just check out "Modern Times." In the slow drawling burn, one can hear Junior Kimbrough's ghost possessing Auerbach. "Elevator" closes the set on a feedback-drenched, minimal Delta blues that has more to do with the cagey antics of Charley Patton and Lightnin' Hopkins — and R.L. Burnside, too — than with either the White Stripes or Ronnie Earl. This is vulgar music, completely unsentimental or nostalgic but with a deep, wild, and tenacious heart; it's spooky, un-caged, and frighteningly descriptive of our time and place. It's been a long time since the majors put out a record this savage. This is the door to the blues in 2006; hold on to your hips because they will begin to twitch. - Thom Jurek

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cosmic Return

Wolfmother's Andrew Stockdale has revealed details of his band's forthcoming album to NME.COM.

After parting ways with his original bandmates last year (citing "longstanding frictions" as the cause), Stockdale has recruited three new members who have been laying down tracks at Sound City Studios in Los Angeles.

"We're almost there," Stockdale told NME.COM. "I've done 18 songs. Hopefully it should be out in September."

Stockdale said that he always intended to continue using the name of the band he co-founded, even after the split.

"Before the other guys left I'd written all these songs for Wolfmother," Stockdale explained. "To put it out under another name seemed kind of ridiculous. I thought why not continue? I got some new people in the band. I had the songs and whoever was around was in the band. Sounds a bit dangerous!"

Now, Stockdale and his new bandmates have nearly completed the follow-up to Wolfmother's 2006 self-titled debut, which he says will be called 'Cosmic Egg'.

"I did a yoga class and one of the poses we were doing was called 'cosmic egg', and I thought yeah, that's it. It's like the fetal pose," he said.

Album song titles include 'White Feather', 'Violence In The Sun' and the album's title track.

When comparing the new album to Wolfmother's previous material, Stockdale said, "Everything is magnified. The heaviness is magnified to heavier state. The simple ones are really simplistic, two-minute songs, and the journey songs are like 12 parts."

Street Sweeper Social Club

Street Sweeper, the new project featuring Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine fame, Boots Riley of The Coup and Stanton Moore of Galactic fame on drums, have officially changed their name to Street Sweeper Social Club. The band will release their self-titled debut through ILG on June 16th, the track listing for which is as follows:

01 - "Fight! Smash! Win!"
02 - "100 Little Curses"
03 - "The Oath"
04 - "The Squeeze"
05 - "Clap For The Killers"
06 - "Somewhere In the World It's Midnight"
07 - "Shock You Again"
08 - "Good Morning, Mrs. Smith"
09 - "Megablast"
10 - "Promenade"
11 - "Nobody Moves (Til We Say Go)"

Morello himself recently commented on what to expect from the group, likening the bands music as "revolutionary party jams." He continued on saying:
"It's got huge steamroller riffs combined with depth, charge, funk, while Boots unloads clip after clip of incendiary rhymes rich with satire and venom." For now, three tracks from the outing can be heard online HERE.

Knifeman Jaws

The Bronx's new video for their track "Knifeman" has premiered online here.

The Valley Arena...Died

The Valley Arena's NEW album titled "We Died" will be available MAY 21ST!!! You can currently hear two new songs on their myspace page, HERE.

When you buy the 7"/ EP (featuring remix by Ikey Owens) you get a free download of the entire full length album.


The digital full length album will also be available on iTunes and other main digital retailers JUNE 1ST.


Crystal Antlers of Psych Bliss

[; by Jeffrey Terich] In Crystal Antlers' hometown of Long Beach, California, rain is scarce, sunshine is dominant, and coastal air keeps everything light and breezy. Yet, when the band emerged in 2008 with a self-released six-song EP of dense, psychedelic punk rock, they arrived like the meeting of a hurricane and a hailstorm, plowing their listeners with one of the most exciting, intense sounds they'd likely ever heard.

Mixing a little bit of Blue Cheer's fuzzed-out riff rock, the dark psychedelia of The Doors and the hyperactive punk rock of The Blood Brothers, not to mention a unique blend of noise and melody, Crystal Antlers ultimately conjure up a sound that's difficult to categorize but still maintains its sense of melody and accessibility beneath its waves of distortion and effects pedals. After the group's 2008 debut EP built up some notoriety in Internet circles, singer-bassist Jonny Bell, guitarist Andrew King, drummer Kevin Stuart, organist Victor Rodriguez, percussionist Damian Edwards and guitarist Errol Davis attracted the attention of Touch & Go Records, who promptly signed them. Less than a year later, the group released their debut full-length, Tentacles (released April 7 on Touch & Go), which, according to Bell, sums the band up nicely.

"The only idea we had for this record was that it encompassed all the things we've done up to this point," says Bell. "Some of the songs were written before the EP. A lot of them are new songs. We're always writing stuff. Those songs that we used for the record are kind of what we've been doing up to this point."

The material on Tentacles represents a wide range of sound, from the woozy balladry of "Andrew" to the fiery-but-catchy trip of "Time Erased" to the uncompromising hardcore assault of the title track. And while the songs may shift in tempo and volume, one thing that doesn't change is the intensity, which doesn't relent until the final track fades. Though that kind of palpable tension is merely part of what the band specializes in, Bell explained that their concentrated marathon weeklong recording session was a tense experience of its own.

"We recorded up in San Francisco with our friends and we were pretty much isolated," Bell says. "We pretty much never left the studio for more than 15 minutes at a time. It was very stressful, but that's what we were sort of trying to create, to get it done."

With six people contributing myriad sounds, Crystal Antlers' music can be a complex beast, though according to Bell, the songwriting process is much simpler. "Usually I write all the songs by myself, on bass or piano, and then we'll go to the practice space and see how everyone interprets them and does their own thing," he says.

Tentacles is very much a rock record, and loud guitars play a prominent role. Yet one striking characteristic of the album is its use of organ. Keyboards are front and center on Tentacles lending it a vintage, psychedelic sound that sets them apart from many of their Southern California punk peers. According to Bell, the band was interested in changing how the instruments were mixed, in order to present something a little less conventional.

"People are used to hearing guitars blare over every record, and we just wanted to experiment with that in front," Bell said. "It's very balanced."

Crystal Antlers has steadily risen in the past year, from a barely known underground punk band, to something of a buzz band. They toured with Cold War Kids, landed a record deal and rode a wave of critical acclaim on the strength of their unsigned debut EP. Yet winter of 2008 dealt them a lousy hand, as their van, packed with all of their musical instruments and equipment, was stolen outside of a club in Long Beach. As Bell says, the experience was "pretty devastating." However, a caring local community helped them to get back on their feet.

"We were looking for it everywhere, right before South by Southwest," Bell says. "We had no money at all to get new stuff. The community in Long Beach was very supportive, though, and threw some benefit shows for us. A few weeks later the police found the van. We were really, really lucky. So, we donated the money [for the van] to a local animal rescue."

While the band did eventually recover their van, they ultimately had to buy back most of their gear, which can be costly for any band, let alone one on a shoestring budget. In fact, the model of bass that Johnny Bell had been playing had since gone up in value from when he had first bought it, thereby making it too expensive to buy a second time.

Crystal Antlers was dealt some more bad news in February, when Touch & Go Records announced that it would no longer be releasing any new music, and that it would exist solely to be a catalog-only label. The downsizing of the legendary independent record imprint dealt a tremendous blow to music fans all over, but for Crystal Antlers, it proposes a more direct obstacle.

For the time being, Touch & Go is still releasing Tentacles and will still do promotion behind the album, but after this round, the band will find themselves without a label again. Nonetheless, Bell remains optimistic, and continues to focus on one thing at a time, namely promoting and touring behind this album.

"Right now, our record's still coming out, so we're just going to work on that," Bell says. "Touch & Go is a really great label, and they're like family to us. It really bummed us out."

While Crystal Antlers may not be aligned with any labels in the immediate future, Bell says they're merely going to keep doing what they do. After all, they did sell 3,000 copies of their debut EP on self-promotion alone.

"We have a plan for what we're going to do," Bell said, "regardless of whether we have a label or not."

Crystal Antlers are on tour now; dates available HERE.