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(Damn) This Desert Air Interviewed by NinjaTeamGo

Joshua of Ninja Team Go recently posted an interview with the one and only Craig from (DAMN) THIS DESERT AIR (not to mention HOUSEWITHOUTWALLS, his terrific graphic design company Exploding In Sound can't live without)... Don't forget that (D)TDA's debut EP is available for FREE download HERE.

NINJA TEAM GO!: Let me know who I'm talkin' to so I can mention it…

CC: This is Craig of (Damn) This Desert Air here to fill-in the blanks.

NINJA TEAM GO!: Your band is made up of random members from some other bands, whats the current line up and who plays what?

CC: Well,We’ve had a few good friends come and go and the one’s that have signed off are still close to us. We value this band’s kinship as a reason we’re still moving forward. To answer your question directly, none of us are currently in any other active bands. Right now, the band consist of Shawn Reams on Guitar, Ti Kreck on Drums, Alf Bartone on Bass, Mike Wolff on Guitar and myself, Craig on the microphone.
Here is some of the other bands we’ve played with prior to (D)TDA, and they include Instruction, Merciana, The Fire Still Burns, Elemae, Ex Number Five, No Reward, Errortype: 11 and the list goes on…

NINJA TEAM GO!! Where did you all meet and how long have you guys been playing together?

CC: I’m pretty sure we’re nearing our 3rd year of developing the band. We started slower—a more casual “music first” beginning, to stepping the momentum up a few notches along the way. We’re now looking forward to where we’re headed next—definitely will be our most active time yet.

About our formation—we were all in crowds at shows of bands we mutually admired back in the late 90’s, as well as shared stages in our previous bands. To be honest, each of us have so many branches connected to one another, it’s definitely a family tree of sorts. All of our members, current and past, have been a part of the NJ/NY music scene for a very long time. Built from post-hardcore and reaching far beyond.

NINJA TEAM GO!: Where did you guys come up with that name?

CC: It was a mistake actually. Our drummer Ti thought it was a line in one of our first songs, “Calling Orion.” It was not, yet it stuck.

NINJA TEAM GO!: How would you describe your sound to someone who has never heard you?

CC: Oh, that’s easy. Post-ProgressiveAlternativeSpaceHardcoreMetalShoegazeGrungeAmbientNewWave-Rock.

NINJA TEAM GO!: What’s your writing process like?

CC: Democratically. No one gets away with sole ownership here. Usually the frame of a song is constructed on guitar, and the rest of the instruments hang on that frame—then twist it, bend it, stretch it, make love to it, give it a name and warn it about the evil world outside the house.

NINJA TEAM GO!: Where do you see (DAMN) THIS DESERT AIR in the future?

CC: iPods across the globe.

NINJA TEAM GO!: You guys are featured on the FAILURE tribute album how’d that come about?

CC: Specifically, we saw a post about it on and contacted the label (Pop Up Records) about it, not realizing the comp was already underway and just about full of approved bands already. Fate was on our side though, as if I’m remembering correctly, a band just dropped or was let go a day or two prior to us getting in touch. Larry Suglio over there at Pop Up heard our material and had very high compliments, leading to our immediate acceptance. We couldn’t have been more stoked. Failure was a big influence for most of us.

NINJA TEAM GO!: You guys have been playing around the East Coast any plans to come to the West Coast yet?

CC: Would love to. Nothing in the works. Make us an offer and we’re there.

NINJA TEAM GO!: Is there anything worth mentioning or you would like to get across?

CC: Look out for a single off our new EP, Distance Waits, streaming from our website very soon (probably by the time this is posted). We’re working on details of the EP’s release currently. We’re also in the process of finishing up a few new songs and booking more shows on the East Coast... and hopefully beyond—please get in touch if interested...

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