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The wait is over, time to rock! EXPLODING IN SOUND is back once again with another fresh batch of incredible rock bands to get familiar with. "The Recession Rock Revival 2009" is available for FREE download with full artwork attached to every compilation. FEEL FREE TO DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD, SHARE, and SPREAD the word to everyone you know! The phenomenal bands comprising the compilation range from indie, alternative, grunge, singer/songwriter, math rock, shoegaze, alt/folk, metal and so much more. There truly is something for everyone here, so be sure to give these talented bands your ears and attention. I am very proud of this album, and I can only hope everyone else will love it as much as I do. I'd love to hear your thoughts, so leave a comment. Feel free to pass the download link on to anyone and everyone you think might be interested. As this is a FREE compilation, the goal is for as many people possible to hear it, and gain artists exposure by strong word of mouth!! Spread the word and together we can help bring quality rock music back to where it should be. Please support these artists, and enjoy!

I want to give a special thanks to all the artists, Craig at HOUSEWITHOUTWALLS,, friends, family, and everyone who is supporting the cause. Let's keep it going and continue to rebuild faith in rock music.


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Track listing and band info...

1. Ex Norwegian – Aventura
(previously unreleased)

The sunshine of Miami has soaked into Ex Norwegian’s brand of power pop in all the best ways. On their debut album “Standby” they have created alternative music that is quirky, intelligent, and highly inventive. The band has strong memorable harmonies to accompany their sonic hum of reverb and infectious melodies. Heavily contagious, Ex Norwegian has the sound that will be swirling in your head for days on end. Imagine Superdrag mixed with The Kinks and you can get an idea of their sound that really needs to be heard to believe.

2. Traindead – Slow Burner
(from the album “Traindead”)

Traindead have been together for a very short time, but have managed to create an extremely promising debut self-titled album. While knowing very little about the band, their music speaks volumes for this trio from Phoenix, AZ. Simple, incredible songwriting that recalls the greatest era of alternative rock comes in short blazes of distorted glory. Reminiscent of Built to Spill, Dinosaur Jr, and The Afghan Whigs all thrown into a blender, the sound is familiar and very new at the same time. The future is wide open for Traindead, and is looking extraordinary.

3. Zelazowa – Numbers
(from the album “Elephants on a Mousehunt”)

Hailing from Philly, Zelazowa are the epitome of DIY success. They have toured worldwide, gathered a massive audience of fans, and played on over 200 radio stations without the help of a label, major or indie. Their music is heavy, grooving, and emotional with raw and soaring vocals. Wild melodies lead into intricate rhythmic shifts and sonic explosions of the best variety on their most recent album “Elephants on a Mousehunt”. Fans of At The Drive-In, The Pixies, and Led Zeppelin should be quick to embrace their music, and their songwriting that leaves much to discover on repeat listens.

4. Arcane Roots – Rouen
(from their sophomore EP)

The word epic gets tossed around a lot these days, but when speaking of Arcane Roots’ music, it is well justified. These three lads from South East, UK create stunning and gorgeous music that isn’t afraid to switch to jarring and aggressive in a split second. Their sound is fiery and showcases their control of smooth changing time signatures and a voice with range capable of both melting hearts and destroying eardrums. This is a band that should make big waves from across the way!

5. Spectator – Something Like a War (demo)
(previously unreleased)

Coming from the rich Boston music scene, Spectator are a four piece rock tour-de-force. With a sharp angular guitar approach being complemented by the entrancing rhythm section, all that you can hope for is a great singer. Absolutely no problem there, as the vocals soar and shine with a large degree of Jeff Buckley or Muse influence. Beautiful shimmering guitars bleed right into the stunning vocals for certified radio ready alternative rock that can be enjoyed by the masses.

6. Heroes of the Kingdom – With My Shoes
(from the album “Heroes of the Kingdom”)

Heroes of the Kingdom don’t come from one of the usual hotbeds for new music, but their surroundings in Collinsville, Illinois could very well have seeped into what makes their sound so great. Composing songs that are dreary, sludgy, and densely layered without the fuzz of stoner rock, their sound comes across like late Fugazi or their neighbors in Riddle of Steel, with vocals reminiscent of Perry Farrell at his most straight-forward moments. The guitars are powerful as they progress and play off each other, at times including a southern flare that makes their music even more unique. Their self titled debut album is easily becoming one of my favorite releases of the year.

7. Lemonwilde – Nondeterministic Automation
(from the EP “Red Room”)

Lemonwilde are a fashionably murky band from Los Angeles, playing an artistic and haunting breed of indie rock. Vocal melodies that would make Ours’ Jimmy Gnecco proud mix with elegant piano accompaniment. These guys show a real talent for mixing acoustic and electronic elements into a blend that is very much their own. Moody, dark atmospherics merge seamlessly with break beat rhythms for an eerie beauty forging a dream like euphoria.

8. Fever Sleeves – Futuristic Killings
(from the album “Soft Pipes, Play On”)

Fever Sleeves are the next great hope for the math rock genre, and are making it known on their debut full length, “Soft Pipes, Play On”. The power trio from San Diego plays with complex calculated rhythms that are constantly shifting. Add bright twinkling guitars that swirl around like a tornado and cheerful upbeat vocals that pull the mayhem together. This is rip roaring math rock with an indie pop edge and a healthy dose of prog that fans of Minus The Bear and At The Drive-In or Hella and Tera Melos can enjoy.

9. The Joy Bus – Shadows on the Wall
(from the album “Sleeping with Ghosts”)

The music that makes up “Sleeping with Ghosts,” The Joy Bus’ new album, brings to mind shoegaze… on steroids. The classic elements of great shoegaze music are there from the gigantic walls of distorted sound, to exceedingly noisy effect soaked melodies. The difference here is the overall attitude; unlike the standard dreariness typically associated with the genre, this fine addition to the thriving Austin, TX rock scene plays with a buzzing energy. Amped up and surging with thick layers of guitar, I like to think of their music as the glorious bastard child of the shoegaze and space sounds of the early 90’s, all grown up in 2009 and ready to rock.

10. Robots and Empire – Time Like Machines
(from the EP “Color Touches”)

Blending post-hardcore, grunge, stoner, and space rock is not an easy thing to do, but Robots and Empire have managed to make it happen with great results. Hailing from Poughkeepsie, NY their sound has became a hybrid of the east coast rock scene, particularly Cave In, Quicksand, Torche, and Helmet (with a healthy helping of Seattle for good measure). Between 2007’s impeccable full length “Omnivore” and the new, equally impressive EP “Color Touches,” this hard rocking quartet is borrowing the best ingredients from the afore mentioned genres, and intertwining them into a sound that is unique, melodic, heavy, and oozes with rock and roll swagger.

11. Juarez – Orgy in Red
(from their debut EP)

If you love yourself some quality doom pop, Tucson, AZ’s Juarez is the band for you. With their freely downloadable debut EP, they have expanded on the fantastic genre Torche helped to create over the past few years, mixing hard charging riff rock that tears apart and vaporizes all in its path with delicate atmospherics. Long stretches of hazy and hypnotizing post-rock passages draw between Mogwai, Jesu, and Isis, before crashing into the anthemic and catchy vocal melodies. The delivery of these vocals fits perfectly as it drifts in the enormous and expansive waves of the band. Juarez would make an excellent addition to either the Hydra Head or Ipecac Records rosters, as their future looks very promising.

12. Freedom Hawk – Going Down
(from the album “Sunlight”)

The east coast rock scene has gone on long enough without their own stoner rock heroes. In 2009, you can rest assured that time has passed, as Virginia Beach’s Freedom Hawk have officially arrived, fuzz pedals and all. The same desert sun fried grooves that graced the sound of classic Kyuss and Fu Manchu albums is burning down on VA beach, and these guys are soaring high and hazy. For anyone who longs for the glory days of Ozzy-era Black Sabbath, Freedom Hawk are more than willing to fill that void, complete with a voice to rival the legend, huge powerful riffs to make Iommi jealous, psychedelic sludge, and soulful energy. Their debut album “Sunlight” is destined to become another classic in the stoner rock genre for joint after joint to come.

13. Christian James Langdon – The Best I Never Had
(previously unreleased)

I have been patiently (more like impatiently…) waiting for Christian Langdon to release an album of some sorts for years now. With many other artists, after this long with no purchasable music I would have given up hope, but that is not the case here. There is something about Langdon’s song writing that simply floors me on every listen. His music, for the most part, is simple singer/songwriter style, with just his voice and his guitar. Yet despite the lack of a band approach, the sound of his voice is so full and intoxicating that you can’t help but get enamored with it. Having played with Arckid, an integral part of the brilliant Spacehog family of musicians, Langdon’s lyrical and vocal talents really showcase his gift for song-craft. Show support and help make my “Christian Langdon full length album” dream come true.

14. Mahabone – Places in the Twilight
(previously unreleased)

If there’s something in the water in Austin, TX, it’s some sort of magical elixir that creates great rock bands, seemingly with the greatest of ease. Mahabone are no exception to this, as they have emerged in their band’s infancy sounding like seasoned veterans of grungy space rock. The five piece’s music will immediately resonate with fans of Failure and Hum, and joins the ranks of incredible up-and-coming space rock hopefuls like Exeter, Satellite Tragedy, and (Damn) This Desert Air that can bring the genre back to fruition. Guitars that move in motion trails of pedal noise combine with crisp, raw, and dense rhythms and slightly buried vocals that sound like Kurt Cobain might on a peaceful journey to outer-space.

15. Sons of Albion – Take a Look
(from the 7” single “Take a Look”)

There are those who do things because they are cool, and then there are those who are in it for the sheer love of it all. When discussing bringing the grunge scene back to the mainstream, London’s Sons of Albion are in it for the love. Gaining a reputation for grungy bleak live shows, their music reflects the second coming of Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, and Screaming Trees. Not to say they sound like these bands from the 90’s, but the influence is in their hearts. With Robert Plant, easily one of the greatest rock singers of all time as a father, lead singer Logan Plant doesn’t simply mimic his rock royalty dad, but rather channels his own soulful yet modern sound. Check out the track “Castles in the Sky” online, and look for their debut album in the next year to fully cement their updated brand of grunge.

16. Buick McKane – Second Chances
(previously unreleased)

From the Northampton area of the UK, Buick McKane have created their own take on Biffy Clyro’s incredible sound. With highly accessible vocals and melodies over charged angular guitars and strange time signatures this is heavy rock spliced with very strong pop undertones, without going the conventional pop-rock route. These songs are complex and intelligent, qualities rarely seen in pop rock, giving them a distinct indie feel. This is still very much a rock band, and the duo will appeal to fans of Oceansize, We Are Scientists, and of course Biffy Clyro. Jagged, raw, and filled with hooks, it’s no surprise this duo is named after a song by sleazy glam legends T. Rex.

17. Appomattox – Sparx
(from the album “A O”)

Brooklyn, NY has become a major breeding ground for trendy hipster indie rock, but Appomattox are proof there is still honest and raw music being made there. Their creative blend of The Pixies styled bouncing bass lines, the articulate angular guitar flourishes of Fugazi, and reverb soaked vocals make for a gracious helping of indie, shoegaze, and punk rock rolled into one. The layers are thick, the pedals are juiced, and the guitars provide a constant steamrolling wall of sound. Their full length debut “A O” is blistering with guitar effects that establish indie shoegaze as only Appomattox can.

18. B.L. Barakus – Morelife
(from the upcoming EP “Morelife”)

Since appearing on the fantastic Failure tribute album, Pompano Beach, FL’s own B.L. Barakus have continued on their path they started with their interpretation of “Heliotropic.” The duo of Larry Suglio and Dan Kwains combine digital manipulation with menacing washes of guitar feedback and industrial influenced drumming. Joined by Satellite Tragedy vocalist Ridd Sorenson they have created the perfect sprawling drift for deep space that’s both hypnotic and hauntingly melodic.

19. The New Verb – River Song
(previously unreleased)

The New Verb is the stunning minimalistic brainchild of Imogen Goldie. Located in London, she plays with slinky rust soaked overdriven guitars that only compliment her dark, sultry, and gorgeous vocals. Her voice will undeniably draw comparisons to PJ Harvey and Portishead, and that’s just the company it belongs in. Double tracked harmonies, Queens of the Stone Age-esque vocal melodies, and singular guitar lines that resemble White Pony era Deftones, show The New Verb has a real gift for songwriting and should be the UK’s next great female alt-rock songstress. Goldie’s lyrics are personal, genuine, and passionate, serving as a beautiful glimpse into her world.

20. Kirkwood Dellinger – New Juice
(from the album “Miniature Stallion”)

Kirkwood Dellinger has a sound that will not be pinned down. Always evolving and incorporating more and more genres into their repertoire, this five piece blends indie, psychedelic, pop, folk, and experimental alternative rock for a sound that is reminiscent of The Flaming Lips best albums mixed with a bit of David Bowie. From Tempe, AZ, Elmo Kirkwood has arrived from the Meat Puppets family tree, and formed ahead with Brian Dellinger to develop a sound that is very much their own. The band members have all been known to switch instruments (including xylophone) on a song by song basis, showcasing the young talent of these impressive multi-instrumentalists.

21. The Old Black – The Good Life
(previously unreleased)

One thing is for certain, Lawrence, Kansas’ The Old Black are a true rock n roll band in every sense of the word. Influenced by the classic 70’s hard rockers like Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, they aren’t so much retro as they are simply carrying on a well celebrated tradition of riff infused glory. There songs are powerful and to the point, without attempting to be anything they’re not. Diving their sound into grunge and the desert rock of the 90’s, The Old Black emerge a strong contender for radio friendly modern music that isn’t painfully dull or generic.

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