Friday, May 30, 2008

Out Here I'm so Far Gone...I'm the Man in the Moon

I'm sorry for the lack of recent updates and reviews. I have been very busy recently, and without much time for writing new entries. In the next few days I have full reviews coming for Meat Puppets classic "Too High To Die," as well as "The Nurse Who Loved Me: A Tribute to Failure". First however, I have the newest instalement of the Good Rock Music series, Volume 19! Created on May 16th, this mix is once again a two disc set that I am particularly proud of. Great new and old songs, mixed together in transitions mixed by myself for the best flow and sound. As I've mentioned before, if you're burning onto a CD, make sure you don't have pauses between songs for premium enjoyment! Check it out...

Dan Goldin presents...GOOD ROCK MUSIC VOL. 19

1. Burden Brothers - Conditional (Buried in your Black Heart)
2. Helmet - Milquetoast (Betty)
3. Pearl Jam - Not For You (Vitalogy)
4. Nine Inch Nails - 1,000,000 (The Slip)
5. Mars Volta - Metatron (The Bedlam in Goliath)
6. Led Zeppelin - When The Levee Breaks (IV)
7. Stone Temple Pilots - Tumble in the Rough (Tiny Music...Songs from the Vatican...)
8. Toadies - Clarksville (Feeler)
9. Stemage - Leo (Failure Cover, The Nurse Who Love Me: A Tribute to Failure)
10. Torche - Healer (Meanderthal)
11. Stone Temple Pilots - Lounge Fly (Purple)
12. Replicants - Cinnamon Girl (Neil Young cover, S/T)
13. Nine Inch Nails - Discipline (The Slip)
14. At the Drive-In - Non-Zero Possibility (Relationship of Command)
15. Autolux - Turnstyle Blues (Future Perfect)
16. Jeff Buckley - Eternal Life (Grace)
17. Thee Electric Bastards - Robots Do Not Rock (Live at Club Awesome)
18. ...Trail of Dead - Another Morning Stoner (Source Tags & Codes)

1. Pixies - Wave of Mutilation (Doolittle)
2. Octave Museum - Swinging in the Sky (S/T)
3. Omar Rodriguez-Lopez - Rapid Fire Tollbooth (Se Dice, No Bissonte)
4. Stone Temple Pilots - Pop's Love Suicide (Tiny Music...Songs from the Vatican...)
5. Failure - Solaris (Fantastic Planet)
6. Dredg - The Tanbark is Hot Lava (Catch Without Arms)
7. Gasoline Angels - Let the Fun Begin (S/T)
8. Pearl Jam - Dissident (Vs)
9. Oceansize - The Charm Offensive (Everyone Into Position)
10. Jeff Buckley - So Real (Grace)
11. At the Drive-In - Napolean Solo (In/Casino/Out)
12. Stephen Brodsky - Get Out (Ole Sunday)
13. Weezer - Holiday (S/T)
14. Helmet - Clean (Betty)
15. Clouds - Mountain Jim (Legendary Demo)
16. Nine Inch Nails - Echoplex (The Slip)
17. Orange 9mm - Dead in the Water (Tragic)
18. Brant Bjork - Dr. Special (Punk Rock Guilt)
19. Kid:Nap:Kin - Heroine Grillz (Hush Now...)
20. Filter - What's Next (Anthems for the Damned)


Enjoy, and the next mix is not too far behind!

password - RISHLOO


i saw blind monsters twisted in love...

Curious as to what the new Toadies album may sound like? The time has come for you to hear the first snippet of new recorded Toadies music for the first time in seven years! Go to for a 22 second preview of the title track! Sounds like a classic to me!

Space, The New Beautiful

Since the Failure tribute began working on collecting bands for the album, they have introduced a whole new generation of great space rock bands to the public. One of these bands that have captured my interest in a major way is Vancouver, Canada's very own Satellite Tragedy. They will be releasing their debut album, "New Beautiful," in July through Pop-Up Records, and I have been graced with the privilege of hearing an advanced copy of the album. The band is comprised of just two members, Ridd Sorensen (vocals, guitars, synths, other) and Scott Davies (percussion, guitars, other) but their sound is massive. Davies produced the album himself, and certainly has a knack for blending the familiar Failure formula with a new, more updated feel to it.

The mood is set straight from the opening moments of the album with an ominous creeping introduction title track, "New Beautiful". Vocals are filtered backwards as the voyage begins. "In My Head Again," follows with a light chugging guitar and bouncing vocal line coming in like a space themed lullaby. The song takes off about half way through with a strong drum beat to lift the pop rock influenced song to a storming buzz with a great sound that could be actually good, accessible, radio friendly music. The guitars spiral around in circles as the lyrics create a strong connection with the music.

"Ethanol" comes tearing in right behind, with a strong grunge presence. This is my favorite track on the album, and should not go unnoticed! A rusty twanging guitar introduces the song before the bleak sounding melody begins, with equally bleak and raw lyrics. The music picks up during the chorus and then drops right back down to the bass line and guitar crunch that holds this song together so well. Interesting guitar and vocal harmonies are included in the thick sound of this track, making it a much welcomed change of pace for the album. The guitar solo during the bridge 'til the end is squealing and explosive with waves of sonic madness that rush in and out like an incredible dense blast of sound. The brooding dark deep space atmosphere is continued into "Inside Your Skin," with whispered verses building tension before the release of the hook. The vocals soar out like an explosion of melody over the silky guitar textures. The hook reminds me of the melodic qualities of old school Weezer or Rival Schools mixed with a space rock layering of sounds. There is a strong passion that can be heard in Sorensen's voice, as the guitars wind and ring with intensity.

"Gone," is another example of drifting effect filled guitars that move the music in a haze without sounding choppy or overdone. Multiple layering creates a great sonic texture as they fizzle in and out, while the drum's cymbals crash to accentuate the emotionally driven lyrics. Sorensen's voice is strong and refreshing to this genre of rock music. The guitars that come in during the bridge push this song to another level with the down tuned riff bringing the entire track to the hint of mayhem and destruction before it ends. "Out of my Mind," is a quick riotous grunge influenced track with heavy deep drums and angst soaked lyrics and vocals. The song serves as a great textural segue. "Tonight," begins with long stretching atmospheric tones, sort of the calm before the storm as the shifting guitar textures become more abrasive before the vocals begin. Once Sorensen starts with his beautifully quiet melody, the guitars revert back to the softer tones. The thick fuzz helps this track achieve a dream like state of floating through the clouds. The tracking of this album is exceptional as they never stick with one theme for too long, keeping the album flowing, fresh, and interesting the entire listen. Just when you think you have their sound pegged, Satellite Tragedy switches it up on you, making them a band that is well worth supporting and watching as they progress.

The albums then moves to its first more traditional segue "Segue - SP-117". Learning from the technique Failure used to achieve the incredible completeness of "Fantastic Planet," ST use the same strategy to make their debut have the same flowing effect. Davies should be credited as not only a member of a great up-and-coming band, but also as a stellar producer. The segues allow for seamless blends from one track to the next. Continuing with the Failure influence, "This Unknown," is the most heavily influenced track on the album, as it sounds like it could have been a b-side of the aforementioned album. The song begins with great popping harmonics, while the vocals are slightly processed during the verses. The smoky fog of the blending guitars, bass, and synths create an atmosphere similar to a calming cruise through outer-space. Clean vocals kick into place during the chorus providing another strong example of their use of textures. The layers blend with the smoothest mix into one huge unapologetic sound.

"Segue - Interference," begins with a static crackle that leads to a wide beautiful guitar melody. Bongo sounding percussion and harmonic embellishments and thrown in to make for an incredible sounding transition, but leaves you wanting more from such a strong segue. The album concludes with the breezy closer, "Goodbye". This song is a fairly conventional sounding pop-rock track, with a sincere ballad like quality as it fades out, ending the sonic journey that is "New Beautiful." This is a great album for the hopes and dreams of space rock, and I know that I am very excited for this band's future. Hopefully they can get out and tour, as many of these songs sound like they would be great live.

While not on the album, I felt it is important for me to mention their cover of Failure's "Frogs," is phenomenal, and very possibly my favorite track on the tribute album. So check this band out, show them your support, and let's help them get the credit they deserve! For more information and samples of their music, check out their myspace page, Satellite Tragedy.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Well ladies and gentlemen, the time has finally arrived for me to announce that the Toadies will be releasing a brand new album, "No Deliverance," on August 19th!!! I've know this since Friday and it has been damn near impossible for me to not post...but now here it is, the official press release from Spin Magazine's website...

"Toadies fans, your dreams have come true! After a seven-year absence, the recently reunited Fort Worth, TX-based alt-rockers will return Aug. 19 with No Deliverance, their third studio album to date and first effort since 2001's Hell Below / Stars Above. The trio, hot on the heels of a string of well-received reunion gigs, also have a mostly sold-out summer jaunt ahead of them -- including a headlining slot at Lollapalooza Saturday Aug. 2!

Catching wind of the exciting news, which has been long debated in the Toadies' devout fan community, caught up with frontman Vaden Todd Lewis to get the lowdown on the band's reunion, new record, and future plans.

"I've learned to never say never," Lewis explains of the new effort, which the band didn't considered until August of '07, well after Lewis' other project, the Burden Brothers, was on indefinite hiatus. "When I made the decision to disband [the Toadies] in '01 I figured that was it… [but] I got the itch, so I called up Rez [drummer Mark Reznicek] and Clark [Vogeler, guitarist] and asked them if they would be interested in doing another album."

And as soon as the formalities were out of the way, the material began to flow. "Once I decided to jump I started writing," Lewis says, "stuff just came out of me while writing in my home studio… so the oldest ones [songs] are seven months old." Next stop, the studio, where the band -- which exploded on the success of 1994's debut record Rubberneck, and its brash, catchy-as-all-hell single "Possum Kingdom" -- have spent the past six to seven weeks. "We did the drums and most of the bass at Music Lane in Austin," Lewis continues. "The rest was done at Fort Worth Sound… [a] cool new studio in my hometown."

The result: No Deliverance, a collection of new tunes, produced by David Castell (Burden Brothers, Blue October), that Lewis confirms the band are now mixing for the Aug. 19 release date. "For this record I really tuned into what got me started as a musician," he comments on its sound, "it's the most bare knuckle record I've been a part of… don't expect any cello."

Amongst the album's tracklist: title track "No Deliverance," a tune about "the obsession with one's fate," "So Long Lovey Eyes," which was "written during an intense argument with my wife," and the first song Lewis penned for the record, "Don't Go My Way." "I wrote it during a pretty dark time, and it's a warning to my daughter to stay away from the music business," says Lewis. (The Toadies had a tumultuous relationship with past label Interscope, which scrapped their second record Feeler, and sent the band back to the studio. Three years later sophomore set Hell Below / Stars Above dropped. Soon after, the Toadies' relationship with Interscope was over.)

But overall, Lewis, with the support of grass roots Texas-based indie label Kirtland Records on his back, has a new outlook, moving forward with the Toadies in positive motion. And notably Lewis is thrilled for the band's forthcoming album-supporting tour ("Hell yeah!" he blasts), set to kick off in August, and for what the Toadies, especially after all these years, can offer fans and the music industry that no other rock band can: "Balls. A ton of balls."

Sounds to me like we're going to have an early runner-up for album of the year, atleast as far as I'm concerned. We'll just have to wait and see. Look to this blog to keep you updated on tour dates, single releases, etc. My dreams most certainly have come true!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

They Are Above You

Stephen Brodsky isn't the only member of Cave In to have other projects since the hiatus. One of the many other off-shoot bands is Cave In guitarist Adam McGrath's band, Clouds. The band has described themselves as "punky party grunge," and it seems rather appropriate. They create a very loose sloopy version of punk music with an infusion of stoner rock guitar riffs and grunge styled drum beats. This combination of influences creates a great raw and powerful sound like you wouldn't believe.

On their debut album, released on Hydra Head in February 2007, "Legendary Demo," the Boston based four piece consisting of Adam (vocals, guitar), Jonny Coolbreeze (of Pet Genius, Thee Electric Bastards...bass and vocals), Q (drums), and Jim (guitar and vocals) create a past face unapolagetic thrashing of punk rock grunge mayhem. The guitars are loud and filled with distruction fueled distortion. The musicianship is rather technical while disguised as intentionally slopy. While this may seem hard to understand, after one listen to this great blend of heavy rock styles and you'll see what I mean. The album closes with a near twenty minute long dub track with a piercing saxophone solo. Key tracks to check out are "New Amnesia," "Mountain Jim," and "Guardian's Eyes."

Since they are a loyal Boston scene band, I got to see them about five times during the summer and fall of last year, and their live show is what made me into the huge fan of Clouds that I am today. This music translates so well to see them live in some dingy club, it's incredible. I've been lucky enough to see them share the stage with Pet Genius, Isis, Priestbird, and others, and they are always giving an incredible energetic performance everytime out! Since moving to New York, I feel like I've been missing out on their live shows, but their new album, "We Are Above You," is coming out on June 17th, and they will be hitting the road for a national tour in support of it! They have hoped on the previously announced Torche and Boris tour, and I couldn't be more excited with this addition.

Dates are as follows...
6/24 - the Casbah San Diego, CA
6/25 - Clubhouse Tempe, AZ
6/27 - Rubbergloves Denton, TX
6/28 - the Mohawk Austin, TX
6/29 - White Rabbit San Antonio, TX
7/1 - Spanish Moon Baton Rouge, LA
7/2 - Common Grounds Gainesville, FL
7/3 - the Social Orlando, FL
7/5 - the Earl Atlanta, GA
7/6 - Cat's Cradle Carrboro, NC
7/8 - Black Cat Washington, DC
7/9 - First Unitarian Church Philadelphia, PA
7/10 - Webster Hall New York, New York
7/11 - Middle East Downstairs Cambridge, MA

Trust me, you're not going to want to miss this tour! If you enjoy great heavy rock music, check out Clouds! You can hear two of the songs from the soon to be released "We are Above You," here

ENJOY, and hope to see you at the NY show!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

the TOOL guidebook

So I've been hearing about an entire issue of Revolver Magazine being dedicated to Tool for some time now, but was never sure if they were joking or not. I'm happy to announce that it's no joke, and the issue hit newstands today! An entire issue dedicated to the world's greatest rock band!

From Tool's official website...

"REVOLVER MAGAZINE's "THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO HARD ROCK'S MOST EXTRAORDINARY BAND" is officially out on newsstands today (MAY 6th, 2008). The collector's edition features exclusive new interviews with ALL of the band members, lots of great photos (from CAMELLA GRACE, TRAVIS SHINN, etc), rarely seen video concept sketches, artifacts, and album/packaging art work ideas by ADAM JONES, an interview with ALEX GREY, behind the scenes video info from KEVIN WILLIS and CHET ZAR, Q & A with Tool lighting wizard MARK 'JUNIOR' JACOBSON, a micro interview with the band's "content manager/occult advisor", 'praises' by TOMAS HAAKE, MIKE PATTON, and last, but certainly not least, BUZZ OSBORNE, and lots more. There's even a VIC FIRTH ad that features Danny's orange metallic Lamborghini Murcielago! So grab one while you can, or visit to order on-line."

I know that I am going out first thing tomorrow and buying myself two copies! Hope everyone else can find this magazine and read up on my favorite band of all time, TOOL!

Monday, May 5, 2008

The Man Who Would Be King

I have always said that Trent Reznor was one of my heroes since I was a young age! In fact, seven years ago in high school we had to write an essay and present a speech on one of your heroes, and I choose Trent Reznor as mine! I thought of him as legendary then, and I would have never imagined now...

The man, the myth, the legend, Trent Reznor has just released a BRAND NEW NINE INCH NAILS ALBUM, "THE SLIP," 100% FREE OF CHARGE. Here is an excerpt from the download site...

"as a thank you to our fans for your continued support, we are giving away the new nine inch nails album one hundred percent free, exclusively via

the music is available in a variety of formats including high-quality MP3, FLAC or M4A lossless at CD quality and even higher-than-CD quality 24/96 WAVE. your link will include all options - all free. all downloads include a PDF with artwork and credits.

we encourage you to remix it, share it with your friends, post it on your blog, play it on your podcast, give it to strangers, etc.

for those of you interested in physical products, fear not. we plan to make a version of this release available on CD and vinyl in july. details coming soon"

So to recap, just in case an entire new free album from one of the greatest bands in the world wasn't enough, NIN included SEVERAL different audio quality files for you to choose from, some higher quality than CD, and a complete booklet of typical great NIN artwork. I know that I will personally be buying myself a copy when it's available in stores to support this unheard of gesture of greatness.


Thank you Trent Reznor, you're the man!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Space Friction

While I am still eagerly awaiting the arrival of Orion's debut EP "10011011," the band has been gracious enough to present the public with their first two tracks from the album. Emerging from Lawrence, Kansas, Orion are quickly becoming the next great hope for the current era of space rock. Comprised of guitarist/vocalist Patrick Crough, bassist Lance Attack, and drummer Brad Chancellor, Orion has been keeping me anticipating their music and release of their EP since I first heard them cover, "Another Space Song," by Failure for the tribute album, "The Nurse Who Loved Me." After being blown away by their rendition of the classic Failure track, you can now hear their first two original songs from their EP due out in June. Please check out this great band on Myspace at

Right from the opening seconds of the track "Friction," you can hear a much needed dose of Failure influenced space rock seeping through the speakers. The vocals kick in to show a great melody that floats along with the layered guitars and rhythms. There is an incredible piercing guitar line that breaks through the chugging progression in a high squeal reminiscent of the best Failure tracks. Great drumming mixed with the sonic carnage of the guitars and bass create a great sliding wave of sound, that is only complimented by the hooks melodic sensibilities. This track could very well be the greatest achievement space rock has had since Failure and Hum graced the scene. Thank you to Orion for bringing some fresh music to the genre!

"Untitled," is a faster and more upbeat track than "Friction," but every bit as strong a contender for giving Orion the space rock throne. Heavy, melodic, and filled with layers of distortion driven guitars, they create a sound similar to Failure and Hum without lacking originality. The guitars chug along with a stomping thickness, broken apart by soaring laser beam like melodies darting through to add texture. The bass rolls along with the strong, hard hitting drumming of Chancellor. Crough provides stunningly visual lyrics to accompany his strong melody. The hook brings around a double tracked vocal that allows for a great harmony between the main vocals and the background singing. Another great track that leaves me excited to hear the rest of the 10011011 EP!

Curious about the name of the EP? It's not just some random binary code, but rather an endearing title referring to the memory of the life of one of the band's friends that passed away from brain cancer. Born on October 1st (10/01) and tragically died on October 11th 2006(10/11), Orion are honoring his memory and their friendship by dedicating the title to their debut EP to him. If the rest of the EP is as good as these two songs, which I'm pretty confident it will be, Orion will be doing their friend proud, hopefully for years and years to come!

On a side note, Brad Chancellor also does their own excellent artwork, and is available for artwork for other projects. He has worked on the art for the Failure tribute album and 30 Fathom Grave as well. If you are interested in his art for your album or promo needs, check out his myspace page for design at

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Dove Hunter

I just want to bring some attention to a band I have recently heard for the first time, Dove Hunter. I don't know much about them, but I can't stop listening to the four songs on their Myspace page. They're a four piece out of Texas, and that's pretty much all I know about them, but just listen to "The Sparrow Spooks the Crow," and see if you don't think it's incredible.

They are playing at the first annual "Dia De Los Toadies," at Possum Kingdom Lake in Texas on August 31st. Being headlined by the Toadies themselves, the show will also feature sets from Lions, The Backsliders, and Tejas Brothers. Certainly an interesting line-up, and I would love to be there, but I don't see it happening. or more information on what sounds like one hell of a time, check out

Dove Hunter can be heard at

Enjoy, Speard the Word, and let me know what you think about them!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Please Accept This Art

One of my favorite bands, and easily one of the most creative rock bands in exsistance, Dredg, create music that is equal parts sound and art. Their albums are like masterpiece paintings, and their live shows demonstrations of their craft. They were kind enough to post their entire Coachella set performance online for you to download. It is a remarkable set with great audio and visual quality. Better than most live DVDs I've seen, this is a real gift from one of rock's most under-appreciated bands. Included in the set are tracks from their previous albums, as well as a look into their new album which should be out this summer! Enjoy this one!!

Here is the link to download the concert -->

For anyone who feels that the art in rock is lost, please please give Dredg a listen! While their most recent two albums are more critically acclaimed, my favorite is their debut, Leitmotif. A full review for the album is coming very soon!