Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Walkin' Tall Machine Gun Man

While Nirvana's MTV Unplugged in New York has received countless accolades since it was released, it does not stand as the best example of the now defunct MTV show/special. At least not as far as I'm concerned. The honor of best Unplugged, for me, goes to Alice in Chains! They recorded a set in 1996 that little would we know would serve as their final album together with Layne Staley. The album was one of their first shows in over three years time due to problems within the band, mainly Staley's health. You wouldn't be able to tell that though, as they sound tighter than ever before. The acoustic atmosphere allows for them to really showcase Jerry Cantrell's masterful songwriting, including the incredible harmonization between Cantrell and Staley. Some songs that were released on their almost entirely acoustic EPs "Jar of Flies," and "Sap," didn't over-go the biggest transformations to the acoustic realm, while tracks from their grunge classic "Dirt," have dramatic differences, all of which are very positive.

They do a great job of mixing their hits (Rooster, Got Me Wrong, No Excuses...) and their fan favorite album tracks (Nutshell, Brother, Frogs...) all with exceptional emotion felt from the somber but passionate acoustic recording. If you are a fan of Alice In Chains or any rock from the 90's, I highly recommend you check this out either on CD or DVD!

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Kristina said...

i LOVE this album!