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Ex-Breathers Debut "Pocket" from Upcoming "EXBX" EP + Tour Dates

[press release] Tallahassee, Florida's Ex-Breathers are getting ready to release their new EP, EXBX, a brash, chaotic, and explosive 12 tracks that roar by in just under 12 minutes. It's safe to say the hardcore/punk trio is wasting no time. Every last twist and turn of their punk meets math rock meets hardcore sound is well crafted and delivered with an enormous fury and destructive perfection. This is not your typical hardcore band. Ex-Breathers are far more than that and EXBX is a dynamic record with skull crushing riffs that demand repeat listening. The EP will be released on October 7th via Texas Is Funny Records (Hawks (of Holy Rosary), Glish, Vetter Kids). EXBX is the follow up to the band's triumphantly harsh self released full length debut Collision.

Today, Stereogum are sharing Ex-Breather's first new single "Pocket" together with the bands tour dates (see below for complete dates). Stereogum called the song, "44 seconds of charging guitars, David Yow-influenced yelps, and still plenty of unpredictable twists and turns," while comparing the brevity of the EP to recent punk favorites White Lung and Perfect Pussy.

Ex-Breathers are kicking off a two week tour starting today, July 31st with Birmingham, AL's Deism that will take their explosive live show from Alabama up to Brooklyn and back down to Florida. Ex-Breathers are a band that truly needs to be seen live. Having formed in early 2011, and sharing influences of hardworking punk luminaries Minutemen, Fugazi, and Husker Du, the trio have played well over 200 shows in the past few years throughout the country including packed audiences at The Fest and Macrock Festival. There is a great DIY scene of punk bands emerging from Tallahassee, and Ex-Breathers are leading the way, one blistering riff at a time.

Tour Dates:

07/31 Birmingham, AL @ The Forge w/ SLUR & Withheld*
08/01 Columbia, SC @ New Brookland w/ fk mt*
08/02 Harrisonburg, VA @ Spaghetti World w/ Yellow King*
08/03 Washington DC @ TBA*
08/04 Philadelphia, PA @ Golden Tea House w/ The Weaks & Sneeze*
08/05 New Brunswick, NJ @ Circuit City nbnj*
08/06 Brooklyn, NY @ Death by Audio w/ Sneeze & Vulture Shit*
08/07 Baltimore, MD @ Keith House w/ Hive Bent, CP/M, & Birth (Defects)*
08/08 Richmond, VA @ Haus Addy w/ Springtime, Brief Lives, Cross Eyed*
08/09 Asheville, NC @ Skanktuary*
08/10 Rock Hill, SC @ Piss Mansion*
08/11 Panama City, FL @ A&M Theatre
08/13 New Orleans, LA @ TBA
08/14 Pensacola, FL @ Sluggos

* w/ Deism

Ex-Breathers is:
Jack Vermillion - Bass/Vocals
Adam Berkowitz - Drums
David Settle - Guitars/Vocals

Ex-Breathers - EXBX
October 7, 2014
Texas Is Funny Records

1. Big Hand
2. Want
3. Pocket
4. Invisible Man
5. Stuck
6. Hang
7. Off On
8. Flowers
9. Void
10. JC
11. Auto-Correct
12. Drop

Ausmuteants Debut "Freedom of Information," Announce New Album + Tour Dates

[] On their debut album, Australia’s Ausmuteants sounded like an even more deranged Devo, combining hyperactive synths with panicked vocals and barbed-wire tangles of guitar for a net effect that was as harrowing as a runaway roller coaster. They’ve maintained all of that mania on the blistering “Freedom of Information,” while ramping up the aggression. The guitars have longer fangs, and the synths feel razorlike and menacing. The song has the merciless chug as Suicide’s “Ghost Rider,” but its more tense and anxious — right up until the moment it explodes at the halfway mark.

The track is taken from the group’s forthcoming Order Of Operation, which will be issued in the U.S. by the always-excellent Goner Records. As if all that isn’t enough, the group will be supporting the record with a U.S. tour, which, if it’s even a fraction as manic as their records, is not to be missed. Stream “Freedom of Information” below, and scroll down for U.S. tour dates.

Ausmuteants US Tour Dates:

9/20 – Tempe, AZ @ 51west w/ Detached Objects, Womb Tomb, Blanche Beach
9/23 – Austin, TX @ Beerland
9/24 – New Orleans, LA @ Saturn Bar w/ Buck Biloxi and the Fucks
9/25 – Memphis, TN @ GONERFEST 11 w/ Grifters, Radioactivity, So Cow, Golden Pelicans, Ross Johnson’s ‘Like Flies On Sherbert’ Revue
9/26 – Louisville, KY @ Cropped Out Fest
9/29 – Durham, NC @ Duke Coffeehouse
9/30 – Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda’s w/ Dan’l Boone, Lantern
10/1 – Boston, MA @ Midway Cafe
10/2 – Brooklyn, NY @ Death By Audio
10/4 – Detroit, MI @ PJ’s Lager House w/ Odonis Odonis
10/5 – Chicago, IL @ The Owl
10/6 – St. Louis, MO @ Melt w/ Lumpy & the Dumpers
10/7 – Minneapolis, MN @ Hexagon w/ Real Numbers
10/10 – Portland, OR @ Dante’s w/ King Khan & BBQ Show
10/11 – Seattle, WA @ The Crocodile w/ King Khan & BBQ Show
10/15 – San Francisco, CA @ Hemlock Tavern
10/17 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell

PC Worship Ready New Album "Social Rust" + Share New Single

[press release] PC Worship announces new album, Social Rust, out September 9th on Northern Spy Records (digital, CD) and Dull Tools (vinyl). Pre-orders are available HERE.

After a trifecta of mind-blowing junk-fi albums thick with an intrepid cocktail of revelatory, detuned guitar interplay and Noise music-influenced clatter, PC Worship, the nascent Brooklyn-based collective, is taking its staunchly DIY, experimentally-minded art-rock to the next level.

Social Rust, PC Worship’s fourth LP to date and Northern Spy Records debut, may very well be the closest this innovative quartet, led by multi-instrumentalist Justin Frye, has gotten to the conventional rock formula. But don’t be alarmed—PC Worship has, by no means, abandoned its inherent avant-gardist roots. In fact, Social Rust portends a familial group hell bent on blending its own vision of fully realized songcraft and contagious melodicism into its trademark chaotic din. And on Social Rust, PC Worship effortlessly accomplish just that, demonstrating why they are at the forefront of the underground warehouse and loft space landscape in New York City.

Frye, mirroring his band’s schizophrenic leanings while waxing poetic with a dark humored touch, says this about Social Rust:

Wow 6 months down the drain
dogs wrapped in chains
went to da carribean,
recorded an LP
it's about how when you lose your sheen, you still gain the green

Notwithstanding Frye’s tongue-in-cheek jargon, Social Rust doesn’t qualify as a sell-out, nor was it recorded in “da carribean.” Fittingly, Frye and his crew assembled inside the spacious environs of downtown Brooklyn experimental/jazz hub Roulette on the same day as the Super Bowl in 2014. The end result shows PC Worship putting to tape the perfect amalgam: the raw, ubiquitous noise heard on its previous output still intact but rife with the No Wave leanings of Rhys Chatham and Glenn Branca, Flipper and Butthole Surfers’ gloriously messy punk rock, the screeching jams of White Light/White Heat-period Velvet Underground and the mangled Americana folk of Bill Orcutt. Meanwhile, Frye pilots the ship with a lazy, yet poetic, whine reminiscent of Thurston Moore and Jim Reid of The Jesus & Mary Chain.

A little background for those neophytes entering PC Worship’s otherworld: Frye first hatched PC Worship as a home-recorded solo project but has since steadily morphed his vision into a collective of studied musicians and improvisers, with Michael Etten, Jordan Bernstein & Shannon Sigley as the core unit and an array of dystopian instrumentalists often showing up to jam on Bongos, circuit bent electronics or any number of horns, all of whom have resided at the Bushwick neo-recital hall "Le Wallet" and, ultimately, forming a full-on, proper band as heard on Social Rust. If you've been present at DIY underground shows in Brooklyn and beyond, chances are you've been exposed to PC Worship’s shambolic brilliance.

PC Worship stand at the threshold of many worlds, yet they operate at the center of their own pantheon and without abandon. They are crucial eclectics, distinct in sound and consistently adventurous. Like Sun Ra, PC Worship transmit alien, helter-skelter sounds seemingly from another universe—a truly rare trait these days.

On Social Rust, PC Worship is:
Justin Frye - vocals, guitars, tape manipulation and piano
Michael Etten - guitars, sax
Jordan Bernstein - bass
Shannon Sigley - drums, vocals

With additional contributions by:
Pat Spadine, Mario Maggio, Billy Bratt, Jessica Papitto, Adam Markiewicz, Nathan "Squis" Whipple, Boston Bongo Dan

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Quick Notes: Bad History Month, Baked, Rivergazer + The Lees of Memory

*[] Sean/Jeff heaves a sizable mass of his potent and singular existential melancholy in our direction once more, this one set to video. BAD HISTORY MONTH is the moniker he has used since his guitar playing in the duo FAT HISTORY MONTH ceased. It’s also an FHM album title. His is not a straight line.

But who the fuck wants a straight line? What we have is the video for “Staring At My Hands” from BAD HISTORY MONTH’s split LP with DUST FROM 1000 YEARS. They call it FAMOUS CIGARETTES and it was recently released by heavy duty rock champions EXPLODING IN SOUND (and was recently written up Hassle-like by James Moore). Everyone involved is kind enough to allow us to premier the video. And so here we are.

The song is a stunner. Sean/Jeff lays down a strange path of song, chopped and spliced solo voice and guitar, crunchy ambient electronics, nude piano, shambling indie rock, serious riffage… it’s all so seamlessly woven together, that once you step back to scope the whole for its pieces, it’s almost revelatory. The many different colored threads used to create this patchwork shouldn’t make as much sense as it does. But it does. Oh it does! And throughout Jeff/Sean further weaves in his lessons and stories and the other mis-remembered ephemera that constitute the poetry of truly one of Boston’s finest in that department. Shades of Phil Elverum lurk here yes, but that’s only because he’s one of the few that have traveled any kind of comparable musical path, or at least that’s all that I have to communicate to you some small part about what this music is and does.

A haunting and dreamlike pop thing that gets me on the perfect day for its grey approach. The guitar sounds and vocals sound so great here. Boston’s very cool MONDO FIASCO video crew created the draining video above which I must say works so incredibly well for this song. More precisely that would be Ethan Long and Adric Gilesthat filmed the video, under strict artistic direction of Jeffery Meffery. I feel… good.

*[] On August 19th, Exploding In Sound—the off-kilter rock label that has released projects from bands like Krill and Porches.—will put out the new full-length from Brooklyn five-piece Baked. It’s called Debt, and album cut “Codec” has traces of warm, old-school psych delirium. There’s a cloudy-eyed, slacker edge to its production (I mean, the band’s Facebook URL is We-Are-Baked), but it’s also a very melodically sharp and compositionally sound piece of rock music. “I wrote Codec in 2010 while I was living in an apartment in Rye, NY,” says guitar player and vocalist RJ Gordon over e-mail. “The lyrics are about the peaks and troughs of interpersonal relationships and the excitement and terror of life in flux.” Listen to it below, and catch Baked’s Debt release show at Shea Stadium in Brooklyn on August 22nd; that lineup also includes Porches. and Celestial Shore [EIS note: and Ovlov and Bueno].

Pre-order Debt HERE. The first 150 copies are on "milky clear" vinyl.

*[] “Lonely,” from the New York band Rivergazer (led by Kevin Farrant of Porches.) opens like a haunted house mariachi. A single, wiry guitar line works its was slowly up the scale, jutting and darting at odd angles. When Farrant enters, it’s not to chase the dark away — it’s to add to it. “I am not afraid of anyone/ all I worry about is my own ego,” he croons. “So go kiss your best friend on the mouth/ it doesn’t make a difference anymore.” The song progresses from there, a melancholy lullaby full of eerie minor-key instrumentation and backing choirs that enter and vanish without warning. The net effect is absolutely hypnotizing. “All of my friends are all lonely,” Farrant laments midway through. The song is the perfect encapsulation of that rare, inconsolable sadness.

Random Nostalgia will be released by Father/Daughter Records on August 12. Pre-Order HERE.

*[press release] Just a few weeks after SideOneDummy announced the pressing of Superdrag’s quintessential headphone album Head Trip In Every Key on vinyl for the first time ever, the Los Angeles-based independent label is happy to announce the signing of The Lees Of Memory. Formed by John Davis and Brandon Fisher of Superdrag, The Lees Of Memory is the kind of happenstance project that is born solely of the individual members fusing their creativity together at the exact right moment. SideOneDummy will release the band’s debut LP Sisyphus Says on digital/vinyl September 16, with Burger Records releasing the cassette version the same day.

Today, Stereogum is premiering the video for the first offering from the record, an atmospheric wall of sound entitled “We Are Siamese," which you can watch below.

Produced by Grammy-winner Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Deftones), Sisyphus Says stands with the best of Davis and Fisher's past work... and points the way to a very bright future. Sometimes blanketed in a dense fog of swooning Jazzmasters and Jaguars, channeling Twin Peaks with ancient samplers powered by floppy disks, the songs on Sisyphus Says are pierced through with keening melodies and rich with harmonic colors. The lead single "We Are Siamese" is a sterling example. Elsewhere, thick slabs of guitar put down live on the tracking floor with Nick Slack's drums are layered over with lush organs, synths, pianos, pedal steel, Taurus pedals, 12-strings, a whole kitchen sink of sound anchored by John Davis' fuzzy electric bass--and topped with a veneer of breathy, heart-on-the-sleeve vocals drenched in reverb.

Purling Hiss Debut "Learning Slowly" + Tour Dates

[press release] The time has come to unlearn what you thought you knew and relearn the weirdness of Purling Hiss. The Hiss returns with the bliss of "Learning Slowly," the epic guitar-slangin' masterpiece off the new collection of songs, Weirdon. Upfront guitars and drums shine through the 5 minutes of windows-down, steering-wheel slapping jouissance. It's a pure laconic anthem in the tradition of all those unnameable guitar wizards (unnameable because comparisons are for suckers). Add Mike Polizze to the list, maybe with a bullet and in bold. Weirdon is out September 23rd on Drag City.

Also, remember those unnameable guitar heroes mentioned above? Ok, we'll dish, one of them is J Mascis, who Hiss will support on some select dates in late September. Following that will be a co-headline tour with the mighty Meatbodies (Mikal Cronin band, Fuzz), so the opportunities to see the Power of the Purling will be a-plenty with more in the making.


Wed. Sept. 24 - Hamden, CT @ The Ballroom at Outerspace w/ J Mascis
Thu. Sept. 25 - Philadelphia, PA @ World Cafe Live w/ J Mascis
Fri. Sept. 26 - Baltimore, MD @ OttoBar w/ J Mascis
Sat. Sept. 27 - Chapel Hill, NC @ Local 506 w/ J Mascis
Sun. Sept. 28 - Asheville, NC @ Grey Eagle Tavern w/ J Mascis
Tue. Oct. 21 - Kingston, NY @ BSP Lounge w/ Meatbodies
Thu. Oct. 23 - Brooklyn, NY @ CMJ
Fri. Oct. 24 - Brooklyn, NY @ CMJ
Sat. Oct. 25 - Toronto, ON @ Silver Dollar w/ Meatbodies
Sun. Oct. 26 - Montreal, QC @ Il Motore w/ Meatbodies
Tue. Oct. 28 - Allston, MA @ Great Scott w/ Meatbodies
Sun. Nov. 2 - Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter w/ together PANGEA, AJ Davila, Mozes and the Firstborn
Wed. Nov. 5 - Atlanta, GA @ 529 w/ Meatbodies
Thu. Nov. 6 - Nashville, TN @ The End w/ Meatbodies
Fri. Nov. 7 - New Orleans, LA @ Siberia w/ Meatbodies
Sat. Nov. 8 - Austin, TX @ FFF Nites w/ Meatbodies

Meatbodies Ready Self Titled Full Length Debut Album for October

[press release] Unabashed, unrestrained, beautiful and strange. Meatbodies, birthed from the mind of Los Angeles-bred Chad Ubovich, are going to dominate your eyes and ears and give you a bang over like you've never had before.

But first, a little history on how Meatbodies came to be. Chad Ubovich began ripping through the rock scene in 2011 as guitarist (previously bassist) for Mikal Cronin and, eventually, bassist in FUZZ. In between tours, he spent his time recording and playing shows around Los Angeles under the name Chad and the Meatbodies. In 2012, Ty Segall released some of Chad's bedroom recordings via cassette tape on his GOD? Records imprint. The tape was well received and people began to see Chad was more than just a sideman to his heavy hitting comrades. In 2013, In The Red took notice of Chad's crunching, grinding sound and added his band, now simply called Meatbodies, to their roster.

For the first Meatbodies LP, titled Meatbodies, Chad chose to record in San Francisco, utilizing the foggy, psychedelic atmosphere provided by it's surroundings, as well as the powers of master studio magician Eric "King Riff" Bauer (known for his work with Mikal Cronin, Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, White Fence, FUZZ and more). Chad busted out an album's worth of songs, barely leaving the Technicolor underground quarters of Bauer's trippy sanctuary. Though Chad and Bauer worked mostly alone, a dream team of friends, including Cory Hanson (Wand), Ty Segall, Erik Jimenez (Together Pangea) and Riley Youngdahl, made contributions taking the album to the next level before Chris Woodhouse took on the mixing, giving the songs final touches of controlled chaos. The end result is a sonic experience that is truly evocative of its auteur.

Meatbodies will be touring extensively this fall - the first half of dates are co-headline with Hunters while the second is with Purling Hiss.


Fri. Aug. 16 -- Los Angeles, CA @ Echo Park Rising
Thu. Aug. 28 -- Los Angeles, CA @ Echo %
Fri. Oct. 10 -- Los Angeles, CA @ The Smell #
Sat. Oct. 11 -- Las Vegas, NV @The Bunkhouse #
Sun. Oct. 12 -- Salt Lake City, UT @ Kilby Court #
Mon. Oct. 13 -- Denver, CO @ Hi Dive #
Tue. Oct. 14 -- Lincoln, NE @ Vega #
Wed. Oct. 15 -- Iowa City, IA @ The Mill #
Thu. Oct. 16 -- Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue and 7th Street Entry #
Fri. Oct. 17 -- Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle #
Sat. Oct 18 - Indianapolis, IN @ Debbie's Palace of Noise and Laundry #
Sun. Oct. 19 -- Detroit, MI @ PJ's Lager House #
Mon. Oct. 20 -- Rochester, NY @ The Bug Jar #
Tue. Oct. 21 -- Kingston, NY @ BSP Lounge *
Wed. Oct. 22 -- Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's
Thu. Oct. 23 -- Brooklyn, NY @ CMJ
Fri. Oct. 24 -- Brooklyn, NY @ CMJ
Sat. Oct. 25 -- Toronto, ON @ Silver Dollar *
Sun. Oct. 26 -- Montreal, QC @ Il Motore *
Tue. Oct. 28 -- Allston, MA @ Great Scott *
Sun. Nov. 2 -- Richmond, VA @ Strange Matter !
Mon. Nov. 3 -- Durham, NC @ Pinhook
Tue. Nov. 4 -- Asheville, NC @ Shotgun Club
Wed. Nov. 5 -- Atlanta, GA @ 529 *
Thu. Nov. 6 -- Nashville, TN @ The End *
Fri. Nov. 7 -- New Orleans, LA @ Siberia *
Sat. Nov. 8 -- Austin, TX @ FFF Nites

* w/ Purling Hiss
% w/ Ty Segall
# w/ Hunters
! w/ Purling Hiss, Together Pangea, AJ Davila, Mozes and the Firstborn


01. The Archer
02. Disorder
03. Mountain
04. HIM
05. Tremmors
06. Plank
07. Gold
08. Wahoo
09. Two
10. Off
11. Dark Road
12. The Master

"Chad's voice sounds caked in fuzz and reverb, which is especially powerful when he delivers these brief, single-syllable yelps. Eventually, of course, the song gets the electric guitar solo any slow-builder of this ilk deserves. He croons, rips, and packs the song with sonic detail-a warbling sci-fi noise beneath the solo." - Pitchfork on "Wahoo"

"Every person involved in this deserves to be high-fived until their hands chafe and bleed." - Noisey on "Mountain"

Primus Announce Willy Wonka Cover Album, Tour Dates + More

[] Prepare to enter a world of pure imagination this October, as veteran thrash-funk eccentrics Primus release their eighth studio album, a wall to (lickable) wall tribute to the 1971 musical Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory. The clanging, ill-angled LP, titled Primus and the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble, will be released on October 21st on ATO, but a pre-order is currently available HERE. It will be the first album-length release from the classic, multi-platinum lineup — leader Les Claypool, guitarist Larry Lalonde and drummer Tim "Herb" Alexander — since 1995.

"I don't think it was until Jaws came along that I was more obsessed with a film," Claypool tells Rolling Stone, "when I started drawing sharks all over my binders and notebooks. Prior to that it was everything Wonka." This tribute — fleshed out with help from Critters Buggin percussionist Mike Dillon and Frog Brigade cellist Sam Bass — is a logical extension of Primus' Wonka-themed performance in Oakland last New Year's Eve.

"As we started putting it together, especially with the expanded soundscape of having string and vibraphone and marimba, it started sounding to me like one of the early Peter Gabriel records meets Dark Side of the Moon meets the Residents," says Claypool. "That's what I get out of it. Obviously that's some big-ass horn-tooting to be doing."

The album clatters and spurts unlike any Primus record thanks to Alexander's percussion set-up — instead of a drumkit, he's in the center of what Claypool describes as "a giant circle, or a pile of things to bang on."

"He's so musical at what he does, and he can be very orchestral when he wants to be, and taking him off a traditional kit just brought forth these sounds that we've just never gotten from him before," says Claypool. "If you saw this kit, you'd laugh your ass off. He couldn't get in and out of it. We'd open up a portion of it and shove him in there and then lock him in with other pieces of things."

Alexander rejoins Primus after last touring with them in 2008. He started a family in Northern Washington and, as Claypool heard, had quit playing drums altogether. A long phone call spurred a studio reunion nearly two decades in the making, but was recently sidelined after Alexander suffered a heart attack. He's currently working on what should be a speedy recovery before Primus launches a Chocolate Factory tour in October. "He was very adamant, before he went under the knife, that we not change anything that has to do with scheduling of Wonka," says Claypool. "So he's all about it."

Claypool suspects the tour will mirror the New Year Eve performance, a "stripped down, old school, nightclub Primus set" before opening the curtain to reveal the chocolate room for a full run-through of the Wonka material. "We're also talking about doing a matinee stage production of it, for kids," he says. "We're gonna do an early show that's only the Wonka thing — and it'll be a short show 'cause kids have a short attention span."

In addition, fans may be able to looks forward to the return of the Primus candy bars made by Pennslyvania's Asher's Chocolates — a hot sell at the Oakland show — including Mr. Krinkle (crisped rice), Professor Nutbutter (peanuts) and Bastard Bar (dark chocolate).

"The tour and the album are solely a marketing tool just so we can sell candy bars," jokes Claypool. "That's the whole impetus of this entire project. Because the fucking recording industry rolled over and let this Internet shit all over us. So we had to come up with another income stream, so we're making chocolate bars because you can't digitize a chocolate bar — yet."

The album will also be available on chocolate-colored vinyl and feature, naturally, five golden ones appropriately scattered about at random. "We need to make sure that kids in the future watch the original Willy Wonka and not the horrendous, horrible remake that came along and left the taste of feces in our mouths," says Claypool. "There are a lot of very talented people on the planet. And Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are two of those very talented people. But like all human beings, every now and then, we crap in our pants."

Primus Tour Dates:

October 22 - Upper Darby, PA @ Tower Theatre
October 24 - Albany, NY @ Palace Theatre
October 25 - Boston, MA @ Orpheum Theatre
October 26 - Burlington, VT @ Flynn Center for Performing Arts
October 28 - Waterbury, CT @ Palace Theater
October 29 - Baltimore, MD @ Hippodrome
October 31 - New York, NY @ Beacon Theatre
November 1 - New Brunswick, NJ @ State Theatre
November 2 - Rochester, NY @ Main Street Armory
November 3 - Detroit, MI @ The Fillmore Detroit
November 5 - St. Louis, MO @ Peabody Opera House
November 7 - Cincinnati, OH @ Taft Theatre
November 8 - Atlanta, GA @ Tabernacle
November 9 - Orlando, FL @ Hard Rock Live
November 11 - Miami Beach, FL @ The Fillmore Miami Beach at The Jackie Gleason Theater
November 12 - Clearwater, FL @ Ruth Eckerd Hall
November 14 - Biloxi, MS @ Hard Rock Hotel & Casino
November 15 - Austin, TX @ ACL live at the Moody Theater
November 16 - Dallas, TX @ The Majestic Theatre
November 17 - San Antonio, TX @ Majestic Theatre
November 19 - Phoenix, AZ @ Orpheum Theatre Phoenix
November 21 - Los Angeles, CA @ Orpheum Theatre LA

Melvins Announce New Album "Hold It In" Feat. Members of Butthole Surfers

[press release] The Melvins return with Hold It In, their first studio album as a quartet since 2010's The Bride Screams Murder, on Oct. 14.

Joining Buzz Osborne and Dale Crover for the 12-song outing are Butthole Surfers' guitar player Paul Leary and bass player JD Pinkus. Hold It In was recorded in both Los Angeles and Austin earlier this year.

"Hold It In is a refreshing piece of fiction in a boring world of fact and bullshit," said Osborne. "Paul is one of the best guitar players I have ever heard and Pinkus has an outside the box type of approach to both guitar and bass that you just have to let it ride. I can't believe this actually happened. I'm thrilled."

"It's very rare you get a chance to work with three folks from the 'Break A Wish' foundation, all at the same time," said Pinkus. "I believe they'll remember their experience with me forever (or until they finally all lose their fight with S.I.D.S)."

The Melvins kick off a round of U.S. tour dates on Oct. 15 in Sacramento at Assembly, which also includes a performance at this year's Voodoo Experience in New Orleans. Osborne, Crover and Pinkus will be the touring roster for this run of dates.

Tour dates:

October 15 Sacramento, CA Assembly
October 17 Bellingham, WA Wild Buffalo House of Music
October 18 Seattle, WA The Showbox
October 19 Portland, OR Roseland Theater
October 21 San Francisco, CA Great American Music Hall
October 22 San Luis Obispo, CA SLO Brewing
October 23 Los Angeles, CA The Troubadour
October 24 San Diego, CA The Casbah
October 25 Phoenix, AZ The Crescent Ballroom
October 26 Albuquerque, NM The Launchpad
October 28 Dallas, TX Trees
October 29 Austin, TX Mohawk
October 30 Houston, TX Warehouse Live - Studio
October 31 New Orleans, LA Voodoo Fest
November 1 Pensacola, FL Vinyl Music Hall
November 2 Gainesville, FL The Wooly
November 3 Jacksonville, FL Jack Rabbit's
November 4 Orlando, FL The Social
November 5 Ft. Lauderdale, FL The Culture Room
November 6 Tampa, FL Orpheum Theater
November 8 Atlanta, GA The Loft at Center Stage
November 9 Birmingham, AL Zydeco

Tickets are on sale this Friday, Aug. 1 at 10 am local time.

Osborne is currently touring in support of his debut acoustic album, This Machine Kills Artists, performing shows this week in Tucson (July 30 at Club Congress) and Palm Springs (July 31 at Pappy & Harriet's) before heading to Australia and Europe for an additional six weeks of dates. Crover temporarily joins OFF! for the band's August tour.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Windhand Announce Summer/Fall Tour Dates

[press release] Richmond psyche-doom practitioners WINDHAND have revealed a three week run of headlining North American fall tour dates. The shows kick off on August 24th in Richmond, VA and include support from psychedelic Nashville outfit, All Them Witches plus Jex Thoth and Ilsa on select dates. The band has also been hand picked as openers for the legendary SLEEP’s sold out show in Philadelphia on August 26th. 2014 has already seen the band traverse North America and Europe with Relapse label-mates Inter Arma and Indian including appearances at SXSW, Maryland Deathfest, and Roadburn. A complete listing of dates is included below.

WINDHAND's latest album Soma, which is out now on Relapse Records and has received praises from NPR, Pitchfork, MetalSucks, Decibel, Spin, Stereogum and many more. Stream Soma via Bandcamp below. The band has been writing new material for their next full-length and will be playing new songs on the road.

Windhand Tour Dates:

Aug 24 Richmond, VA Strange Matter*
Aug 26 Philadelphia PA Union Transfer w/ Sleep [SOLD OUT]
Aug 27 Washington DC Black Cat w/ Disciples of Christ & The Citadel
Sep 04 Baltimore, MD The Ottobar*
Sep 05 Pittsburgh, PA 31st Pub*
Sep 06 Akron, OH Musica*
Sep 07 Columbus, OH The Basement*
Sep 09 Iowa City, IA Gabe's*
Sep 10 Chicago, IL Cobra w/ Jex Thoth*
Sep 11 Minneapolis, MN Triple Rock w/ Jex Thoth*
Sep 12 Milwaukee, WI Metal Grill w/ Jex Thoth*
Sep 13 Ferndale, MI Loving Touch*
Sep 14 Toronto, ON Coda*
Sep 16 Ottawa, ON Cafe Dekcuf*
Sep 17 Montreal, QC Petit Campus*
Sep 18 Cambridge, MA Middle East (upstairs) w/ Ilsa*
Sep 19 Providence, RI AS220 w/ Ilsa*
Sep 20 Brooklyn, NY Saint Vitus w/ Elder & Ilsa*

* w/ All Them Witches

Cherubs Set to Record First New Album in Twenty Years

[press release] Austin, TX cult noise rock heroes, CHERUBS, are set to enter the studio this summer to record their first new material in 20 years. The band will record with producer Mike McCarthy (Spoon, ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead) at his Austin, TX studio, with an early winter release planned via Brutal Panda Records.

The band released two critically acclaimed, seminal full lengths including 1992's Icing and 1994's Heroin Man, as well as a b-side odds and ends collection Short of Popular in 1996. The records have since gone on to reach a level of legendary status in the noise rock world, with a new wave of bands citing CHERUBS as a major influence on their sound. Heroin Man in particular has been cited by All Music as "one of noise rock's defining moments" and by Insound as "one of the most distorted, red-lined, oddball noise rock records ever made."

Guitarist/vocalist Kevin Whitley had this to say about the band's reformation: "It's a blessing to record another treasure for you people. Why are we still talking about it?"

In addition to the new material, the band have recently made their previous albums available digitally for the first time ever via all major digital outlets such as iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. Purchase them via iTunes HERE.

To keep up with all upcoming CHERUBS news, be sure to follow them on their official Facebook page (above). Check out Heroin Man in full, below...

Happy Diving Ready Full Length Debut "Big World" for October

[press release] Father/Daughter Records is excited to announce the debut full-length from San Francisco/East Bay's Happy Diving. The label will release Big World on October 21, 2014. The LP will be available for pre-order in August. More album details + song premieres coming soon! Summer tour dates listed below.

Big World follows up the band's self-titled 2013 EP. The EP is available digitally and on cassette from Father/Daughter Records currently.

From the very first listen to Happy Diving it is difficult to digest the band has only been together since 2013. The band's debut full-length was recorded over a whirlwind two days at The Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, CA, with the help of producer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor, Whirr). Big World sees the band channeling the energy first displayed on their self-titled EP, as well as their deafening and vivacious live shows, into ten concise, sludgy pop songs. We recommend you listen to this album while road tripping across the country, but if you don’t have the time to pack up your cares and get away, Big World fits perfectly into a 30 minute lunch break.

Big World Track Listing:

1. Small World
2. Space Ooze
3. Weird Dream
4. Big World
5. Sad Planet
6. Mikey's Rules
7. Whenever
8. Always Noon
9. Explorer
10. 10

Summer Tour:

JUL 21 - Chico CA @ TBA w/ Wallflower
JUL 22 - Santa Rosa CA @ TBA
JUL 23 - Santa Monica CA @ Almost Holden Collective w/ The Coltranes, Dead Wate
JUL 24 - Corona CA @ Maya's Cafe w/ Karoshi Boy, Red Curtain
JUL 25 - San Diego CA @ The Dawg House
JUL 26 - Phoenix AZ @ Wallstreet w/ Destruction Unit, Gay Kiss, Humiliation
JUL 27 - Los Angeles CA @ El Sereno Skatepark
JUL 31 - Oakland CA @ 1234! Go Records w/ Spraynard

Check out the band's debut EP...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The Ukiah Drag Debut "Her Royal Grip" + Announce Full Length Debut for September

[press release] The Ukiah Drag finally hit us with their debut full-length album, In the Reaper’s Quarters - recorded in a secularized Lutheran temple off the banks of the Hudson River and produced by Ben Greenberg (formerly of The Men). Reaper’s Quarters, out September 9th on Wharf Cat Records, is a fine projection of basement rumination finding temptation in the halls of an ex-God - there is no erasure of the Satanic ego as The Drag move onto new spiritual drippings. It’s a hellish maw that chews up tired rock and post punk tropes only to reanimate them in other austere and lonely offices. Hear the first single now via Pitchfork [or below].

The Ukiah Drag are Floridians in New England exile - personnel stem from the Tampa scene – recording and sharing bands with members of Merchandise like Cult Ritual and have previously run with the Ascetic House/Destruction Unit pack, with whom they put out their debut tape and toured with respectively. Most recently, The Drag released their first studio output, Dirt Trip 7”, also recorded by Ben Greenberg and reissued their Jazz Mama is Cryin’ tape (both via Wharf Cat). Moving along – In The Reaper’s Quarters offers pulsating organs that strobe their way through flattening riffs and creep beats; occasionally joined by a sex-crazed baby grand slinking sinfully into the reaper's pit. This is a widow-making full length that marks and culminates every player's previous efforts to a blunt and remorseless T.

The Ukiah Drag is:
ZZ Rameriez
Thomas Conte
Brian “The Sultan” Hennessey
Andrew Eaton

Recommended if you like: The Fall, Jody Reynolds, Link Wray, Stooges, The Damned

The Ukiah Drag - In The Reaper’s Quarters (Wharf Cat Records)
Pre-order HERE

1 – Intro
2 – Her Royal Grip
3 – Ratz Waltz
4 – Final Prayer
5 – Drip of The Fang
6 – Wait and See
7 – Night of Immaculacy

Monday, July 14, 2014

Electric Wizard Debut "I Am Nothing" + Album Details

[] UK doomers Electric Wizard have unveiled the first song from their forthcoming album Time to Die. Titled "I Am Nothing," the track quickly showcases the next guitar tone bands will be working towards emulating. It recalls the bassy onslaught of their classic Dopethrone, while adding all kinds of grit and filth into the growl. The song itself is an 11-minute trudge through the Wizard's patented formula of Hammer Horror-derived ominousness fused to a crawling, biker boogie groove and feedback-soaked psych. Singer/guitarist's pained wails of "I am nothing/you are nothing" complete the track's descent into nihilistic nuttiness.

Time to Die, the band's eighth long-player and first since 2010's Black Masses, is due out on Spinefarm Records on September 30. Said Jus regarding the album's theme, "All of our albums in the past have had a theme -- revenge, drugs, black magick -- and the theme of this one is death. Of course, death to us really means rebirth, so this album is a manifestation of a very primal occult belief in the final sacrifice. We have gone full circle -- it was inevitable, but we had to do it. We had to kill the band so we could be reborn. It was the only way to ensure we could come back even stronger." While a tour to support the new record hasn't been announced, Electric Wizard will be playing the Euro festival circuit this fall.

All of the dates are listed, along with the "I Am Nothing" stream, below...

Electric Wizard - 2014 Tour Dates:

July 3 - Roskilde, Denmark - Roskilde Festival (Arena Stage)
July 4 - Knebworth Park, UK - Sonisphere (Stage headline)
August 16 - London, UK - Jabberwocky (The Excel Centre)
September 12 - Valada, Portugal - Reverence Valada (headline w/Hawkwind)
October 10 - 12 - Antwerp, Belgium - Desert Fest

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Purling Hiss Announce New Album "Weirdon" for September + Video Teaser

[press release] After they got back from Mars, Purling Hiss went back down to the basement - and they didn't come up again until after they got their Weirdon!

Full-tilt with tunes, aggro riffs, feedback peals, stoned soul-searching, pop turnarounds and magisterial portraits of the go-nowhere lifestyle in abstract, Weirdon is also a new-phase Purling Hiss album, using the songwriting and guitar style of Mike Polizze to come up with a quicksilver sound touched on only briefly on previous records. Replete with handclaps, pounding pianos, tambourines and vocal effects, but steeped in guitar roar, Purling Hiss streamlines up nicely, serving the new songs and directions of Weirdon while still slamming down hard on your ears like they like to do.

If last year's Water On Mars was the Purling Hiss heavy rock album, Weirdon travels into the pop dimension of Purling Hiss, making of their fastest and catchiest songs in the abiding images of punk and psychedelia. Written alone to achieve a contrast with the previous album and return in a sense to the original approach, Weirdon was made with no concept of limitations on what could be performed live. Mike's new songs open up, going all over the place, while still based in their home-cooked blend of catharsis and shredding, both in the guitar playing and the inner life of the album. Full of color and rock and roll, Weirdon is a rainbow of a record; beaming down to the stereos and streets and highways and boomboxes of today, through the unique and still-growing prism of Purling Hiss. Weirdon weirds on via Drag City on September 23rd.


1. Forcefield of Solitude
2. Sundance Saloon Boogie
3. Learning Slowly
4. Another Silvermoon
5. Reptili-a-genda
6. Where's Sweetboy
7. Aging Faces
8. I Don't Wanna Be A...
9. Airwaves
10. Running Through My Dreams
11. Six Ways To Sunday

Sex Hands Ready Debut Album "Pleh" + Debut "Pivot" Video

[press release] Faux Discx and Negative Space are excited to announce another joint release, from Manchester via Wales' punk heavyweights Sex Hands. The band's debut album Pleh will be released on 28th July on 12" vinyl and digital download. Watch the new video for 'PIVOT' below, directed by Sam Alder and grab a FREE download of the song HERE.

Sex Hands were formed by three childhood friends from the North Wales coast. After relocating to Manchester, Alex, Dylan and Edwin played their first show in 2011 on the Comfortable on a Tightrope stage at SFTOC, Salford. A month later Joe Logan of Waiters was recruited for his sweet bassy licks and amazing posture. From then on the band has been on a rock 'n' roll whirlwind, playing shows with the likes of Trumans Water one night and The Babies the next.

After their previous releases which include a split 7" with Daily Life (on the Icecapades label, which features artwork by Sex Hands' own Alex Humphreys and Manchester artist Lucy Jones) as well as the self released mini album, Season One (Giant Hell), this is Sex Hands proper-real-life-hi-fi-fully-rockin'-full-length record on Faux Discx/Negative Space.

With artwork by Manchester based artist Mike Redmond that compliments the band's rough around the edges, scorched pop rock, PLEH is 13 tracks of non-stop melody mashed fun time hug and roll hits.

Influences include The Clean, Pixies and Weezer. Sex Hands are not a garage pop band, they have never practiced in a garage. They never practice.

Pre-order HERE!

Live Dates:

Tuesday 8th July - Wahlbar, Manchester w/ Los Cripis
Saturday 26th July - Shacklewell Arms, London w/ Dignan Porch, Echo Lake & more

"a joyously DIY sound, scratchy to the core but no less sweet." - Clash

“shouted, brilliant lo-fi” – The Line of Best Fit